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Is Kimba Wood a Judge or a Deep State Operative?

Judge Kimba Wood must be the Left’s #1 favorite Judicial plant right about now. Wood just hammered President Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen-and by default, half of America- with one smack of her Globalist gavel.

Judge Wood shot down President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen’s request for a restraining order. The request would have prevented Mueller’s team from viewing records they seized in their recent FBI crack-house style bust of Cohen’s office, family residence, safe deposit box and hotel room. Their muliti-million dollar taxpayer goal? To search for evidence of alleged affairs President Trump had years ago with a skanky porn star and a Playboy model.

Cohen’s lawyers requested that the seized records be viewed first from an independent council called a “special master” to determine what records would be protected by attorney-client privilege.

Wood shot down that request-and she’s forcing him to turn over his other clients.

Mueller’s Coup-Council is taking a big dump on the revered constitutional right to attorney-client privilege. Yet Hillary freely hid behind attorney client privilege to hide her many crimes. Her lawyers even helped her to bleach-bit her computer and smash hard drives and blackberries. Hell, her law firm Perkins Coie contracted a pack of lies infamously known as the “Pee Pee Dossier” to destroy her political opponent.

But President Trump is not allowed to utilize his right to attorney-client privilege.

Now how surprised are you to learn that Judge Kimba Wood was Bill Clinton’s pick to be Attorney General? Or that she’s a pal of George Soros and officiated at his wedding? How sick and conflicted are all the power players who are being allowed to interfere with the 2016 election?

At what point will it be officially announced to the world that the US is under attack and a coup has been launched against our President? Who is responsible for making that obvious determination? We have launched many wars to “restore Democracy” to other nations. Who will rally to our defense?

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  1. Update-Kimba Wood used to be a Playboy bunny in London.But she presides over this moral judgement

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