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Hope Pt 1: Will We Owe Sessions and Mueller an Apology?


It’s possible that we got Sessions and Mueller all wrong.

It’s possible that we may own Sessions and Mueller a big fat apology.  It’s possible that the treasonous American Globalist Party (Dems and RINOs) have been baited into a thoroughly awesome and epic trap.

Think back to December 21, 2017. Just a little after midnight. 

One of the first things President Trump did to lay the groundwork* to hold the unaccountable elite accountable was signing an Executive Order “blocking the property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption.”

Is it a coincidence that this Executive Order signed by President Trump involved a clause that anyone found to be guilty of corruption or human trafficking would have all assets seized?

It’s interesting that both human trafficking and corruption are included in that EO. It’s equally interesting that the big players would have all assets frozen would not only cripple them, but also pose enough of a threat that they’d flip on Obama, Hillary, Soros and whoever pulls their strings.

It’s equally interesting that the bad actors and the press chose to ignore this Executive Order. After all, if President Trump were guilty of corruption and/or colluding with the enemy, why would he craft an EO that would freeze all his assets?

Follow the Money

The Mueller investigation has diverted 71% of the FBI’s budget away from other investigations, comprising national security. Staggering.

However, if this investigation exposes the complex network of traitors, treason and sedition aimed at destroying America as well as a massive child sex trafficking ring, will it not prove to be worth its weight in gold? What other excuse could they possibly have for approving this expense?

Do you think Guliani-famous for busting up organized crime by wielding the RICO Act-is on the scene at a very telling moment?

Conjecture? Yes. For sure.

However, when we jump to conclusions that Sessions and Mueller are part of the ongoing coup to topple our fairly elected President, that’s a bit of conjecture too. An infinite number of pundits in the media have enjoyed chubby paychecks spouting theories and jumping to conclusions about both of them.

It’s also incredibly upsetting and therefore draining. It might be nice to at least give this theory some space in our heads for the next couple of weeks. Is it possible that the “Witch Hunt” would snare the head Witch-Hillary Clinton?

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.”~attributed to Mark Twain

One thing is certain. If this is not in fact an ongoing coup, but the biggest sting in US history, Trump fans would love to be proven wrong. They would love to admit to having been fooled into hating Sessions and Mueller. They’d be thrilled to offer them a heartfelt apology.

The Left? Not so much.

Do you think there’s at least a slight chance that the Mueller investigation is not a coup, but the most epic sting in US history? Have you heard much from Obama lately? What do you make of Rudy Guliani showing up on the scene? Do you agree that if it is a sting, there is no greater threat to our country than this core of treason and sedition  and therefore, the FBI budget is being spent wisely? 

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*Thanks to a comment from a reader this section of the post was updated. Your input is valued!


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  1. Comments lost during transfer. On 4/29/18 PurpleButtonwrote,”What is the significance of 21 Dec 17? That was 11 months after President Trump swore in as POTUS. Is that the date of this Executive Order? I would be concerned about Mueller’s loyalty being to the FBI versus the Constitution. But – hope is always a good thing..”.
    RGA replied,
    “Yes that’s the date that POTUS signed that Executive Order. I shouldn’t have said immediately:( Agree-at this point it’s all just hope. And lots of prayers.”

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