Incredible. Joe Biden is considering a 2020 run in spite of the uproar about Weinstein and other high profile pervs.

Joe Biden, often referred to as a “drunk uncle,” is notorious for groping, grabbing, caressing, sniffing hair and kissing everything in sight. The younger the better.

This isn’t just IMO but common knowledge…

Like the Clintons, the career swamp dweller is BFFs with all kinds of rapists and pedophiles. Though in fairness, that’s pretty much who you’d rub elbows with in DC. Especially on the Blue side of the murky waters where RINOs also like to dwell.

Joe Biden has had his share of heartache.

No one should  have to endure the death of their loved ones-especially children. 

He lost his wife and 13 month old daughter in a car accident in 1972. Shortly before the last race he lost his Son Beau to cancer, citing his grief as to why he didn’t run.

There may be a sympathy card in the Dem’s wallet. 

The race card was successfully swiped for 2 terms, even though our country is supposedly a nation of bigots. The gender card, however, did not trump Trump.

Could they be planning on whipping out the sympathy card? 

If so, they will find that just as being an obnoxious, ruthless career criminal cancelled the gender card, being a creepy pedo cancels out the sympathy card. It kinda takes the charismatic shine off the blinding,  bleached white smile. 

While Biden has endured tragedy,  it doesn’t justify the inappropriate behavior that he compulsively displays around women and little girls.

If he is simply showing affection, this would-be  world leader needs to get with the program. This is not acceptable, especially by today’s standards and given all that we’ve learned about child sexual exploitation.

There’s an abundance of videos of him engaging in disturbing behavior that violates the space of innocent children. Feminazis remain mute. But then, the Left always gives Bill Clinton and their radicals Islamic pals a pass for actual rape, so…

The Democrat Party’s PR machine in Hollywood has lost its shine.

Tinsel Town isn’t tanking  just because of all the revelations about Weinstein and all the other pervs.  Although they’d love to play the victim card and blame it on that.

It’s because the  spoiled children who’ve enjoyed massive wealth-thanks to our hard earned money-kick us in the teeth because we support a candidate who wants to save our country from their Globalist handlers.

Another reason celebs have become so disposable is because the reality show we’re living in is so much more entertaining than anything those self-confessed prostitutes have to offer.

The Democrats considering  Joe Biden for a run is already far more comical than any tedious late night monologue from a hateful scripted court jester. 

Looking forward to the campaign ads

If Joe Biden is nominated we can invest in popcorn stock and grow wealthy while enjoying some belly laughs. All that President Trump’s campaign would have to do is show reels of Biden groping and feeling up everything in sight.

Even when there isn’t anything quite ready to grab, he wants to be the first one there-as is the case with the little girls in the video below.

This is actually my favorite video because at  :45  it shows Jeff Sessions swatting Joe Biden’s hand away from his little granddaughter.

It’s also the worst video. 

One of the biggest finger-wagging shames of the Hollywood headlines is that “they all knew” about Harvey, Kevin Spacey and others, but said nothing.

Seeing that Jeff Sessions “knew” and did nothing about a guy that he obviously believed to be a serial child molester is disturbing.  It speaks to his flaccid approach toward holding high ranking traitors in our country accountable.

Sessions needs to step up or step down. Swatting Hillary, Obama, Loretta Lynch and others on the hand will not heal this country. OK that was a tangent.

Bring it on Joe! We’re looking forward to an easy victory in 2020!

If the Dems are thinking that Joe Biden would have won the last election, they may be right. For sure, they lost the election because they exalted a criminal. 

But as comedians used to say in the good ol’ days when they were actually funny-Timing isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.

The Dems just never learn. The entire country-and especially their own base-is outraged about scruffy Harvey Weinstein and his open bathrobe. 

Their conclusion? Offer up ol’ Gropy Joe as their next presidential nominee. 

Their hope is that Joe Biden’s flashy smile and his tragedies that makes him appear human will seduce constituents into voting for the floundering New World Order. 

The Democrats are not only the Party of death, destruction, deceit and depravity-they’re also the Party of dimwits. 

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