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Investigation of Awan Car Dealership Reveals More Obama Help for Hezbollah


It’s only been a day since news broke indicating that Obama obstructed justice to help Hezbollah. Now this.

The day before yesterday news broke that in order for his Iran nuclear deal to go through, Obama squashed DEA investigations into a major Hezbollah cocaine smuggling operation. Breaking news raises more suspicions that Obama was allied with Hezbollah and obstructed justice on their behalf. 

The latest revelations are in regards to the Awan family who operated a Muslim spy ring out of Obama’s White House. And an investigation into Abid Awan’s fake used car dealership that was likely used as a front to launder money for Hezbollah. 

Just as Obama hampered efforts to bust the Hezbollah drug smuggling operation he hampered DEA efforts to to bust a Hezbollah money laundering  operation run through the Awans’ phony used car dealership.

These revelations have not been snagged up by MSM but are breaking through Politico and Daily Caller. However, IMO these are credible resources and the sources they cite , such as the US State Attorney’s Office, quotes from a Senior National Security official, Obama Treasury Official Katherine Bauer, and witness testimony in court documents, are highly credible.  Be the first to know.

Recap: the Muslim spy ring operating under Obama’s watch. 

To recap the history of the Awan scandal:

  • The Awan family- Imran, Abid and Jamal and Imran’s wife, Hina Alvi- enjoyed full access to highly classified information through the DNC.
  • Debbie Wasserman-Schultz hired them as IT staff.  She coddled the family and was especially tight with Imran. They  were on the payroll of many members of Congress, including Nancy Pelosi. Members of the family were paid between $157,000 to $168,000 a year and rarely showed up. 
  • It was discovered that they hacked the DNC, and without authorization, accessed the computers of many members of Congress, even those who did not have them on the payroll. They also stole computer equipment. 
  • As you  recall, D W-S threatened the Chief of DC police with “consequences” if he did not return  her laptop that they seized to investigate the cybersecurity breaches. 
  • Debbie Wasserman Shulz was chums with Imran and refused to fire  him for a full 6 months after he was barred from accessing the congressional system and even after he was arrested, attempting to flee the country. Her plan was to continue to send him money after he fled to Pakistan.
  • The Awan family had top government security clearances but were not subjected to the standard background check. Their history was rife with so many red flags  they would have never been employed. 

Cars. Lots and lots of cars. 

Abid may not have had a single car of his own on the lot but the Awans enjoyed first class protection from a motorcade compliments of the Pakistani government. If you love cars, take a look at this 1965 mustang.

You may recall that the Awan brothers held their Stepmother Samina Gilani hostage for months, while scheming to take their father’s life insurance away from her. Samina was rescued and filed charges.

She testified through court documents, “When the family spends time in Pakistan, the brothers are escorted by a motorcade of Pakistani government agents.” 

Yeah that’s not suspicious at all. 

Breaking news ties Obama to Hezbollah and the Awans

The DEA observed that Abid Awan was most likely operating a used car dealership that was nothing more than a front for Hezbollah. And Obama hampered efforts to investigate and prosecute. 

The Awans had a few shady sources of income outside of their lucrative IT gig, compliments of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. One was Abid’s used car dealership. Imran ran the finances behind the scenes. 

Abid’s oddly  named “CIA” dealership (Cars International A)  had a phony Facebook page and did not actually own any inventory.  If a customer needed a car he’d go across the street to AAA Motors  and snag one from the owner Nasir Khattak, according to Khattak’s  courthouse testimony. 

Officials observed the Awans’ meager lifestyle and suspected that they were not personally profiting from their large DNC salary, proceeds from stolen equipment or the bogus dealership.  They concluded that the Awans were sending their money to a third party to fund terrorism. 

Car dealership from Hell.

When hired by Wasserman-Schultz, Abid Awan did not list the used car business as  required by disclosure laws. He was also breaking other laws and scamming unsuspecting customers and wholesalers out of a lot of money. The same VIN was used for multiple cars.

Creditors and customers who were ripped off were raising holy Hell, breathing down his neck and filing lawsuits.

Dr. Alit Al-Attar is a former minister in the Iraqi government. He is also a fugitive wanted by the US government. In 2010 he made a $100,000 loan to CIA dealership. The Daily Caller reported that “Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, wrote that Attar “was observed in Beirut, Lebanon conversing with a Hezbollah official” in 2012–shortly after the loan was made.”

The loan didn’t help Abid’s business any. 

Abid finally declared bankruptcy, exposing a very interesting tidbit. 

The Daily Caller reports,

“One person who was listed on bankruptcy documents as being owed money by the dealership, Rao Abbas, later appeared on the House payroll as an IT aide, even though his most recent job experience was working at McDonalds. Democrats have refused to explain why they hired him.”

Sure they refused to explain. We can probably guess that it was harder for him to pass through the HR Department at McDonald’s than to have access to highly classified information inside our government. 

None of this should come as a surprise-and not just because most of us suspect that Obama was a Radical Islamic plant.

While a lot of us weren’t looking, Obama’s CIA Director and Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and counter-terrorism John Brennan, was crafting talking points that would mainstream and normalize Hezbollah.

Brennan stated that relations between the US and Iran could not only be improved by dialogue, but by “greater assimilation of Hezbollah into Lebanon’s political system.” He confirmed that the Obama administration was looking to “build up moderate elements” in Hezbollah. 

Barrack’s MO-X6

A strong pattern has emerged. Obama repeatedly obstructed justice in order to appease ISIS, Iran, Russia and to seat Queen Hillary on her throne.

His MO is clear: 

  1. A couple of days ago we learned that Barrack Hussein Obama squashed DEA efforts to bust a Hezbollah-operated drug smuggling organization so his nuclear deal with Iran would pass.
  2. Now we find out that the Obama administration hampered prosecutors from punishing operatives within the car dealership/Hezbollah money laundering network so his nuclear deal with Iran would pass.
  3. Obama refused to press for the extradition of Ali Fayad to the US. Fayad was convicted for planning the murder of two US government employees, supplying material support to a terrorist organization and more. It’s believed that he reported directly to Putin regarding arms deals with Syria and Iraq. Obama kept it all on the down low so his nuclear deal with Iran would pass. 
  4. Barrack Hussein Obama buried a major FBI sting of a Russian uranium racketeering organization that involved kickbacks, bribery and money laundering on Putin’s behalf so that the Uranium One deal would pass.
  5. The Awans were not prosecuted for any of their crimes because Obama buried news of  the Pakistanis’  cybersecurity breach shortly before the election so Hillary would pass. 
  6. Obama buried warnings that he received from the FBI that indicated that Russians were meddling in the election so that Hillary would pass. 

Between obstructing  justice, burying information, and funding Iran with trillions of taxpayer dollars there’s not much question that he was not  working on behalf of the American people. 

If only Barrack cared as much about Americans as he did Hezbollah. 

Critical pundits accuse Obama of being  weak and appeasing terrorists rather than taking a strong stand against them. But actually he was doing a great job-for them.

Obama  looted our coffers and found ways to fund terrorism with trillions of American taxpayer dollars.

He refused to offend Muslims by using the words Radical Islam or ISIS. Instead referring to them as the “JV Team.”

BTW– What an odd choice of words Obama used.

He used to pick up guys-including Rahm Emmanuel-at basketball games in Chicago. Was  he making a smug in-your–face reference to the fact that they were all buddies, in bed together, playing the same game while appearing to be opponents? 

If not, the metaphor still applies.

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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