A bombshell dropped that the FBI found no evidence of deception from General Flynn in his testimony. So-why did he plead guilty?

Perhaps it’s just one more indicator that this “investigation” reeks of Stalin-esque tactics. Flynn is caught up in the coup.

On the surface he could have pled guilty in order to save his son’s hide. As one Daily Mail UK reader pointed out, “When there is no actual evidence, the feds will threaten to charge an innocent family member in order to extract a guilty plea out of someone. If they had the proper evidence of a crime, then this tactic wouldn’t be necessary. No different than North Korea punishing the family of a defector.”

Q suggests another possibility-that it paved the way to uncover information though his “on record” testimony. If Q is right, the Left-the RINOs-the entire swamp Establishment-should be shaking.

General Flynn’s got way more dirt on the Globalists than just Russian collusion. He’s blown the whistle twice. 

He drew the ire of the Globalists when blew the whistle on the Obama Administration and by default, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and H.W. Bush.

With the aid of our State Department, the CIA, the FBI and DOJ, these treasonous Presidents created and funded ISIS to launch a coup in Turkey.

They were also instrumental in growing the largest sleeper cell of terrorists in the world-right here in America, compliments of ringleader Fetullah Gülen.

What collusion-besides Russian collusion-have we witnessed in the Obama Administration? Collusion with ISIS and Hezbollah.

Gülen’s network has been allowed to flourish within the United States for more than 20 years. Gulen has had the protection of the last 3 Presidents, the State Department the CIA and the FBI They all cozied up to Gülen allowing him to position the world’s largest terrorist network within our borders.

General Flynn blew the whistle again in defense of Turkey in an article in The Hill.

In response, the Obama Administration cooked up “Turkeygate,” charging that Flynn took part in a plot to kidnap Fetullah Gülen and return him to his home country. General Flynn and his son allegedly would receive roughly $15 million dollars for the kidnapping gig.

If true, that wouldn’t have escaped headlines. It would more likely be the subject of a blockbuster movie. Yet it faded into oblivion.

Barrack Hussein Obama has a long record of supporting ISIS and Hezbollah.

•Then President Obama, then Secretary of State Hillary and lifelong traitor McCain created, funded and armed Al Qaeda that morphed into ISIS.

•Is the timing of Netanyahu’s “Iran lied” bombshell a coincidence? Is President Trump’s recent reference to the “horrible Iran deal” a coincidence?

Netanyahu busted Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran wide open. In a presentation he pointed to some of the 55.000 documents that his intelligence agency unearthed.

The Times of Israel reported, “Tehran worked to develop a nuclear weapons arsenal, lied to the international community about it, and has taken the steps necessary to ensure it can proceed to the bomb within the framework of the 2015 deal.” 

BTW-isn’t it interesting how if you type “Netanyahu Iran lied” into Globalist Google the top search results that pop up are publications who are Israel hating, Trump hating publications? 

•The Awans. How was it that this Muslim Paksistani spy ring was allowed unfettered access to computers in the DNC and Democratic Members of Congress? How is it that the typical background check required to access highly classified information was waived for them? Why were they overpaid and barely there? Why did Debbie Wasserman-Schultz guard Imran Awan so fiercely-intending to pay him even after she knew that he stole equipment, and  even after he fled to Pakistan ?Why did she threaten the DC police if they didn’t return her(his?) laptop?

•Why would Obama go ahead and squash a major DEO sting of a Hezbollah operated cocaine smuggling ring?

“Project Cassandra” targeted a cocaine smuggling and money laundering  operation that benefited Iran, Hezbollah and even Putin.  It was understood that the squash was to allow Obama’s Iran deal to pass. At any rate, it can be translated to aiding and abetting terrorists.

•Terrorist Sugar Daddy Obama infamously sent $1.7 billion dollars in cash, secretly bundled on pallets in a cargo plane to Iran.

No surprise that it was discovered that the cash was used to fund terrorism through Hezbollah.

The Washington Times reported, “The Iran deal gave access to more than $100 billion, including that $1.8 billion in cash. As President Trump stated, it “has not been used to better the lives of the Iranian people. Instead, it has served as a slush fund for weapons, terror, and oppression, and to further line the pockets of corrupt regime leaders.”

•I’ve long held that the Dems’ push for Sanctuary Cities involves far more sinister motives than purposely imploding our economy through unsustainable Latino immigration.

The accessible corridor of cities, the Gülen network, the written policy of protecting terrorists as well as illegal Latinos, that we have over 20 no-go zones training radical Islamic terrorists within our borders -all add up to building enemy encampments within our country.

Will the Mayors and Governor Brown be charged with sedition? Or are they just useful idiots?

•Let’s not forget that it was Obama who ordered the DHS to scrub all records of Muslims with terrorist ties to please his pals in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mueller was a big factor in getting that job done. Is he rotten to the core? Or did he feel compromised and wants to help nail the former terrorist plant in the Oval Office?

•President Trump received a lot of blowback when he pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio. But Obama swaggered freely, enjoying the adoration of the press and his programmed Leftist groupies when he pardoned a notorious Latino terrorist, money launderers and drug dealers. A staggering amount of Obama’s pardons and clemencies were granted to cocaine, dealers. Were they working with the Hezbollah cocaine smuggling ring?

Both Bush and Obama released many prisoners from Gitmo-121 of whom returned to terrorism.

Timing will tell

Now Mueller suggested postponing General Flynn’s sentencing for another 2 months. This is the second delay.  If Mueller was so quick to indict him, why is he dragging his feet to see the man do time?

Do you think there is hope that the Mueller investigation is the biggest sting in US History? If it’s not, why not? If it’s not, and Mueller continues to charge President Trump for false crimes based on false evidence, what will we do about it?

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