Israel states that it has “ironclad information” that Obama helped to craft the UN resolution that stabbed Israel in the back, dealing a  death blow to peace in the region.

Ambassador Samantha Powers abstained from vetoing the anti Israel UN resolution, allowing it to pass.

What could be worse than Barack Hussein Obama casting a cowardly yet diabolical proxy vote while vacationing in Hawaii? He actually colluded with the Palestinians to craft it!

 United With Israel reports, 

David Keyes, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, says Israel has “ironclad information” that the US worked with the Palestinians on the anti-Israel UN resolution that was passed on Friday.

Not only did the Obama administration abstain, allowing the resolution to go through, but it even helped craft the resolution, Keyes says, claiming sources internationally and from the Arab world.

The PMO has full confidence that the information is accurate, he says.

The resolution, he states, is an unfortunate legacy. A ‘last-minute jab at Israel,’ it in fact weakens the chances for peace in the region.”

Obama is throwing one land mine after another on Trump’s path to the White House.

There has never been such a blatant amount of sabotage for an incoming President in our nation’s history.

Now that this pro-terrorist resolution has passed, Pres-Elect Trump not only has to undo the damage, but will have to deal with the repercussions of de-funding the UN and taking a strong stance to side with Israel.

Obama has not only not brought peace to this part of the world during the last 8 years, he has now escalated tensions and destabilized the region to an unconscionable level.

The UN will thank him. The Palestinians will thank him. Our enemies will thank him.

This vicious Traitor-in-Chief has the delusional audacity to say that if he ran again he would be elected. Maybe there are enough people left in this country who fall for the “cool urban” tongue that this globalist multi-millionaire seduces them with.

But for the rest of us,  and Israel, the 20th cannot come soon enough.