Yes you read it correctly. Scripps College of Claremont, CA is hosting a ” No Whites” swimming party.

Why are only POC (people of color) invited? Why to build community of course!

Just when you thought California and/or “Liberals” and/or “Liberal” colleges could not be any more insane, they prove you dead wrong.

Funny how back in the day the majority of the nation (aside from Democrats who refused to obey Civil Rights laws) believed that one solution to ending racism was to end segregation. Today’s college “educated” idiot army strives to combat racism through segregation. Nothing like falling for the Globalist  Divide and Conquer bait.

Hateful “Liberals” spit on the progress we’ve made over the last 7 decades. They childishly revert to the mindset of the injustices of the past as if they are happening NOW. They respond with rage-filled revenge instead of fresh ideas. And they call themselves “Progressive.”

Professor Jordan Peterson of Toronto made an interesting point. He stated that the Right has made very clear boundaries as to what constitutes “extreme.” Crossing that line puts radical extremists outside the acceptable circle of the Right’s diverse opinion. However, the Left has yet to do so. As quoted in the Washington Times, “the time has come for liberals and “left-leaning” individuals to “identity the markers of pathological extremism.”

On the contrary.  Elected officials on the Left refuse to disavow their cozy relationship with the virulent Jew-hating Louis Farrakhan. Almost daily-and inexplicably-powerful political figures on the Left bash the white race as the source of all evil in the world. Even when they’re white themselves.

Question-is this “No Whites” swimming party even legal? Why has our government been so slow to respond to the Left’s blatant war on white people? If the situation were reversed it would not be tolerated for one second. Should a college that promotes racism and Antisemitism lose Federal funding?

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Washington Times  Prof. Jordan Peterson’s comments about Left’s extremism

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