“Open Secret” is a documentary exposing Hollywood Pedophilia, the sinister underbelly of Tinsel Town.

Gabe Hoffman produced the Hollywood Pedophilia documentary that has been in the works long before the Harvey Weinstein scandal hit the headlines. It was directed by Amy Berg who was nominated for an Oscar for directing  “Deliver Us From Evil,” that exposed pedophilia in the Catholic Church.

The Hollywood Pedophilia film enjoyed immediate acclaim during film festivals. The film earned a highly unusual 93% on the harsh “Rotten Tomatoes”critics website.

However, the higher-ups in the industry squashed it. Hoffman was dis-invited from film festivals. It was blocked for two years. Could it be any more obvious that the big Hollywood kahunas are complicit in preying on children?

“The Open Secret” features actual victims who were courageous enough to show their faces and name names.

Rampant rewards. 

It’s not just that the  problem of pedophilia is so rampant in Hollywood, it’s that it is not punished-it’s rewarded. There is an actual pedophile network of pedo-cronies working and investing together. Even after someone is a convicted for crimes against children, they can always be re-hired in Hollywood.

(There is finally a law that is changing all that, requiring that child managers are fingerprinted and subjected to background checks.)

Nothing new. 

Possibly the most famous victim of Hollywood pedophilia is Corey Feldman. He has spoken about it for years and was brushed off as being some kind of a kook.

His story includes not just his own experience but fellow child actor Corey Haim, who was raped and later committed suicide. In this 2013  interview on The View,  Barbara Walters typically re-victimizes him by shamelessly shutting him down.

Blind eyes.

Hollywood insiders are generally far more interested in serving their own ambitions than their souls. They willingly trade fame and fortune for their own self respect and/or for remaining mute when others are violated.

The self-appointed spokespeople for America’s morality stood by and watched children being abused and did nothing about it. The bottom of the spiritual barrel applauded their fellow pervs.

Celebrities still gush over the likes of Roman Polansky, the renowned Hollywood film producer who was arrested for drugging, raping and sodomizing a 13 year old girl. He fled the country. But when he received an award for “The Piano” in absentia his Hollywood pals gave him a standing ovation.

Likewise, they still applaud Woody Allen who allegedly molested his 7 year old daughter, Dylan. He betrayed Mia Farrow’s trust by preying on her adopted daughter Soon-Yi. Mia found the naked polaroids of her daughter who he later married. Ronan Farrow, who broke the Weinstein story is Mia Farrow’s son.

The pedo-mafia in Hollywood tried to bury this film. But Gabe Hoffman isn’t in it for the money. He wants the word out there. Until the end of the month he’s offering a link where you can view the film in its entirety for free.

It won’t play here-just click this link to view it on Vimeo.

When pedophilia is normalized children are broken for life. 

The Left’s push to normalize and de-stigmatize pedophilia will only result in more children being psychologically, and possibly physically, derailed for life. Too often the trauma ends in suicide.

Harvey Weinstein got away with his behavior for many years. Not just because he’s rich and powerful, but because the problem is so common. What’s worse of course, is pedophilia. and that it’s just as common.

Hollywood is about to be revealed as a glittery cesspool.

Share this everywhere so people can view it before the end of the month. It’s essential that skeptics who ridicule pedogate see the truth.

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UPDATE-Rumors have swirled about Cory Feldman’s arrest. He’s fine. His band’s bus was pulled over. The officer smelled weed which led to the arrest of Feldman and his band members. However, he paid some fines so it all got straightened out. 

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