It was announced that Rudy Giuliani will negotiate with Mueller and wrap up the Mueller investigation in a couple of weeks.

One of the most famous and historical moves that made Giuliani a hero was wielding the RICO Act to bust up the Mafia’s organized crime families.

What could be more effective than utilizing the RICO Act to bust up the Clinton Cartel and other criminal networks operating under Obama?

How about using RICO to bust Hillary for colluding with Russia to give them 20% of our nation’s rare uranium preserves in exchange for laundering millions through the Clinton Foundation and a $500,000 speech fee for Bill? How about partner Obama squashing the major FBI sting of a Russian uranium racketeering organization operating in the US so the Uranium One deal would pass?

And how ’bout Mueller’s involvement in the Uranium-One Deal?

In 2009 per Hillary’s marching orders, Mueller hand delivered a highly enriched uranium sample to the Russians in a secret side by side tarmac meeting.

Robert Mueller, US Attorney Rod Rosenstein and Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe all supervised the FBI’s Russian racketeering investigation that was set to bust a Russian organization that involved bribery, kickbacks and money laundering to grow Putin’s energy business on US soil.

The investigation concluded under the leadership of James Comey when the massive sting was shut down, per Obama’s orders-allowing Hillary’s Uranium One deal to pass through Congress.

Was Mueller on board with all the others? Or was he sickened by feeling compromised and witnessing the massive network of corruption within the Obama Administration? Either way, a few meetings with Giuliani might compel Mueller to wrap up his “Witch Hunt.”

MSM mocked President Trump’s appointment of Rudy Giuliani as Head Adviser of the President’s Cybersecurity Task Force.

What does Rudy Giuliani know about cybersecurity? Maybe not much. His firm, Giuliani Partners was founded as a global cybersecurity and consulting firm but experts found the website to have “glaring vulnerabilities.” In addition, the website has gone dark. Consequently, businesses are going to sites like https://www.eatelbusiness.com/ in order to have their cybersecurity needs met.

The Left and their MSM pals are not always terribly bright. If Giuliani is heading the task force, that’s who you’re heading- as in managingthe folks that do know about it. There are companies who offer help and advice for all things cyberlaw to effectively do the work for you: it’s like a restaurant owner who can’t cook scrambled eggs, but knows how to hire the best head chef. Or a clothing manufacturer who hires and supervises a designer. In this case, the goal was stated from the get-go that Giuliani would “tap the private sector” for their expertise.

But President Trump and Rudy Giuliani could have the last laugh.

Why did Rudy Giuliani turn down 2 of Trump’s offers to head high level cabinet positions? Two reasons:

  1. Because he was so busy with “Giuliani Partners.” Yet the website has gone dark.
  2. Because he had his heart set on the Secretary of State position. Yet he accepted this low profile position as head of a taskforce.

“Little is publicly known about the cybersecurity task force..” ~Cyberscoop

It also seems that little is publicly remembered that it was formed in the first place.

Very quietly Giuliani has been on the job. His emergence on the scene to negotiate with Mueller was a big surprise to everyone, when essentially he was just stepping out of his office for awhile.

Another tidbit that flew under the radar is the collaboration between the taskforce and cybersecurity legend John McAfee.

McAfee is no fan of Google, who tilted algorithms to favor Hillary in the election and continues to steer the public to the Left and away from Conservative voices. He warned them, “Stop endangering our humanity or I’m coming after you.”

Oh-one more thing-it has been stated that McAfee’s anti-SPAM filtering service MxLogic would have full access to all of Hillary Clinton’s emails.


“All the noise noise noise noise!”~the Grinch

Howls for baseless impeachment, loud applause for porn skank Stormy Daniels and the blare of headlines spreading Hillary-contracted lies in a fake dossier diverted Democrats’ attention away from the sharks that were circling their sinking ship. They totally forgot that Giuliani has been on the government payroll all this time.

While on the cybersecurity payroll, would master prosecutor Giuliani and his team have access to relevant cyber-communications? Could Giuliani have been conducting a hush-hush investigation of his own-and a hush-hush preparation for prosecution?

Could the cybersecurity task force find out who hacked the DNC and/or if there was ever a DNC hack at all? Could they uncover more than Hillary’s 33,000+ missing emails about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding?

Or perhaps the experts might find out that it was the Pakistani Awan family who downloaded highly classified information and passed it on to Pakistan under the winky-wink of Obama and other traitors like Hillary, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and others in the Democrat Party.

And/or Seth Rich.

And is it a coincidence that President Trump has recently reminded the public that the DNC never handed over their servers to the FBI? And that Comey’s FBI did not demand them? When will the Dems provide proof that the DNC was ever hacked?

“Insert Rudy…” First public statement. “It shouldn’t take more than “a week or two” to come to a resolution on the probe.”~Q Anon

Do you think that the timing of Giuliani showing up now on the world stage is telling? Could it be that President Trump utilized Giuliani’s prosecutorial skills- coupled with access to private sector cybersecurity experts- to bust the players who really hacked the DNC? Or to find out if there was a hack at all?

Will their access to our government’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities “accidentally” turn up lethal evidence of Obama’s and Hillary’s collusion with Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and other bad actors? What else might it uncover? Is it foolish to hope that we’ve all been played by what appears to be an unrelenting coup?

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