Amazon’s Jeff Bezos sells Antifa hate products. Some items are even eligible for Amazon Prime.

Jeff Bezos ate up Whole Foods last June in a 13.7 Billion takeover deal. He also owns Amazon and fake news outlet Washington Post. The same Washington Post mentioned yesterday that clinched a 600 Million dollar contract from the CIA. (It’s probably just a coincidence that  pedo John Podesta landed a cushy job there).

See “Fakiest of Fake News CNN Faked Hurricane Harvey Rescue!”

see “Amazon Just Ate Up Whole Foods. An Insatiable Appetite for Expansion”

Turns out Bezos is dishing out more than organic peaches and propaganda. He’s serving up some yummy hate and trendy domestic terrorism through Amazon.

It’s like he’s not even trying to hide his New World Order Agenda

Aside from pushing the Russia/Trump collusion hoax at the WaPo and refusing to sell “hate” products that portray the Confederate flag, he  profits from the fruits of Antifa-officially an anarchist domestic terrorist organization

President Trump has had his eye on Jeff Bezos for a while and took to Twitter to put him on notice. The President observed that the WaPo could be  a powerful tool to keep members of Congress in line.

It’d be great to see President Trump bust up the Bezos monopoly. But since DHS and the FBI declared Antifa a domestic terror organization  it might be a lot more entertaining to see him charged  with aiding and abetting terrorists.

Guess we’d have to pass on the Whole Foods brand of popcorn for that one.

The Antifa Online Boutique. Mommy’s credit cards accepted.

Natural News appears on Google’s hit list, so you know they must be striking a nerve. They broke this story when they noticed that Amazon was selling Antifa merchandise! Go figure! IMOwired just made a joke about that in the last post.

See “so DHS and the FBI Declared Antifa a Domestic Terror Organization. Hmmm.”

Natural News reported,

  • Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook, a how-to guide for committing domestic terrorism, murder and mayhem, all while celebrating left-wing communist executioners who commit mass murder in the name of left-wing fascism.
  • Antifa: How They Make A Difference & Why We Need Them, a guide that worships the domestic terrorism of Antifa agitators and violent lynch mobs, arguing that lawless violence is the pathway to a left-wing utopia rooted in “no hate.”
  • Antifacist Action Flag, a hate-filled symbolic flag that inspires Antifa domestic terrorists to commit acts of violence and terrorism in the United States. The flag says “Antifascist Action,” with the “Action” part meaning bashing heads with bike locks, bombing government buildings and calling for the open murder of those you oppose.

They were smart to take a screen shot of Amazon’s tasty selection of murder manuals and gang colored gear. For better images just click on the links above. 


Corporations rule  the world.

It’s not that we didn’t know that already, but we were busy sleepwalking so hard to put food on the table and pay the rent. We became accustomed to it. Then one day we woke up and it seemed too late to do anything about it. The Beast was no longer confined to our nightmares, but was a hulking Luciferian reality.

There was a time when the government went after monopolies. The main motivation was to prevent price gouging and encourage competition.

But monopolies and large corporations have become much more sinister.

George Soros circumvents our laws with Non Governmental Organizations to subvert our culture and weaponize “good causes” to overthrow our government. Mega corporations are doing the same thing through their business models. They’ve always been able to undercut us through lobbying, but now they’re waging war directly on us, such as their blatant  assault on our First Amendment.

This is most evident with the 6 corporations who own 90% our media. Google dominates and tinkers with search engines  to manipulate the flow of information. Google’s You Tube and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are censoring and shutting down free speech at an alarming rate.

These Left Wing Globalist giants are strangling  America. Even if Amazon pulls Antifa merchandise off their online shelves, we are buying into our own destruction in countless other ways.

Any ideas for solutions? Comment below!


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