The internet is on fire in response to the release of the Trump/Cohen Playmate Payoff tape. 

This week’s “gotcha” is a tape recording between President Trump’s sheisty lawyer, Michael Cohen and then-candidate Trump. The secret recording reveals a discussion regarding a purchase of an AMI/National Enquirer article. The story covers Playmate model Karen McDougal’s claim that she had an affair with him. The purchase would allow them to bury the story.

However, as Democrats celebrate and salivate, the tape is not a “gotcha” at all-not on President Trump anyway. 

The tape was obtained in the Stalin-esque raid of Cohen’s home, hotel room and office at the behest of Robert Mueller. The Left was unconcerned that the raid violated the sacred tradition of attorney-client privilege. 

“First they came for the anti-Globalists but I did not speak out because I was not anti-Globalist. Didn’t even know what the Hell it meant.”

The tape may be illegal as it was recorded without Trump’s knowledge.

However, that didn’t stop law enforcement from feeding it to CNN. 

CNN aired the tape recording with the disclaimer that it’s of “poor quality.” Obviously they weren’t referring to their own “journalism,” but the spotty tape which would appear to expose Trump setting up a deal to pay for the model’s article with cash. 

Perhaps what they really mean by poor quality is that it sounds like it’s been tampered with. I’m no expert, but there are parts of the recording that snap, cut and omit parts of the conversation. What do you think? 

Democrat Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz quickly put out the fire.

“Not even a close question. There’s no crime,” Dershowitz said. “This was a conversation between a lawyer and a client that should never have been heard. Even if — even if and the tape is unclear, Trump raised the word cash, there was then a discussion. The lawyer said no, no, no. And President Trump said no, we’ll do it by check. Lawyers and clients have those conversations all the time. I’ve had conversations like that with clients. The end result was, cash was not used. No payments were made.”

“The context of the tape all suggests that the president wanted it to be papered. That he wanted it to be corporation, not just a payment. He wanted to make sure it was done right,” he added. “He wanted to make sure it was done with records. So I think the big picture is no crime.”

Cohen is being defended by long-time Clinton pal Lannie Davis

Lanny Davis as the attorney/PR man/Crisis Manager  for former President Bill Clinton. He defended the Clintons against multiple scandals in the 90’s.

Of all the lawyers he could have chosen, he picked the Clinton’s defender.

Looks like Michael Cohen has decided to flip and support the coup. Lanny Davis said, “I’m not saying there are more tapes as telling as [this] one…But there are more tapes.” 

Well that’s pretty much it then. Because this tape doesn’t tell very much at all.

Wikileaks weighed in.

This tweet honed in on the travesty of a lawyer covertly taping his client and the means by which the tape recording was seized. 

Judge Kimba Wood-again? 

Is it not oddly convenient that Judge Kimba Wood is presiding over the McDougall/Cohen case? The same Judge that presided over the beef between Stormy Daniel’s lawyer and Cohen?

Judge Wood shot down Cohen’s  request to protect attorney-client privilege and forced him to turn over his other clients. Why is it that Hillary Clinton’s right to attorney-client privilege has constantly been respected but not President Trump’s? 

Is it not unsettling that Judge Kimba Wood was Bill Clinton’s pick to be Attorney General? Or that she’s a pal of George Soros and officiated at his wedding? 

What is the exact timeline on the Cohen recording?

Predictably, Lanny Davis is stating that Cohen had the habit of using a tape recorder rather than taking notes. But why wouldn’t he let his client know? 

Would a recording prove more valuable-less irrefutable-than handwritten notes when it came time to cash out? 

At what point in time did Cohen begin to secretly record his client, Donald Trump? Do recordings of all his clients exist?  Is Cohen a lazy note-taker or a slimy blackmailer? Is he nothing more than a deviant Globalist operative like George W’s nephew Billy Bush, the slimeball who held onto a secret recording for years until juuussst the right moment? 

After this fiasco, it’s unlikely that Michael Cohen will ever earn a living wage as a lawyer again. Who will pay his bills? Can we expect to see a new “book deal?” Will anyone follow the money? 

Do the Globalists have recordings or video of Michael Cohen? 

Once upon a time Cohen represented infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.  Could he have been an Epstein guest? Is there some other compromising information they may have on him?

Also troubling-Trumphaters believe that Mueller raided Cohen’s office to seize documents that could provide evidence that Trump took part in violating underage girls at Epstein’s pedo-island getaway for the rich and famous. They are unfazed by their own beloved frequent flyers on the Lolita Express-Bill and Hillary Clinton.

But if that were the case, wouldn’t it mean the final take-down of the two Clintons? Are they that disposable at this point? 

Another possibility-will we owe Mueller and Sessions an apology? 

Is it possible that the treasonous American Globalist Party (Dems and RINOs) have been baited into a thoroughly awesome and epic trap?

Q-Anon and Q-followers think so. “The Calm Before the Storm” is the string of posts written by someone claiming to be a military insider. It promotes the theory that Trump and Mueller have been secretly building a counter coup all along. Wishful thinking or no?

Think back to December 21, 2017. Just a little after midnight. 

One of the first things President Trump did to lay the groundwork to hold the unaccountable elite accountable was signing an Executive Order “blocking the property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption.”

Is it a coincidence that this Executive Order signed by President Trump involved a clause that anyone found to be guilty of corruption or human trafficking would have all assets seized? 

Wouldn’t this threat inspire them to flip on Obama, Hillary, Soros and whoever pulls their strings? Where have Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin been? 

If President Trump were guilty of corruption and/or colluding with the enemy and/or involved in human trafficking, why would he craft an EO that would freeze all his own assets?

Follow the Money

The Mueller investigation has diverted 71% of the FBI’s budget away from other investigations, comprising national security. Staggering.

However, if this investigation exposes the complex network of traitors, treason and sedition aimed at destroying America as well as a massive child sex trafficking ring, will it not prove to be worth its weight in gold? What other excuse could they possibly have for approving this expense?

Do you think Guliani-famous for busting up organized crime by wielding the RICO Act-arrived on the scene at a very telling moment?

Trump supporters believe that the great sting awaits. 

A Reddit thread states;

Sounds like Cohen represented Jeffery Epstein many years ago. Has proof of pedo crimes. Cannot release due to attorney-client privilege.

Trump hires him for some meaningless nothing work. Now, he is Trump’s lawyer. DS/MSM salivating about getting dirt on Trump through “his lawyer.”

Here comes “The Storm” — Stormy Daniels.

“Trump’s lawyer paid her $130,000??? Oh boy! Trump in BIG trouble!”

Except it wasn’t about Trump having sex with her. She was paid by Cohen to be the distraction, and be a ruse to raid Cohen’s office … where they find files on Epstein and the Swamp.

Does this sound too good to be true? Could be. Cohen has been Trump’s lawyer long before he decided to run for President. He would have to be in on the sting as well. 

How long will this new “gotcha” dominate the headlines? 

People have grown weary of the nothing-human-burger Stormy Daniels. Will the shiny new Playboy Porn-Bunny disappoint? How many bimbos and porn stars do the Democrats aka Globalists have on their payroll? Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were handing out cheques to the entire crew at somewhere like https://www.shemalehd.sex/ if it helped them to get their way.

Since President Trump didn’t use campaign money to make the porny pest go away, does it matter whether or not he had an affair long before he became President? 

Where did the hysteria about the Trump/Putin summit go? Was being called out on their own Russian collusion too much to bear? 

Will Democrats “care about the cage children” this week? 

Will programmed Trumphaters realize that the Playmate tape was garnered through illegal means? That Cohen’s apartment, office, hotel room and home was raided due to the Mueller investigation-which  is being proven to be entirely based on a pack of lies in the phony “dossier?” Will they care? 

Will any of the hate-programmed zombies understand, appreciate, or even hear about President Trump’s outstanding victory regarding a trade deal between the US and the EU? Or will they focus on barenaked ladies and the CNN reporter who was kicked out of the presser for attempting to sabotage the US/EU trade deal? 

Or will this “gotcha” backfire altogether? 

Clare Bronfman, the Seagram’s heiress and three others were just arrested for her part in the Nxivm sex trafficking cult.

Hollywood creeps such as Ian Black and James Gunn and Dan Harmon have recently been outed for making vile “jokes” about pedophilia. But the war on Hollywood pedophiles has been going on for a while now. 

Is it not suspicious that as Hollywood pedos are being exposed, and the Mueller investigation wobbles on its last legs that the push to normalize pedophilia is becoming more blatant, aggressive and desperate? Is the looming threat of Trump’s EO to imprison and freeze all assets of anyone involved in government corruption and/or  human trafficking been one of the reasons the Left has totally lost their minds? 

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