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Roy Moore Caught Up in Hollywood Weinstein Hysteria

Hollywood Weinstein hysteria

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Roy Moore is the first DC fish to be caught in the shrieking net of Hollywood Weinstein Hysteria.

It didn’t take long to get the answer to the question-what’s with the Hollywood Weinstein hysteria all of a sudden? Why are the Powers That Be  throwing scrubby ol’ Harvey and other Hollywood icons under the bus after all these years?

Many of Harvey’s string of accusers were compensated with a lot more than a coke- dusted hundred dolla bill. They enjoyed starring roles and a lucrative career. Some were tragically abused and derailed.

Either way, their stories ironically provide the toolkit to commit political rape.

For the Globalists there’s a lot more at stake than some pop culture propaganda and box office ticket sales. Their pimped out entertainment icons are expendable. The epic money and power grab of a One World Government is all that matters now. 

Roy Moore is in the throes of the outrage-boomerang gang bang. 

As you know, Roy Moore has been accused of having sex with a 14 year old when he was 34. Democrats and RINOs are calling for him to step down from Alabama’s Senate Race. President Trump and his supporters say that Roy Moore should step down if  the charges are true. Even Roy Moore agrees that anyone who would be guilty of those charges should step down-but he insists that he is not guilty. 

The Dems have tried desperately to knock Trump out of the box  with allegations of sexual misconduct when he was running- and ever since.

However, the ploy never quite worked. There was a remarkable stink that followed Bill Clinton everywhere. Not just Hillary-but those pesky rape accusations. Plus, Gloria Allred’s presstitutes were debunked and exposed.

The attempted political rape of Donald Trump only garnered outrage from the manipulated Left and Globalist agents posing as trusted government officials.

In order to elicit proper outrage to rape accusations, the Right had to be baited into judging someone guilty as charged- based solely on accusations-no matter how far back the allegations go. 

Weinstein was their key to developing the nuclear rape bomb. 

News broke that the hideous Hollywood movie mogul was an overpaid perv. The Right, along with the manipulated Left, bit ferociously at the yummy bait.

Other accusations followed and like dominoes, Weinstein led the downfall of  Kevin Spacey, Ben Afflek, James Toback, Louis C.K., George Takei, and many others. 

The  Right was jubilant. 

Hollywood pervs drove home the hypocrisy of the rape-enabling Left and their full frontal nudity celebs. Their chronic outrage regarding comments that President Trump made privately 12 years ago was shut down. Their cute pink hats were rendered  impotent-filed into the dumpster of “fashion-don’t” history.

It was glorious.

It’s already backfiring. 

Harvey outlived his usefulness, except for one last thing-constructing the political rape bomb. 

The political rape bomb of being proven guilty-by-media was successfully dropped on Hollywood and the Right. It only follows that political opponents would be next. 

Both Dems and RINOs have called for Moore to step down without a trial. Again, Trump and his supporters say if  he is guilty he ought to step down. Just the same the liestream media accuses Trump supporters of siding with a child molester.

Smug with Hollywood blitz victory, establishment Senators are discussing a refusal to seat Roy Moore in the Senate should he be elected. This is outrageous. They’re threatening to override Democracy based on unsubstantiated, unproven and incredibly suspicious accusations. It’s the ultimate voter fraud. 

This is what they want-an easy way to topple political opponents. If they can set a precedent with this one Senate seat, they can use the ploy to catch their sought after prize-our fairly elected President. 

What they fail to realize that once the weapon is developed, it can get into the hands of their enemy. And the Left has a lot more deviance to target than the Right. 

Going to hazard a guess that if Moore stays in the race and wins, the whole scandal will sink like an Oldsmobile in a Chappaquiddick pond.

It’s getting out of hand

Hollywood Weinstein Hysteria is a wildfire that needs to be contained.

At some point we’re going to have to take unproven, untried accusations against high profile people that date back decades with a grain of salt-even when we don’t like them or their lame comedy shows or agree with their politics. 

Rape and pedophilia aside-groping and flirting  were part of the American culture and workplace for decades. (of course not everywhere) Sometimes it was the only fun thing about showing up on Mondays. Sometimes it was non consensual. Sometimes careers were adversely effected. At any rate, that’s why we created laws and policies about sexual harassment in the workplace.

There were plenty of idiots back then. We learn, we grow, we evolve. 

Another problem-even hard core Right wingers like Alex Jones and Mike Cernovitch are totally creeped out that Moore was in his 30’s while dating young teenage girls. However, what they don’t understand is that it was not all that unusual back then, especially in the South.  And Moore always asked parents for permission to date their daughters. 

Judging our past on standards based on what we know today is a good thing. That’s how we improve and know we’ve made progress.

But it’s also obviously a slippery slope. 

Girls who cry wolf.

Women who falsely accuse men of rape, assault or other crimes are soulless and vile and should do hard time. The false accuser robs a man of a portion of his life that he will never get back. Sadly, today’s “Liberals”  won’t care due to the war on men. 

But the slanderer is also traitor to other women, robbing real victims of their credibility and making a mockery of the charges. 

If this hysteria continues, politicians, celebs and CEOs will be falsely accused while eventually the cries of real victims will  be muffled and met  with a yawn.

Weinstein Hollywood Hysteria could protect pedophiles.

The ultimate boomerang could protect the scum of the earth. Here’s how…

  • Hollywood Weinstein hysteria is allowing careers to be destroyed by trial-through-media. 
  • As much as we can’t stand the self righteous, obnoxious sellout celebs, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to  be guilty of the Left’s crime against free speech-that is, not caring because we are not the ones attacked. 
  • The Right eagerly bit the bait to take Hollywood never-Trumpers off their high horse.
  • The torch wielding hysteria and guilty verdict in the court of public opinion predictably and immediately spilled over into DC, targeting Roy Moore.
  • The Left is eager to utilize this rush to judgment to neutralize and topple political opponents.
  • The Right will push back.The Left has more pervs in their camp.
  • Any decent lawyer would remind the public that their client is being destroyed without a proper trial.
  • Lawyers who represent high profile clients would push back on accusers with massive lawsuits and smear campaigns to discredit them.
  • This approach will cause real victims to retreat and once again and become too afraid and intimidated to come forward.
  • The public will grow weary of the abundance of accusers and not take real pedo claims and rape claims seriously. The hysteria is like fireworks vs a slow burning candle-it will burn out quickly.
  • Real victims will then be re-victimized by public apathy. Again.
  • Future charges of sexual misconduct of those on the Left will not be taken as seriously. The Left  will cite our outrage about Roy Moore’s accusations. They will cling to the media’s lies that we side with a child  abuser.
How convenient. 

Roy Moore’s suit against the WaPo-should he win-could inspire publications to be a lot more responsible in their reporting.  However, it could also hand them an excuse to  be “understandably” leery to post reports about sexual misconduct-including, and perhaps especially-pedophilia. 

The Roy Moore accusations are all happening just as all Hell is about to break loose. The dark secrets of Hollywood pedophilia are about to be exposed. And Hollywood pedophilia will absolutely connect to their celebrity pedo-pals in DC.

Beware the boomerang. 

The Dems have proven themselves to be pretty dumb in a lot of ways. So it’s not to say that they have consciously cooked up this diabolically clever scheme.

It could  simply become a “never let a good crisis go to waste” scenario. But more likely, as I often say, evil has an intelligence of its own. 

That’s why we have to be diligent, objective and prayerful. 

Because people who are falsely accused are victims.  And people who are true victims but don’t see justice-or are attacked for coming forward-suffer unspeakable, soul-crushing betrayal. 

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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  1. cc

    Roy Moore should not take this. I hear right wing talk shows sadly going down into the muck of these absurd charges wasting my time with inane drivel. Your sight is again right on the mark, I applaud and thank you for true journalism.

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