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Is Harvey Weinstein a Rapist or Democratic Roadkill?

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Harvey Weinstein was cuffed and carted off to jail.  Americans  on both sides of the political aisle cheered.

But would Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein be tossed in a cell- “scared and frail”- if he were not a pawn to take down President Trump?

Not bloody likely.

Scores of celebrities and politicians knew all about Harvey’s casting call antics for years. They said nothing. They did nothing.

Some stars of the sham show…

Ashley Judd

The unmedicated Ashley Judd landed the role of Feminazi outrage ringleader at the Women’s Parade. She railed incoherently against President Trump.

Shortly after that cringeworthy performance she joined the Girls-Who-Cry-Rape squad to torpedo President Trump. She went in the back door by suing Harvey Weinstein. Judd claimed he harmed her career because she rejected his advances.

The Globalists may be diabolically clever, but they’re not always terribly smart.

The pretty little puppet’s attack on Harvey simply revealed that she knew all about his predatory behavior for years and did nothing to warn or protect other women.

Hillary Clinton

Even Hillary-lovin’ CNN was not impressed with Hillary’s response to charges against Harvey. They mentioned that it took 5 days to issue her statement. CNN also mentioned that she had no intention of returning his donation.

Hillary said, I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein. The behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. Their courage and the support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior.”

Of course it took Hillary 5 days to respond.

In terms of sexual predation and an unquenchable appetite for debauchery, her husband Bill makes Harvey look like a lovable nut from a “guy movie.” Not to mention Hillary’s brutal attacks on Bill’s rape victims.

The Obamas

Harvey was everyone’s best friend as long as his money and power rolled their way.

Michelle Obama claimed to be “shaken to the core” regarding then-businessman Donald Trump’s P*word. Yet in 2013 she gushed over Harvey Weinstein- known as an aggressive, predatory sex animal to inside circles.

Michelle stated “I want to start by thanking Harvey Weinstein for organizing this amazing day,” she said. “Harvey. This is possible because of Harvey. He is a wonderful human being, a good friend and just a powerhouse.”

The “shaken to the core”  Obamas allowed their daughter to intern on a show produced by Harvey Weinstein. Furthermore the raunchy, sexually graphic show designed to influence young women was directed by self-confessed incestuous child molester, Lena Dunham.

Barrack made an interesting statement when he responded to the Harvey Weinstein sex allegations. He said Harvey Weinstein “needs to be condemned.”

Was that an incomplete sentence? Perhaps the subtitle would read, ” Harvey Weinstein needs to be condemned because he’s outlived his usefulness as a Democrat cash cow.  Now we can weaponize our family friend to continue interfering in the 2016 election.”

Oprah Winfrey

Globalist Goddess Oprah was quick to throw her weight behind the initiative to throw Harvey under the bus.

She stated that Weinstein revelations were a “watershed moment.” Several actresses had been sleep deprived from all the news about Weinstein, so the self-appointed psychologist offered her diagnoses-PTSD.

The New Age spiritual guru used the opportunity to blatantly connect the Access Hollywood P* word tapes to Weinstein, Bill O’Reilly and Bill Cosby.

Oprah also stated that she knew nothing about Harvey’s behavior. However, Seal busted her immediately. He said Oprah knew about Weinstein’s behavior for decades. Seal slammed her for being part of the problem by knowing, yet doing nothing to protect young women who were his potential victims.

Photos not only back up Seal’s statement, they reveal Oprah in full on pimp-mode as Harvey preys on a young hopeful actress.

Where’s the blue dress? 

Where are the rape kits? The police reports? These women weren’t helpless children who were molested.

At what point are sexual assault allegations not “he said, she said?” Or in the case of the newly disposable Kevin Spacey “He said, he said.” Aside from Spacey, the #MeToo politicized movement spawned by Weinstein quickly ensnared many others in the industry. Their careers were derailed based on decades-old she saidaccusations. It’s been trial-by-media ever since.

But at what point does a young women who, in return for a multi-million dollar career, blow her victim status? Is she not at that point, a prostitute?

The term “casting couch” was coined during the birth of Hollywood industry-around 1910. It’s understandable that young hopefuls want to be a star, but how naive and ignorant does a person have to be to enter that field believing they won’t be coerced, preyed upon or exploited? At what point will these accusers be held accountable for arrogantly walking into what is essentially a bad-but glittery-neighborhood, then wondering why they were assaulted?

As for Hollywood hookers who benefited with the bankroll of celebrity status from their pudgy John, they’ve been oddly silent.

Is the “casting couch” confined to those sprawled upon it?

Hollywood and DC insiders enabled this behavior by not confronting Harvey or encouraging him to seek help. Could it be that it’s generally accepted behavior in Hollywood? How many of them got their ticket to fame that way? Could it be that they were exchanging their silence-their complicity-for their own fame and fortune?

Bottom line.

The Elites’ Weinstein sacrifice, the P*word outrage and the #MeToo movement are nothing more than political ploys to take down President Trump.

If not for the ongoing coup, it’s all but guaranteed that Harvey would be going about his business “auditioning” young hopefuls for his next project.

He’d still be enjoying the adoration of his fair weather friends and enablers in Hollywood and DC. The majority of them continued to fawn over pervs Woody Allen and Roman Polanski long after their crimes against children were known to everyone in the free world.

Yes Harvey Weinstein is a disgusting sexual predator.

However, do you believe that Harvey would be facing charges and watching his life flushed down the toilet if his blood sacrifice couldn’t benefit the ongoing coup against our fairly elected President?

Has there been any investigation into sudden financial windfalls in the victims’ accounts?

Will Harvey Weinstein cut a deal for himself and spill the beans on the sexual proclivities of his fair weather friends in the DC Swamp? Should Harvey have extra security so he’s not “suicided” in prison?

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  1. Comments lost during transfer. On 6/6/18 SandyTaylor wrote,” No one has proven a thing about any sexual encounters Trump has been accused of. Did he cheat on Ivana with Marla Maples? Yes, he did, and married her after the divorce from Ivana. There is no proof that he ever “grabbed any woman by the *****”, locker room talk that was supposedly in private with just another man. He said he “could”, but I imagine there were probably lots of ***** offered to him (and any other wealthy, good looking man) from women hoping to capitalize on the relationship. NO proof that he actually did that! And, look at all the women who came out of the woodwork to accuse Herman Cain, Roy Moore, Clarence Thomas, etc. who magically disappeared as soon as the claims harmed/destroyed the careers/aspirations of some men, some are true and some are not, merely allegations designed to harm the reputations of good men. The Democrats stop at nothing to win…whatever it takes! I really don’t care what Trump did or didn’t do before he became president. He is going a great job as POTUS, and keeping the campaign promises he made when he was running. He is doing what we voted for him to do! MAGA!”

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