After going missing for close to a week, the security guard who was shot in the Las Vegas Massacre emerged. The Jesus Campos Ellen Show performance seemed scripted to send Campos right back into hiding.

Many who are skeptical about stories we’ve been fed about the Las Vegas Massacre are not about to swallow the cheesy Jesus Campos Ellen Show performance.

The security guard mysteriously went AWOL after agreeing to appear on five different TV shows, including Hannity. He cancelled at the last minute and wasn’t seen until he suddenly popped up on Ellen to relate his story.

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It’s all in the timing.

The timeline given first stated that Campos was shot by Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock after he opened fire on the Route 91 Harvest Festival concert goers, killing 58 and injuring over 500. The timeline was later adjusted to imply that Campos was shot before Paddock opened fire. It was changed again after that.

Jesus Campos is the key witness whose timeline account could translate to a loss of many millions for MGM Resorts who owns Mandalay Bay.

Coupla few questions we wish Ellen had asked:
  • Jesus how do you suppose a gunman could use an automatic weapon firing 200 bullets just a couple of feet away from you, yet only get hit with one single bullet?
  • Are you mad at your co-workers? You were shot in the leg, but hotel staffers did not call the Las Vegas police until after Paddock began his shooting spree.
  • Why do you think the timeline changed? You weren’t unconscious. You would have known if you heard shots as you approached the door which would mean he was firing at the crowd already.
  • When did you finally seek medical attention and where did you go?
  • Why is your family under a gag order?
  • So what’s the scoop with you not even being registered as a security guard in Las Vegas? Why do you share a SSN with a Jesus Quintero?
The Ellen script

When viewing the clips from the Jesus Campos Ellen Show performance. it’s clear that the story-line is enjoy it now folks because that’s all you’re getting. Jesus is too upset to talk about this ever again.

Skeptics will not be able to shake the suspicion that Campos just spent the days he went missing being briefed by the FBI or CIA to robotically recount the details of his experience.

For someone who is supposedly shaken and traumatized his demeanor was flat, to say the least. The dude to his right was “comforting him” when there was no need to. In another clip that I can’t find, Ellen gave him Kleenex toward the end of the show even though not one single tear was shed.

Video on Ellen You Tube channel-Kleenex prop missing at the end…

Screen shot of another video that shows Ellen at the end of the show showering him with Kleenex to wipe his bone dry eyes.

The FBI/ISIS/Hollywood merger

At first the other guy appeared to be Campos’s boyfriend, but he was actually Stephen Schuck, the Mandalay Bay building maintenance engineer who credits Campos with saving his life.

Schuck was brought on to testify to Campos’s heroism. It also had the effect of making Campos seem more human and less like a programmed robot or a stoic undercover FBI agent. Many skeptics have referred to him as Campos’s “handler.”

Schuck appeared to be “comforting Campos in (sorry) a really girly sort of way-even though Campos was not showing any sign of emotional distress. (Unlike poor Sheriff Lombardo who did not get shot but looks like he’s going to break out in tears and have a nervous breakdown).

So another between the screenplay lines reads, Don’t bother poor Jesus. Don’t ask him any tough questions.

Out of all the possible shows-he chose Ellen’s.

Maybe Campos “chose” the daytime fluff show because Ellen has ties to the Mandalay Bay Hotel which is owned by MGM. Ellen actually has her own slot machine game in the MGM Grand Hotel. If you’re wanting to find other slot machine games that could catch your attention, you might want to have a look at other slot games here. Here’s a clip of Ellen and her slot machine in the MGM Grand Hotel…

MGM fesses up

Just in! The MGM came clean. They chose the Ellen show for him.

The Daily Mail reported that the MGM admitted that it was their idea for Jesus to go AWOL and that he should only appear on the Ellen Show. Her questions would be soft and scripted.

They were afraid that Campos wouldn’t keep his story straight when faced with tough questions. One mistake could cost them billions.

PS. Speaking of MGM Resorts….

Let’s not forget that Jim Murren, the CEO of MGM, dumped a massive amount of his stock in the weeks leading up to this attack.

And let’s not forget that Murren circulated an internal memo that stated that he would match donations to CAIR ( a terrorist organization) and the ADL-a very anti-Trump, pro-Islamic organization.

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NFL MAGA Smackdown-the most disgusting gift ever.

At the end of the show Ellen dramatically emphasized that neither one of the guests wanted money. Instead, she gave them NFL tickets.

The NFL would fly Schuck to see his favorite team, the Indianapolis Colts, and provide him with VIP tickets. Campos was given season tickets for the Raiders’ first year in Las Vegas.

Come on! If that doesn’t add fuel to any good conspiracy theorist’s fire I don’t know what does. The Illuminati is famous for in-your-face symbolism. The NFL has become synonymous with anti-American Trump-hating sentiments. The NFL personifies the Globalist Left’s war on America.

The victims of the massacre were country music enthusiasts. Likely patriotic Trump supporters. Likely boycotting the NFL for their kneeling stunts.

If it’s not a sick joke from the Elite Globalist Left, it’s off-the-charts distasteful.

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