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Is In-N-Out Burger a “Real Great American Company?” Vote!

As you’ve all heard, In-N-Out Burger has been boycotted by the “tolerant, diversity-loving Left.”

California Democratic Party Chair Eric Bauman called for a boycott of In-N-Out because they donated to the GOP. 

The knee jerk response from Conservatives was to call for a counter-boycott with cheers that the lines wouldn’t be as long.

Should In-N-Out be hailed in the “Buy Real Great American” category?

As In-N-Out refused to back down from angry “Liberal” burger-boycotters, they revealed that they donated to both Parties.  

In-N-Out Burger Executive Vice President Arnie Wensinger responded with a statement defending the “fair and consistent approach” of “bipartisan support.”

In 2018, In-N-Out Burger has made equal contributions to both Democratic and Republican Political Action Committees in the State of California. For years, In-N-Out Burger has supported lawmakers who, regardless of political affiliation, promote policies that strengthen California and allow us to continue operating with the values of providing strong pay and great benefits for our Associates.

It is actually far more important to In-N-Out and our Foundations to support our communities by contributing millions of dollars to hundreds of organizations in California to prevent child abuse, human trafficking and substance addiction.

We have been fortunate to do business in this great state for almost 70 years. While it is unfortunate that our contributions to support both political parties in California has caused concern with some groups, we believe that bipartisan support is a fair and consistent approach that best serves the interests of our company and all of our Customers.

Arnie Wensinger, Executive Vice President
In-N-Out Burger

So In-N-Out was just hedging their bets

That’s not a bad thing-it’s a smart thing.

But does it make them a Real Great American company? What would? If they will continue to hold their ground against “Liberals” who allow their favorite companies such as Starbucks to wield political and financial clout? If Conservatives rally to their side and pick up the slack for lost sales will they publicly thank Trump supporters and truly tolerant Democrats? 

Democrats bet wrong.

The LA Times pointed out that demonizing In-N-Out “met with its own resistance” within Democrat ranks. Even before bipartisan donations became public, not all Democrats lost their minds. They refused to give up their favorite fast food burger. 

So it appears that all the DNC accomplished was to make fools of themselves. Again. At least they haven’t demanded free burgers for reparations. Yet. 

Cast your vote!

What do you think? Is In-N-Out a Real Great American company or just a smart company? 

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