Newsflash for Liberals: You can’t hate coal and love Native Americans at the same time.

 Chairman Darrin Old Coyote blamed the Left’s Obamagod for causing needless suffering to the Crown Nation who had welcomed him with open arms. “Our bread and butter is coal. A war on coal is a war on Crow families.”

It seems that “Liberals” always want to have things both ways. One example is their burning desire to hate President Trump and hate the coal industry, while simultaneously painting themselves as the paragon of virtue for caring so much about Native Americans.

In fact they care so much about Native Americans that they justify our past sins against them as a reason to hate all white men, and more importantly, to hate America and openly call for its destruction.

Newsflash for Liberals-You’re still on the wrong side of history. 

One Democrat Party ploy is to induce amnesia that it was Democrats who not only supported slavery and #Resisted Civil Rights, but they were also responsible for the “Trail of Tears,” the Nazi-style evacuation of Native Americans by removing them from their ancestral lands and unloading them into isolated encampments. 

Another ploy is to exploit our national guilt regarding our treatment of the Native Americans to justify weakening our economy and flooding our country with illegals and unvetted migrants from countries that foster terrorism.

In #Resisting President Trump’s attempts to uphold our laws, we can always expect to see one of the Left’s lame memes depicting a Native American saying something like, “To be honest, I am not a fan of immigrants.” Or, “So you’re against immigration? Splendid. When do you leave?” 

But how does imploding our economy with illegals and importing terrorism help the Native Americans?

Another question-have you ever heard one single “Liberal” offer to give up their home or apartment to a Native American family? How many have sacrificed their daily caramel latte money to donate to a Native American community? 

The Left’s goal is to claim that horrible, rich, white Republicans are the enemies of Native Americans and the environment. That is true of some individuals and corporations. However,as filthy rich Democrats scramble for the epic money and power grab of Globalism, a broader picture and a different story emerges.

Do”Liberals” really care about Native Americans?

The Crow Tribe is languishing in poverty as “hip” environmentalists who also claim to care about Native Americans fight coal production.  In other words, they fight the industry that the Crow Nation depends upon for their survival. 

The Left’s war on coal translates to Native Americans suffering needlessly. The unemployment rate in the Crow Nation is at a whopping 70 percent as they’ve seen the coal industry decline.

Many tribes do protest the Dakota Pipeline and the coal industry. The Crow and other nations understand that clean energy would be best. However, as much as The Crow have tried to stimulate their economy in other ways, it’s not enough. 

The Daily Caller reported,

CJ Stewart, a Crow Tribal member and co-founder of the National Tribe Energy Association, told the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works Thursday.

“Tribal economies face many obstacles to success, and currently the economy of the Crow Tribe is facing a critical crisis,” Stewart told Wyoming Republican Sen. John Barrasso and others on the panel. “While we are blessed with untold mineral wealth in oil, coal, and gas on the Crow reservation, regulatory roadblocks and political crisis force us to languish in poverty.”

“The tribe currently has an unemployment rate of 70 percent,” he added. “Imagine having a trillion dollars in mineral wealth under your feet and yet your people are starving and destitute before you. It’s a cruel nightmare.” 

Why do”Liberals” only care about illegal children? Or do they? 

“Liberals” don’t seem to like children very much.

We’ve seen them cheer the torture, dismemberment and murder of a preborn child. We see children struggling to survive in Democrat-run Sanctuary cities. We see Democrats ensuring that children will never be lifted out of the cycle of poverty as they #Resist School Choice. Then there’s their penchant for abusing children with their trans-indoctrination and an aggressive push to normalize pedophilia. 

Yet we hear howls about caring for children when it comes to illegals.

Why didn’t they cry out when Obama was treating families at the border in the same  manner or worse?  Why was there no concern shown for the thousands of children who Obama handed over to child sex traffickers? Or the 6,000 children whose whereabouts are unknown?

Apparently, aside from illegals, other children can go to Hell in a handbasket.

The Left calls for open borders. They fight for Sanctuary Cities. They demonize President Trump for having “harsh immigration policies,” when in fact, they’re  actual laws that must be upheld.

Our immigration laws protect all Americans-including our legal immigrants, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Muslim Americans who want to be protected from extremists, and Native Americans. 

Why don’t “Liberals” care about the Black community? 

In addition to turning their backs on the needs of the inner city minorities they also ignore the fact that many Black people make a living from coal.

Could it be that it’s more advantageous  to foster stereotypes that coal miners are a bunch of white, uneducated, hillbilly Trump supporters?

Fact is, there are many coal miners in the black community.

Al Jazeera America busted the Left’s stereotype. They visited a coal mining community in West Virginia. One of the miners they interviewed is Buck Wade, a black coal miner. Sounds like another American who #WalkedAway.

Wade, like others here, harbors particular resentment for the Obama administration. “He hasn’t done anything for us,” says the 88-year-old, leaning back on a couch in his living room overlooking the mountains. “If he were running again, I just couldn’t vote for him. And I’ve been a Democrat my whole life.”

Why don’t “Liberals” care about Native American children? 

By#Resisting coal energy, it’s plain to see that they don’t care about the children of the Crow Nation either. 

Why do they choose to deprive Native American families of income needed to feed, clothe, educate and elevate their children? 

Why don’t “Liberal Environmentalists” care about pollution?

They fight pollution tooth and nail-but only in our own backyard.

However, by importing fossil fuels, “hip environmentalists” create more pollution due to the process of transporting it here.

Fuel production in other corners of the Earth that they care about, creates a deadly mess elsewhere on the Globe in countries with far less strict oversight.

Don’t they care about pollution in China? Or India? They openly hate Russians with a passion, so no need to ask. 

But as much as “tolerant, loving Liberals” hate Russians, it’s Russia who would have benefited from a Hillary Presidency

Why don’t “Liberal Environmentalists” care that Hillary sold Putin 20% of our rare uranium reserves to profit her money laundering Foundation?

Don’t they remember anything about Chernobyl?  If their long term memory has been fried by Trump-hate, then what about Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster in 2011? Still can’t remember? How about February of 2017, when the  Flamanville nuclear plant in France exploded? 

Depending on the elements used, the effects of nuclear half life can last for up to 4.5 Billion years. Your vote-coal power or nuclear power? 

Why, if they’re so terrified of big bad Russia were they not concerned that Hillary handed them our precious uranium? Not only is their track record for nuclear energy a disaster, they could obviously make earth-crushing weapons out of it. 

Now here’s the dirty rotten truth about the Left and their little war on coal.

Hillary famously said ,“We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”  She and Obama  were vocal about coal not being a “clean source” of energy.

Yet in spite of the US owning so much of this resource,  and coal miners struggling to feed their families, we were importing it from other countries!

One of the countries that-in spite of sanctions-imported coal to the US was Russia.

That’s right. Obama was importing coal from Russia and Hillary knew all about it.

In fact we’ve been importing coal for years, even under her watch as Secretary of State.

It was expected that Hillary would be propped up on her White House throne to continue Barrack’s many “legacies,” including utilizing his green policies to ensure that Putin’s Russia would become the #1 Global Energy Superpower.

Obama’s corrupted Administration was only too happy to help.

It was Robert Mueller who delivered Hillary’s samples of uranium to the Russians in a secret side-by-side tarmac meeting. It was Obama’s corrupt Administration that squashed an FBI sting that targeted a Russian racketeering organization involving bribery, kickbacks and money laundering to grow Putin’s energy business on US soil.

They all knew. They all colluded.

Robert Mueller, US Attorney Rod Rosenstein and then Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe all supervised the FBI’s Russian racketeering investigation. Obama squashed the investigation that concluded under the leadership of James Comey.

Had Hillary not blown the election, how would these policies have helped any of us-including Native Americans? 

The Crow Nation and its fight for survival has been ignored by Demstream Media

In May of 2017 our VP Mike Pence visited the Crow Nation in Montana. 

VP Pence assured Crow tribal leaders and coal supporters at Absaloka Mine’s headquarters on the Crow Reservation. “I just want to assure you that this administration is absolutely determined to continue to expand the opportunities to develop American energy in an environmentally responsible way.” 

Note that he said “in an environmentally responsible way.”

“Liberal Environmentalists” turned their backs on the Dakota Sioux 

We all remember the filth that “environmentalists” left behind after they camped out for their wannabe-hippie protester photo-op at the Dakota Pipeline.

The uninvited guests boorishly trampled on the peace and quiet of the Standing Rock community. The Standing Rock Tribal Council demanded that their donations be seized and issued an evacuation order to get rid of them. At least they didn’t set tires on fire like they did in their prior October protest. 

12 dogs were abandoned. The mess that protesters left behind threatened to pollute the Cannonball river as debris would flow in with the melting snow. While a handful of protesters volunteered to clean up, it largely fell on the backs of the Standing Rock Sioux aided by state and local agencies.The Trump administration stepped in and shelled out $1.1 Million dollars in cleanup money. Still waiting for an I’m sorry or a thank you from the Left. 

Worse yet, they weren’t protesting on behalf of the Dakota Sioux, but largely against their wishes.  It could be argued that they were exploiting Native Americans for political purposes- to protest the results of the 2016 election. 

CNN reported a statement from Fool Bear Sr.

…more than two years ago, when members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe could have attended hearings to make their concerns known, they didn’t care. Now, suddenly, the crowds are out of control, and he fears it’s just a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

“Go down to the camps, “he says, “and you won’t see many Standing Rock Sioux.”

“It irks me. People are here from all over the world…If they could come from other planets, I think they would.

“Hip Liberals” don’t seem to care  about the Navajo either.

Some “Hip” Liberals like to “honor” Native Americans with cultural misappropriation by flaunting their dream catchers, burning sage and crafting Talking Sticks.

How do they think they honor them by depriving them of the income they need to survive? They want jobs. They want to feed their families and educate their children. They want to survive and thrive.

Russell Begaye, President of the Navajo Nation was again quoted in Breitbart.

We are … optimistic about working with the Trump Administration on this issue given the president’s unwavering support for coal jobs and mine workers. President Trump ran on a pledge to ‘bring back coal’ and provide economic opportunities for workers who have been left behind by coal’s declining fortunes.

How do Native Americans benefit from the Climate Change Hoax? 

One of the reasons so many minorities and other Americans are #WalkingAway from the Democrat Party is the realization that President Trump wants all Americans-regardless of color, gender, ethnicity or religion-to become successful.

Dems prefer domination as they continue to #Resist School Choice and support the interests of illegals and terrorists over the well being of Americans-including people of the Black, Hispanic and Native American communities.

Democrats prevent the Crow Nation, the Navajo and Sioux from enjoying the wealth of their abundant energy reserves. Instead, they seek to shackle America with “green policies,” weakening our economy and military. The elitist endgame is to destroy America and sweep her ashes into a One World Government.  

The Paris Accord would have cost Americans millions of jobs and decimated energy industries. 

Breitbart reported,

The overall effect of the agreement would have been to reduce U.S. GDP by over $2.5 trillion and eliminate 400,000 jobs by 2035, according to Heritage’s study. This would exacerbate problems with government funding and deficits, make Social Security solvency more challenging, and increase reliance on government’s spending to support households.

Do “Liberals” really believe that Globalists have the best interests of Native Americans at heart? Sadly, most of them don’t even understand the Globalist Agenda that they’re fighting so hard for. Like good little monkeys they’ve been trained to scoff at the term, “Globalist.” 

Will the Crow Nation #WalkAway from the Democrats? 

Does the Crow Nation regret “adopting” Senator Barrack Obama in 2008? Do they cringe when they remember nicknaming him “Barrack Black Eagle,” as “One Who Helps People Throughout the Land?” Do they feel hoodwinked that he promised to help them, but instead, shut down the coal industry in the US while importing coal from other countries, including Russia? 

This is what happens when smooooth talkin’ “Presidential” candidates woo Americans.  Is there anything “Presidential” about selling your own country out to the Globlaist agenda?

Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the Climate Change issue is simply a means to redistribute wealth across the globe. She referred to it as a “transformation of the world economy.

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