Trump Administration to Mainstream Media: Bring it On. Infowars received WH Press Credentials.

Thousands of traitorous MSM  heads just exploded. News broke that Infowars received WH Press Credentials. The war with the Opposition Media is ON.

Infowars reported,

“In an epic blow to the mainstream media’s control of the narrative, Infowars has officially received White House Press Credentials that will allow Washington Bureau Chief Jerome Corsi to attend White House press briefings.”

This is a huge victory for Alex Jones.

Alex Jones  has fought long and hard to uncover corruption. He has been labeled a “conspiracy theorist” so whatever he says, no matter how  well researched, is dismissed and ridiculed.  He’s also been directly targeted by Leftist forces who want to shut him up and shut his show down.

His wildly outlandish style makes him seem kooky at times to outsiders who don’t “get him. ” His show is a non-traditional source of information for sure.

However, Alex Jones is a fearless trailblazer who raised America’s consciousness about government corruption and the rise of Globalism.

The name of his show, Infowars, was prophetic as was his slogan, “There’s a war on for your mind.” His emotionally charged narrative woke up many sleepy, complacent Patriots.

By calling attention to the impact that the MSM operatives have on the narrative he saved countless Americans from being programmed.

It might also be argued that he laid the groundwork for the new era of indie journalists, investigators and publications.

Regardless of whether you’re a fan or not, this is a huge victory for our First Amendment.

As the Left wages war on conservative voices, it is vital  that we increase efforts to keep our First Amendment rights in place.

Colleges are shutting down guest speakers and burning books. Google, Facebook and George Soros have teamed up as the “fake news” police.

The fight to control our free flow of  information is alarmingly aggressive.

MSM is becoming more irrelevant and obsolete.

First their privileged panties were in a bunch because President Trump allowed indie journalists into WH briefings. He even wanted to move the press room  to a larger room in order to make room for more of them.  He gave the media a  brutal wedgie when he opened up SKYPE chairs for indies who couldn’t make the trip.

The latest counter-punch was President Trump’s threat to do away with WH Pressers altogether. It’s not like there aren’t other options.

But the media just got the ultimate swirly when Infowars received WH Press credentials. But it could get a little bit  worse, according to Infowars:

“Alex Jones may even attend some White House press briefings in person, as journalist Mike Cernovich recently discussed.”

Hilarious! People should be allowed time off from work to watch that!

MSM brought it on themselves.

It’s hard to believe that MSM will be sincerely outraged.

They’re not even trying  to seem legitimate anymore. Faked leaks, memos and fantasized sources abound as they collude with the Shadow Government in a seditious conspiracy to overthrow our fairly elected President.

MSM  lies have been so blatant and easily uncovered that only one conclusion can be  drawn. They don’t care  if they seem credible anymore.

Their priorities must have shifted.  Most Americans won’t believe a word they say, and cannot have their minds and emotions manipulated that easily.

They know that everyone on the Right is onto them.  Polls have shown that  only 32% of Americans trust the media. Therefore, MSM must appeal to the 32% alone.

Therefore,  IMO, they’re doubling down on their indoctrination of the Left.

It’s vital to keep their hate-addicted audience sufficiently misinformed and outraged. They’re a PR pump to fuel their Leftist army. The radicalized Left eagerly awaits a signal from their overlords to riot, vandalize, loot, hold up traffic and beat the daylights out of innocent Americans who, God forbid, voice a different opinion.

They’re sure as Hell not fooling the rest of us.

Congratulations to Alex Jones and his team at Infowars!

What’s  your opinion on Alex Jones and/or the Infowars team? Comment below!

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