It was an epic week. President Trump made history as he implemented peace between North and South Korea. Kim Jon-Un has vowed to denuclearize his country. Ann Coulter shat on it. “What about the wall?”  she pipes.

So gangly, attention mongering turncoat Ann Coulter won’t even let us revel in the bliss of this historic moment and hope for world peace for a split second.

Noooo. Back seat driver, coattail-riding parasite Ann Coulter has to point to the unrelated Wall-started but not yet complete- in order to spit her venom on this Nobel Prize worthy victory. Could the Left do a better job?

Her reaction to an astounding diplomatic victory that saved the world from nuclear Armageddon and scored a big V toward world peace:

What’s that saying about opening the mouth and removing all doubt?

Does Ann Coulter not understand that a President has more than one job on his plate? One twitterer pointed out that while Mexico poses the threat of a population bomb, North Korea poses the threat of a nuclear bomb. How does she not understand that?

Ann is the bipolar ex-girlfriend who decides she doesn’t need her meds anymore. 

For sure she’s a great tool for the Left-with her constant undermining and criticism. She’s gone as far as calling the President Trump a “shallow, lazy ignoramus.”  She also has the same violent, hateful traits as the Left. She quipped that she wouldn’t care if North Korea nuked Mexico or Seattle.

Could you please explain how this psychopath could be popular with anyone but the Left?  Are you sick of Ann Coulter? Do you think she should join the other witches on the View? Will you be buying her new book?

Do you think she would qualify as a white supremacist? 

Ann Coulter used the term “F—ing Jews.” Disgusting. She also said that “Jews would be perfected once they become Christians.” Because she’s such a perfect example of Christianity.

Equally disgusting are disparaging remarks about Latinos and the Black community. She said that Latinos, are “Mexico’s underclass” and are lacking in character. As for the black community, she tends to paint all black Democrats as hopeless victims of Liberalism and are therefore all slipper-shuffling welfare recipients. In fairness, she has sounded the alarm that Democrats’ immigration policies are killing the Black community.

Is it any wonder that the Left thinks that Breitbart is an Alt-Right publication when Ann Coulter is a regular contributor? Since she’s a self-proclaimed voice for Conservatives, is it time to disavow this hateful windbag of bones? It’s obvious how I feel-what about you?

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PS-I’m gonna do the Leftie thing where they refuse invitations they never got. Gonna say that even if she asks or someone nominates Ann Coulter to be featured as a Real Great American, the answer is NO. She is a Trump-basher and makes racist remarks.


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