As Globalist criminals walk free, General Flynn was charged with lying to Comey’s FBI under duress.

General Flynn was facing financial ruin and his son was being threatened. He pled guilty to lying to the FBI. However, it has since come to light that other agents claimed that General Flynn was not being untruthful.

The recent discovery of a pedo-camp in Arizona with ties to the Clinton Foundation begs the question: is General Flynn guilty of knowing too much?

For sure, he is not afraid to confront Globalist Elite criminals. General Flynn is an enemy of the Deep State who has been targeted before for whistleblowing.

Could it be that he knows too much about Pedo-gate?

Roger Stone, senior campaign aide to 3 Presidents stated, “General Flynn has a list of high level pedophiles-the release of which will decimate the Deep State dons.”

Was this Tweet his undoing?

Former CIA officer Robert David Steele spoke openly about the twisted tastes of the elite for sexually exploiting vulnerable children. He contended that Flynn was not fired for talking with Russians on the phone, but rather because he had a list of all the elite pedo-power players in DC, including VP Pence’s best friend.

Erik Prince is a former Navy Seal who founded a company called Blackwater. He’s also the brother of Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos. General Flynn called attention to a statement Prince made. “…during the Anthony Weiner investigation, [the NYPD] found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times.”

Did Eric Prince also know too much? Even though Erik Prince is a private citizen and had no affiliation with the Trump transition team he later found himself the target of an investigation under Comey’s FBI for his business dealings with Russia.

General Flynn has been targeted before. Could he know too much about too many things?

General Flynn blew the whistle on the Obama Administration and by default, George W. Bush,  Bill Clinton, and H.W. Bush. With the aid of our State Department, the CIA, the FBI and DOJ, these treasonous Presidents created and funded ISIS to launch a coup in Turkey.

They were also instrumental in growing the largest sleeper cell of terrorists in the world-right here in America-Radical Islamist Fetullah Gulen’s network.

Gulen owns the largest chain of charter schools in the US and has a net worth of about  $200 Billion. Mueller was Obama’s yes man. He supervised the squashing of all government records and whistle blowers that implicate the Gulen network in any criminal, espionage or terrorist activities. He also shut down related FBI investigations and hindered Congressional oversight.


For revenge and to neutralize Flynn’s threat of exposing ties to Gulen, the Obama White House launched  a campaign of leaks to the media  to slander Flynn 6 months before Mueller’s council was appointed.

The smear campaign alleging that he was not forthcoming about some conversations he had with the Russian Ambassador forced General Flynn out of his new job as National Security Adviser for the Trump Administration.

The Russian investigation morphed into a Middle East investigation. Mueller was on Flynn’s tail and using his unchecked authority he cooked up “Turkeygate.”

Turkeygate charges that Flynn took part in a plot to kidnap Fetullah Gulen and return him to his home country. General Flynn and his son allegedly would receive roughly $15 million dollars for the kidnapping gig.

But of course that would be an incredible story! Why have we heard nothing about a United States Army Lieutenant General and his son taking part in an international kidnapping plot?

Flynn blew the whistle twice.

He exposed Obama’s and Bill Clinton’s ties to jihadis and their aiding Gulen’s-the largest terror cell in the world-to occupy the US.  Caught up in the sweep of Saudi high profile arrests is Saudi Prince Bandar Bin Sultan. Not many Americans are familiar with him, but our past Presidents sure are.

In fact, Obama, Bush Jr. and Clinton have all played footsies with Bin Sultan, who is an arms dealer. They all plotted with him  to arm jihadists (later ISIS)  in Syria.

Poppy Bush may have been laying the groundwork. According to CNN, Bin Sultan was visiting  the H.W. Bush White House every other day and sometimes every day. As a result of these cooperative activities the Middle East was destabilized, morphing  into the Arab Spring and spawning the orchestrated “refugee” crisis aka invading army, that would wreak havoc on all sovereign nations caught in the cross hairs of the New World Order.

Does Flynn know that he knows too much? Does President Trump know that he knows too much? Is the country ready to accept the fact that our own government has been plotting against us for decades?

Even many Republicans still revere the Bushes. Is it time for them to end their idolatry as the Left must do with Obama in order to expose this diabolical plot?

Some Republicans are still enamored with RINO John McCain and believe he was a war hero. But he spilled the beans when he stated that the New World Order has been in the works for 70 years and President Trump is spoiling all their plans. (video below)

This country cries out for justice. Are we ready?

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