Incredible. In the span of one week, California sounded the nuclear alarm to America twice. Is anyone listening? 

For starters, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 10 that eliminates bail for non-violent offenders, so they’re detained no longer than 12 hours after their arrest.

“Liberals” aren’t concerned because it sounds so “nice.” Translation: people should all be treated equally in this disgusting racist country of ours, so let criminals roam free.  

Obviously, it  provides another type of catch-and-release for illegals. In addition it provides a small opening-like the eye of a needle-to ramp it up. Can allowing violent offenders to enjoy the same “justice” be far behind? 

Another brilliant idea to emerge-Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom is running for Governor on a platform that offers free health care for illegals.

Naturally, Conservative pundits are outraged. Not only because free healthcare for illegals places  a tremendous and unfair burden on taxpayers-many of whom cannot afford their own healthcare-but also because it invites people from all over the country to cross California state lines for free medical care.

Conservatives warn that it will bankrupt the state. Newsom claims it won’t. Then again, he hails from the human poop-littered streets of San Francisco, where logic fell victim to “Liberalism” long ago. 

But that’s the whole purpose of this madness, isn’t it

If this state doesn’t turn blue in November, California may not only become a necrotic limb ,hopelessly infested with  Democrat policies, it may become the first state that officially fell to-as Dems and RINOs openly call it-The New World Order.

The Globalist agenda is an insidious virus that  thrives on chaos. It destroys our nation’s laws, loyalty and common sense. 

Gavin Newsom’s proposal for free healthcare for illegals is packing major heat for the Globalists’ war on America. One of the favorite tools in NWO  arsenal is to purposely implode the economy. Isn’t that exactly what we witnessed Obama and his Democrat operatives doing over the span of 8 years? Or were they just stupid? Or are they all taking kickbacks to sell our country out from under us? Can you think of any other reason they’d destroy us financially? 

This is the danger of applauding the idea of California’s secession.

California belongs to everyone. It is part of the body of the United States that our veterans fought, bled and died for. We cannot let it fall.

Why should we let “Liberals” steal one of our magnificent states? But it’s worse than that. In military terms, California would be a huge victory.

California owns 840 miles of coast land. Do we want Globalists and their thugs to have that kind of access to America? 

The sinister ruse of Sanctuary Cities.

Check out  the map of Sanctuary Cities. Note how they form a welcome mat at each border and offer a corridor throughout the country that is easily accessed by under-the-radar road, rail and bus transportation.

The corridor provided by these cities provides a means to finance operations such as human trafficking, child sex trafficking and drug smuggling. 

They also provide a means for terrorists to set up camp within our borders.

In 2017 Sanctuary City mayors received a “How-To” manual outlining how they ought to ignore federal immigration laws.

Essentially a toolkit for treason, it not only aided and abetted illegals-fugitives from justice, but also specifically mentioned terrorists. The 72 step by step manual produced by the “Center for Popular Democracy” urged officials to  break the law and ignore illegal gangs and terrorist ties. 

Sanctuary Cities, and Sanctuary State California must be viewed as enemy encampments. Mayors must be viewed as criminals who are aiding and abetting the enemies of our America, as anointed Generals in this WWlll-by stealth. 

Many Americans cheer when California threatens to secede.

But if their own right arm were becoming gangrenous, would they allow it to fester? Would they cheer at the thought of it being cut off? Or would they do whatever was in their power to save the limb? 

California is part of the United States. It’s God’s country. It belongs to us all. 

Why should we allow Democrats to claim ownership to this beautiful state? Why should we allow them to continue to destroy it? Why should we allow “Liberals” to set up a hostile, Anti-American country within our borders? 

It’s hard to get excited at the thought of fighting for the multitude of idiots in California, but a multitude of your fellow patriots live there too. And let’s never forget that one of this country’s greatest patriots-Devin Nunes, is a California Representative. Although he is but one Californian, he has played a  crucial role in saving this entire country. 

Please fight for California. Please share posts about Conservatives who are running for office this November. Donate to their campaigns if you can.

Do you have other ideas about how we can save California? Please scroll down to use the comments section below so people outside your Facebook group can benefit from your input. 

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