When it’s time to show up at the booths in 2018 to Drain the Swamp, Red Californians have an excellent candidate in David Hernandez.

Given the Democrats’ outrageously seditious behavior, “I’m not a Democrat”  should be a winning enough slogan for any Republican candidate. However, we’ve seen our fair share of traitors on the Red side as well. When voting for our future, we want to make sure we’re not just blindly voting for another Swamp Dwelling RINO.  What would make David Hernandez a good choice?

A look at David’s track record before running for Lt. Governor of California can offer peace of mind.

David Hernandez has been a Civic Community Leader for over 28 years. He describes himself as a  Husband, a Father a Christian and a Conservative Republican. He’s been happily married for 29 years to his lovely wife Debi.

As a Christian he is the Past Chairman of Churches in Action  of Los Angeles (San Fernando  Valley Chapter) He is currently working on legislation to protect religious freedom in California. His efforts to retain the cross on the LA County seal was instrumental in passing legislation in the US House of Representatives protecting religious expression.

A Vietnam veteran, David served in the US Navy from 67-71. It was because of David’s efforts working with the City of Los Angeles that the city adopted March 30th as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veteran’s Day” in Los Angeles. ” Given his background in the service, it’s not surprising that he’s a strong advocate for our 2nd Amendment Rights.

David’s past experience as an insurance adjuster and small business owner gives him an authentic understanding of the challenges that small businesses face. He served as Executive Director of the San Fernando Chamber of Commerce, fighting on behalf of local businesses. One problem facing businesses in the LA area is the price-gouging taking place in the commercial trash industry. As Chairman of the Committee for Accountability and Good Government, David is leading the challenge to take on their only game in town  monopoly.

David has never been afraid to take on the big guys. In fighting the Los Angeles Lobbyists, he took on the Los Angeles City Council and Council President, Mayor Eric Garcetti. He’s also been an advocate  finding real solutions for transportation issues in the area.

As for families,  David has promised to continue the fight to repeal California Bill SB277. This Bill removed personal belief exemptions for parents to refuse vaccinations for their children entering elementary and secondary schools and day care centers. David believes that parents should be in control of their children’s health and education-not the government.

David combined his skills as a community leader with his passion for humanitarian causes. His achievements  include environmental preservation, assisting those with AIDS, helping the homeless and advocating for animal rights and shelter animals.

IMO the track record of his passion for environmental and humanitarian causes makes him a great crossover candidate.

For more information visit David’s BIO at davidhernandezforltgovernor.com. 

David Hernandez was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer 10 questions:

IMO Just when you think you’ve heard the last of it, the subject of Calexit is coming up again. Should we worry?

DH  No.

IMO I’ll  take that answer as a sign of efficiency and good time management.  And your confidence that we’re safe. What made you decide to break with the California crowd and go Republican?

DH Why Republican? At 18 I joined the US Navy. This was during the Vietnam War. When I returned  home I saw the way the Democrats viewed and treated my brothers and sisters  in the military coming home. I was aware to the extent the Republican Party played in our nations history but was always drawn to Abraham Lincoln. As  I read and learned more I saw that it was Republicans who ended Slavery in the US. It was  Republicans who fought for Women’s Right to Vote. It was the Democrats who attempted to block civil rights and it would not have passed if not for Republicans.  It was a couple of Republicans who gave the world the greatest gift to those recovering from addiction and alcohol abuse. When I saw the truth, the choice was clear. In spite of all the abuse and name calling I have received over the years for being a Republican, I could not be anything other than a Republican. I fully support the President and his policies. Will we agree on every issue? That is impossible to say, but  my wife and I do not agree on every issue and we are just fine.

IMO  Yes and for 29 years. That’s wonderful.  So what drives you forward in this daunting task to run for public office?

DH  A sense of purpose and responsibility. I have Rights which I did not earn but have a responsibility to protect.

IMO What would you say are the top three  problems in CA?

DH  One Party rule,  Attacks on the fabric of being an American, Disregard for the Rule of Law.

IMO How will you overcome the “#Resistance” of the Opposition Party when you work with them to resolve these and other  issues?

DH Having worked with those on the other side of the Aisle on single issues, I have always found ways to work together without compromising my values.

IMO You mentioned that you are a Christian. Do you feel that the Left represents Judeo-Christian values at all anymore?

DH  I am very optimistic and never cease to be amazed at God’s work, but the left has never represented Judeo -Christian values. Just the opposite- the Left has sustained an attack on our values. The attacks have been under the banner of tolerance and diversity. I fought the ACLU for 4 years when they moved to have the Cross removed from the LA County Seal. They have been engaged in rewriting and misrepresenting historical facts about our Founding Fathers. This has taken place in schools, courtrooms and government. So I do not believe the Left has ever represented our values.

IMO What is your “elevator speech” that really nails why on-the-fence Californians should vote for you?

DH As an American, our Rights do not end at the California Border. These Rights must be defended at all costs. In November of 2016, 4,483,810 California Residents voted for President Trump. We are already on the road to taking California back. We will not be silenced or marginalized. All of them can vote for me in June and November and by doing so we will bring about the beginning of the end of the single Party rule in California.

IMO Amen to that. Do you think Democratic Californians are getting fed up enough with Jerry Brown’s “leadership” to jump Party lines? On a scale of 1-10 what’s your opinion about  how  possible it is for California to go Red?

DH Getting close, but not there yet as far as changing registration, but they have already starting voting along with Republicans. I know many Democrats who voted for President Trump. In 2018 we have a 5-6 possibility of beginning the change to Red. It begins with races that can be won and where the winning is in our hands. We cannot continue to blame the opposition if we do not vote. Vote like November 2016 and we take back the second highest office in California.

IMO Excellent point. I see a lot of CA residents are so fed up, frustrated and deeply concerned with the Liberal lunacy in this state that they are seriously considering packing up and leaving California. What would you like to say to them?

DH 4,483,810 Californians may not be a majority but are enough the begin to return California back to the Great State where you would want to live. If you must leave, be sure and leave a forwarding address so we can invite you back!

IMO LOL. Let’s hope they stay and put up a good fight first. Most importantly-what kind of help do you need from all of us for your campaign to be successful?

DH Our voters are there, the votes are there. Without the resources to let those 4,481,810 voters know their vote can count and make a difference in the future of California they just might let this opportunity pass them by. I need individuals to take a leadership role in spreading the word of my campaign so that victory can be ours again.

Without funding to reach our voters, they may not know how close victory can be. So yes, financial support is needed.

Volunteers are needed to take a leadership role in each of the Counties in California. They would take on the responsibility of insuring two-way communication between the campaign and the voters.

We cannot out-raise them but we can out-work them.

David Hernandez Candidate for Lt. Governor of California 2018.

IMO Thank you so much David for taking the time to answer these questions.  God bless you and let’s Make California Great Again!

A window

I noticed an entry David made on his facebook page last December. It says a lot about him.  He  has accomplished so much while dealing with individuals serving in the public sector, who oftentimes are morally challenged. Yet he achieved his goals without losing his kindness and humility. His Face book post states…

 “I am thankful to my close personal friends for loving me even though they know me well, and I am thankful to God who loves me despite the weakness, and who uses all of us in spite of ourselves. I thank him for all that I am and have. For helping me to realize that he can take someone like me and make all this happen.”

Here’s some ways you can help to put David Hernandez in the driving seat of  Lt. Governor and make California Great Again:
  1. An awesome event is coming up on September 21st from noon-8PM.  It’s the official Kick Off being held at the Great Caesar Banquet Hall in Los Angeles.  For a $100.00 contribution you can enjoy an all day buffet, special guest speakers ,raffles and much more while helping to MCGA! For more information click here…
  2. Try to swing by for the Meet and Greet today from 4:30 to 6:30. It’s at Burbank Ammo and Guns in Burbank. For more info click here…
  3. Visit his website for more info, contact information and to check out volunteer opportunities. davidhernandizforltgov.com
  4. Donate securely on his website. Direct link here…
  5. Like David on Facebook Follow him on Twitter
  6. Spread the word!
  7. Show up and vote!
Californians deserve a solid future.
Not by going away from America-but by going Red.