Patriot. Proud Texan. Kind. Humble. World renowned bass player. “Old Rock n Roller” with stories to tell.

As posted on Reverbnation, James Anderson humbly describes himself as an “old rocker from the glory days of Rock & Roll.” He spent thirteen years touring with the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars” and has toured around the world a good three times. James is the kickass bass you hear on the classic “Rattlin’ Bones.

For that recording and some of the finest Texas Blues Rock you’ll ever hear-check it outhere….

James explains, “Rattlin’ Bones is a song we wrote describing how our bones ached and rattled after many long hours spent in the studio recording our Demo CD 2002.”  Rattlin’ Bones is also the name of their three piece Blues Rock band from Dallas Texas. Band Members included Jack Morgan on Guitar (RIP), James Anderson on Bass and Ty “Hollywood” Grimes on Drums.

As for being an “old rock n roller with stories to tell,” here’s a few snippets….

ο He learned how to read music by the age of 5 and started off playing classical violin. He took up the bass when he was 16.

ο Pretty much self-taught, he hung out in front of his Dad’s stereo playing along with the Big Bands on his Dad’s favorite radio station. As James spread his wings he took over the whole living room. His bass “shredded the paint of the walls” and it wasn’t until he moved out that his Dad could listen to his stereo again.

ο He comes from a long line of musicians. His Mom was a vocalist in the Big Band era and even sang with Woody Herman’s band. Family gatherings meant a crowd of fifty or more singing and playing guitar, steel guitar, mandolins, banjos, upright bass and dobro.  

ο Friends since age 12 with Dusty from ZZ Top. They used to hang out at their parents’ homes and practice. 

ο Played with major European superstars. An album he cut with Nebojsa Buhin (Nebo) earned an Album of the Year award.

ο Has his own recording studio. Recorded 90% of his music there, including “World Coyote Project.”

James played with, hung with and toured with so many big names it’s impossible to do justice to the list. This photo gallery can give you an idea…(note-due to transfer, this gallery may not be available. Working on it….)


One story stands out as especially inspirational. 

When James was 17 years old he broke his hand in 20 places. Before he broke it, he used 4 fingers and thumb to play. Once the cast was removed, he could no longer use 2 fingers. But that didn’t stop him. He was determined to play bass. 

To compensate, he developed his own style utilizing just two fingers-the index and middle finger, positioning them in a way that would work, in spite of the injury. That positioning would become his signature style for life that is both unique and respected world wide in the music industry.

Sometimes you just have to push past the pain and let God, passion and ingenuity take over.

Real Great American music.

While the diseased and dying music industry has become increasingly infused with commercialism and a radical far Left agenda, some music remains pure. James pointed out that it’s one reason why country music remains so popular.

The Texas Blues Rock genre represents the greatest qualities in America.

The fusion speaks to the proud unwavering roots of American culture and the great state of Texas, while embracing the spirit of change and the openness to move forward. 

James has played an important role in enriching America’s heritage with his God-given gift as a musician. 

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