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Is Pew Correct? Can You Discern “Real News” from “Fake News?”

RIP objective journalism

Yahoo “News”/ Fake News blasted the headline,” Americans grapple with Recognizing Facts in News Stories: Pew Survey.”

Surprised that the fake news buffet at Yahoo-would out themselves like that.

Aren’t most of us are fully aware that “news sources” are all opinion now? That MSM has a separate section marked “opinion” is a sick joke?

However, many Americans are unable to distinguish a “news” source from a blog. “Fake news!” they cry out, even when a blogger is openly transparent about being news commentary, not a source of news. Most people don’t realize that Huffington Post is only a multi-author blog, not an actual news publication.

Even the mighty AP and Reuters are guilty as charged for skewing news with bias. Their “fake news” is more subtle. For example, after the Stormy Daniels story broke, AP ran the headline “Melania Trump Escapes Glare of Affair Headlines in Florida.” Escapes? Could they be any more obvious? She went from point A to point B. Can she really “escape” to Florida?  What, no “news” reporters down there?

MSM often uses the clever technique of stacking cherry-picked facts in such a way that would draw the reader to the desired conclusion. In addition their use of quotes is often lob-sided as they only quote those who push their agenda. It also offers a cute way to use a proxy-puppet to voice their own opinion.

Unfortunately, Obama legalized propaganda. Three times.  #ThanksObama.

1• Obama repealed the Smith-Mundt Act in 2012, legalizing propaganda to be aimed at American citizens. Now why would he want to do a thing like that?

2• In September of 2016 Obama revitalized Operation Mockingbird, allowing FBI agents to pose as journalists. How many laws were passed with the intent to “protect us” that ended up shredding our Civil Liberties? Obama weaponized the FBI, DOJ and IRS to target his political opponents. Weaponizing a law similar to Operation Mockingbird* could easily track down his detractors. The CIA has infiltrated some of the most well known publications and journalists for years. Could that explain why the Washington Post received a $600 million dollar contract from the CIA? When will we come to grips with the fact that our “free country” is swayed by Deep State-sponsored media?

3• On his way out the door in December of 2016, Obama signed the Portman-Murphy Counter Propaganda Bill into Law. Supposedly the Bill  would “counter” the increasing threat of foreign propaganda from foreign adversaries like big bad  Russia. That’s odd. Were you ever swayed by news from Russia that wasn’t also reported in our own media? The Bill legalized funding NGOs (as in Soros organizations) and colluding with journalists and media organizations. Has anyone other than America’s elected enemies actually ever read this Bill?

The Globalist Gangster Media acts with impunity. 

The media has perpetrated Globalist crimes of epic proportions on the American public. They pushed the Russia Collusion Hoax, damaging relations with the Superpower, engaged in an ongoing coup, and ignited a soft Civil War.

Yet there will be no hearings, no lawyers, no trial, no prosecution. Because Obama legalized these activities. How convenient is that?

So many Americans-mostly on the Left-are indoctrinated with an information stream that primes them to submit to-and actually welcome-the Globalist Agenda that would destroy them. Could these two different information streams explain the toxic animosity between the Left and Right?

Many point back to the “good ol’ days” when Americans depended on Walter Cronkite for the “news.”

Yes my friends, we have been asleep for a long time. Arguably the most trusted news anchor in our history, Walter Cronkite, was actually a big proponent of the New World Order. He openly declared that to that end, we would have to give up much of our sovereignty- and that he was proud to sit at the right hand of Satan.

Fake news? Watch the video….

BTW-if this video ever says “not available” it means it was taken down by You Tube. Just enter “Walter Cronkite New World Order” into You Tube’s search and you’ll find it again plus many others. 

So who do we trust? ‘

Will we ever be able to kick back and trust any media outlet again?

It looks like we’ll have to trust God above all else. He warned us against idol worship. Clearly we can’t trust media who encourages adoration of the Left’s Obamagod or the cankled goddess Hillary and their Globalist Agenda.

Could President Trump’s flaws be part of G-d’s plan?

Could our acknowledgment of his flaws be the difference between being idol worshipers or simply fans and supporters?

Do you have tips for spotting “fake news” vs “real news?”

God gave us the gifts of pattern recognition and analytical thinking for a reason. Both of those gifts have been under assault by the Globalists for years, beginning with the CIA coining the potent phrase “Conspiracy Theory” to combat pesky Americans who wanted answers to JFK’s assassination.

One tip to see if indie journalists and bloggers are reputable, ensure that they list their sources. Then decide if you feel that those sources are credible.

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