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Imam Tawhidi to Start Independent Media Platform to Fight Radical Islam


The Australian “Imam of Peace,” Imam Tawhidi, will start a project called The National Independent.

Imam Tawhidi fights the Radical Islamic narrative with wisdom and humor.

When he is invited to speak he is subject to censorship due to cowardly producers who fear backlash from the radical community. Those threatened by his message have branded him a “fake” and “do not recognize him,” in spite of his credentials.

He is also censored on social media which pretty much proves he’s the real deal and poses a threat to those who exploit extremism. So developing his own media platform is the best way for him to get his message out there. 

Many truly believe that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.

Imam Tawhidi busts that myth on a daily basis as his entire mission is to fight extremism. He is also devoted to busting myths seeded by politicization that have the Radical Islamists heads in knots. He does so at his own peril. 

His fundraising page states,

“In recent years, we have been cooperating with government departments, intelligence services and police in several countries to tackle the growth of Islamic extremism. Imam Tawhidi has travelled to the Middle East, Asia, USA, Canada, UK and around Australia to raise awareness regarding radical elements which pose a potential national security threat to the nations and its citizens.

Since 2017, Imam Tawhidi has been forced into hiding two times, and has been physically assaulted over three times by Islamic extremists. The death threats Imam Tawhidi receives have prevented him from participating in events and making regular public appearances.”

NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio ignored the Imam’s warnings.

It was reported in a previous post that it was Imam Tawhidi that warned Mayor Bill DeBlasio  about radical centers and was willing to point them out.

His warnings were ignored. 

The mission as outlined on the fundraising page is threefold. 

Our Goals and Objectives

We believe in our goals because they are realistic and achievable:

1- To establish The National Independent, an independent Online News Agency to Independently cover international news, views, conversations and analyses.

2- To establish a special research department to provide investigative journalism into Islamic Extremism. (Website to launch soon: )

3- A media platform and studio to record and produce regular educational material tackling the ideology of Islamic extremism, and a weekly show/podcast with Imam Tawhidi. (Click here to see an example of Imam Tawhidi’s LIVE shows: Sharia Talk 

Courageous moderate Muslim voices are a light in this world.

It’s all too easy to forget that Radical Islamists are not just an enemy to “infidels” but also to their own people. Many have come to this country to escape the horrors of extremists, only to be surrounded by them once again, thanks to  Obama’s “Liberal” policies and Globalist initiatives to overthrow sovereign nations with an invading army of “refugees.”  

To speak out against Radical Islam is dangerous for anyone. But it is especially dangerous for a soulful voice who is also Muslim.

The truth is in the tweets…

For those who need convincing that Imam Tawhidi is truly the Imam of Peace, his tweets will convince diehard skeptics. Here’s some of his finest, IMO:

  • I do not visit Pakistan because I do not recognise it as a legitimate country. It is run by a gang of thugs in the name of religion, while massacring and butchering religious minorities. It has always been a terrorist haven with a dark and blood-dripping history.
  • Indeed. Jesus is a saviour. Both agree that he is a messenger from God/Father and his message is divine. The extremist Muslims attacking Christianity and Churches need to understand that at the end: Jesus always wins.
  • Pakistan and Israel were established around the same time. The Muslim nation has a problem with Israel existing on Jewish land, but not Pakistan taking a chunk out of India. Al-Qaeda & Co. only existed because of Pakistan’s independence and plan for an Islamic State in the region
  • Womens rights have become a political tool, and not actual principle any more. What is worse is how often women who fight for the rights of all women will abuse women they disagree with. #LindaSarsour
  • Prophet Mohammad never flew to heaven on a winged horse, Allah doesn’t descend to earth on a donkey and there are no 72 virgins in paradise. Those are all fabrications Islamic clerics fabricated to fill the empty minds of Arabian desert men.
  • How many bombs have to go off before governments realize that Islamic extremists/Jihadists are at war with us? All of us. Moderate and reformist Muslims included.
  • Extremist Muslims are more worried about whether it’s a sin or not to urinate while standing than ISIS beheading humans in the name of their religion.
  • Best wishes to my Jewish brothers and sisters who are celebrating the Festival of Lights! Happy to you and your loves ones! May the Festival of Lights bring you peace, love, and joy!
  • It makes no sense to bring in refugees who are fleeing ISIS killers, and also bringing in the same ISIS killers who the refugees fled from.
  • It’s good to know the facts: Palestine is Jewish land and Jerusalem is the Jewish capital before Moses. Whether you recognise Israel as a state or not, Jesus arrived in Jerusalem to a Jewish nation, not Muslim. Muslim caliphates came centuries later to invade Palestine.
  • Islamic politics is amazing. We behead each other with our own knives, stone with our own stones, then our leaders blame the USA. Spot on.
  • Don’t blame Islamic radicalization on lack of employment. People don’t blow themselves up after being rejected by Walmart.
  • Extremists cannot force us into their paradise. In fact, I don’t want to be in paradise if they’re going to be there as well.
  • @womensmarch is marching in the wrong region. The West has women’s rights. You should be marching in Iran, Saudi Arabia or even Palestine
It’s one gem after another. Too many to list here. 

Learn more about his new project and to support Imam Tawhidi in his mission to foster peace and sanity and to reach vulnerable young Muslims before their minds and souls are hopelessly hijacked by the vicious cult of Radical Islam.

Visit his gofundme page here….

May we all enjoy peace in the New Year and the approaching era.

Your thoughts? Comment below!


Imam Tawhidi verified Twitter account

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  1. what a joke of an article.

    • Approving because it’s polite. Wish you could have been more specific about what you felt was a joke. Oh well. God bless

  2. Jennie

    I think you are amazing Iman Twadi and I worry for you safety because the radicals must hate you so much for speaking the truth. I would love to come and see one of your talks. You are the chosen one to lead your people to the peaceful God that you love.
    Thankyou for doing what you are doing

    • He is amazing and yes, he does have enemies. I’d suggest following him on Twitter-he comes out with gems all the time:)

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