Joe Biden has often been called “America’s drunk uncle.”

But he just made a whole lotta clear headed sense that could have the Hillaryfail-deniers finally sober up!

Western Journalism reports,

“Vice-President Joe Biden said Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was plagued with mistakes, and its problems started with its candidate.

During an in-depth interview published Thursday in the Los Angeles Times, Biden said Clinton never seemed to embrace a clear rationale for her candidacy.

“I don’t think she ever really figured it out,” Biden said…..However, Biden said that in the end, the Clinton campaign lost because it never even tried to connect with the historic core constituency of he Democratic Party.

 Biden recalled one October instance of watching a Trump rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., and thinking, “Son of a gun. We may lose this election.”

Biden said the supporters at that Trump rally were “all the people I grew up with. They’re their kids. And they’re not racist. They’re not sexist. But we didn’t talk to them.”

Biden said Democrats have ignored the middle class at their peril.

“… I thought we constantly made a mistake of not speaking to the fears, aspirations, concerns of middle-class people,” he said.

 During the Clinton campaign, Biden said “you didn’t hear a word about that husband and wife working, making 100,000 bucks a year, two kids, struggling and scared to death. They used to be our constituency.”The Clinton campaign never made middle-class voters feel understood, he said.

“My dad used to have an expression. “He said, “I don’t expect the government to solve my problems. But I expect them to understand it,”

“I believe that we were not letting an awful lot of people — high school-educated, mostly Caucasian, but also people of color — know that we understood their problems.”

Biden blamed the disconnect on “a bit of elitism that’s crept in” to the Democratic leadership.”

Unlike Bill, Hill and the rest of the unhinged Dems, Uncle Joe is willing to hold the candidate responsible for her own loss. What a concept. Well, he didn’t go so far as to bring up her troubles with Benghazi, the FBI, Wikileaks,etc. But it’s a start.

If the democratic party were smart they’d embrace Joe Biden for his frankness.

They’re so busy pouting, crying, spewing hate and exacting revenge that they can’t see straight. If they could, they’d notice that their party has been hijacked.

It’s not the party of JFK anymore. They’ve been honed into a tool of the UN’s agenda to destroy our country from within.

Is Joe Biden proving himself to be aligned with Americans rather than the globalists? Is it just a trust-building act with his eye on a 2020 run? Is he actually drunk and puked out the truth by mistake? What are your thoughts? Comment below…