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John McCain. Once a Traitor. Always a Traitor.

  • John McCain. Once a traitor. Always a traitor

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  • John McCain canoodling with ISIS leaders

  • McCain with Ukrainian Neo-Nazi leader

  • How other POWs looked after being in captivity

  • How McCain looked after being in captivity

  • Carol-Left behind after her accident and weight gain

  • Friends Soros and McCain

  • Keating 5 Scandal-testifying Se. Ethics Comm

  • Graduated near bottom of class in Annapolis

  • Working together can form a deep bond

  • How McCain looked after being in captivity

  • McCain with Ukrainian Neo-Nazi leader


John McCain. Once a traitor. Always a traitor.

John McCain’s brain tumor had barely cooled in the jar when he bolted out of his hospital bed to stab President Trump, the Republican Party and the American people in the face to cast a stunning “NO” vote to block Obamacare repeal.

Good. The Gloves are off.

Now we can stop being “nice” because of his malignant soul brain tumor. When he sided with the Democrats with his “NO” vote he put his own sadistic desires for vengeance above  Americans and the Arizonians who voted for him based on his campaigned promise to repeal it. So we can ditch the BS war hero badge and remember him as John McCain. Once a traitor. Always a traitor.

A traitor and a liar.

The National Review reported on his duplicity.

“In 2015, McCain joined all but one other GOP senator in voting to repeal Obamacare. The next year he ran an ad in his primary campaign against a Tea Party Republican claiming he was “leading the fight to stop Obamacare.” That ad helped him win 51 percent of the primary vote.”

Some view his thumbs down as heroic and dusted off his”Maverick”  moniker.

But McCain’s reaction to delivering a humiliating blow to the President and Republicans in Congress was not the behavior of a patriotic “maverick.”

He was thrilled with his rotten vindictive stunt.

It’s one thing to vote your conscience, but given the times we live in, the impact that this loss could have on what is supposedly his own Party, and Americans who are hurt by Obamacare, celebrating is in extremely poor taste. But the traitor in cahoots with the Globalists in both parties couldn’t contain himself.

According to Jack Posebiec McCain was overheard saying, “Let’s see Donald make America great now.”

Some view his thumbs down as traitorous-fulfilling  promises to his ISIS pals

The community that benefits most from Obamacare is the Muslim community.  The Islamic community of Muslim immigrants in the Detroit area hold the largest Obamacare grant. Given that McCain helped to create ISIS and has had a chummy ongoing relationship with them, this is a troubling connection.

He should have stayed in the hospital eating his Goodyear Jell-o.

The larger question that no one seems to be asking is-how is an elected official allowed to vote on legislation that effects everyone in this nation while they have diagnosed brain cancer? Is a well paid Doctor’s thumbs up really sufficient?

Finally, today (8/9/17) GOP  Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin stated that he thought McCain’s tumor may have been the reason for his NO vote.

McCain’s recent pre-op incoherent line of questioning during the James Comey should have warranted a nice going away party right then and there.

And as President Trump has dared to point out-none of the members of Congress are stuck with the same Obamacare plan they’re forcing on us peons.

The Silver Lining.

On the plus side, no one has to treat him with kid gloves anymore. Those who were outraged because some dared to challenge his BS record as a “hero” might be more willing to hear the truth about his past. John McCain has cemented his true legacy as a vicious traitor.

The media uses him as their go-to person every time they wanted a “Republican” to dish some dirt on President Trump. John McCain’s opinions  should be revered about as much as Rosie pychO’Donnell’s or the witches on The View.

For those of you who are all too familiar with John McCain’s filthy past and the traitorous current events listed below, the balance of this post is nothing you probably don’t know already. You probably know a lot more than I do. So feel free to add  in the comments section (it will get lost on fb if you just comment there)

The rest of the post covers a lot of information because there is no shortage of scandal and corruption woven into his history.  Yet each entry is just a brief synopsis of events. So for those of you who, like myself, had no idea that this guy was such a colossal career dirtbag-read on…

Who is John McCain?  

Some might say he’s a war hero. Others might say he’s a fraud who has based his entire career on a big fat lie.

Is he an American citizen? 

For starters, he may not even have been eligible to run for President in 2000 and 2008 because he was born in Panama. Who knew? Of course the Dems and RINOs didn’t give a hoot about where Obama was born either. Constitution be damned.

Is he even a Republican?

Apparently not. He’s earned a  revered spot in the RINO club. He’s a traitor to the Republican Party and to our fairly elected Republican President. Why does the GOP allow this? It makes you wonder how corrupt that Party really  is.

Speaking of corrupt Republicans…

He and fellow RINOS Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Jeb Bush and Lyndsey Graham  have been  funded by none other than George Soros. More about his Foundation’s funny money below.

Given the recent conduct of our “Republican” majority in Congress, the swamp has murky Red waters as well as Blue. John McCain wasn’t the only Republican to vote NO on Obamacare repeal. He was joined by Republicans Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

As for the Russia Sanctions Bill, the spotlight shining on RINOs in the Congress was blinding. In a  419-3 vote that obstructed the possibility for forging a peaceful alliance with Russia, Congress passed a back-breaking Bill that will curtail President Trump from lifting sanctions on Russia without getting their approval first.

Republicans in Congress are holding back the President better than a Democratic majority ever could. They reveal themselves as corrupted by Globalist interests.

The obvious advantage of being a  Blue plant in the Red team.

Obviously it’s advantageous for the opposition Party to have ears and eyes on the inside. Long before we had the technology to OK illegal mass surveillance on political opponents, like BHO did with Obamagate, we had to rely on flesh-and- blood moles, spooks and traitors. Judging by John McCain’s behavior and track record we can only conclude that he’s not just a RINO but a malignant career mole.

There’s another huge advantage…

By claiming to be from an opposition party, McCain was able to travel freely to canoodle with terrorists. For more information about the back door dots that connect to the Obama Administration, See “Arab Spring” below.

Current events warrant a traitor badge.

Rude much?

When President Trump and Melania sent their best wishes to McCain while he was in the hospital he chose to attack President Trump instead of saying “Thank you.”

McCain responded to reports that President Trump intends to end yet another Obama Era program. The program enlists the  CIA to arm and train rebels to fight against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In spite of the fact that the Program had dwindled down to complete ineffectiveness, McCain typically exploited the decision as a means to imply that President Trump wants to get close to  Putin.

John McCain, along with the other elected Globalists and their PR firm, the mainstream media, are Hell-bent on continuing the vilification of Russia and steering us into a war with the Superpower.

It  also reveals McCain’s continued alliance with ISIS and lust to topple Assad.

Loose Lips?

There are rumors that the WH believed that John McCain was one of the leakers.

Suspicions pointed to McCain having gained access to President Trump’s phone calls with world leaders which were then leaked to the press. Those leaked calls  caused a great deal of harm and embarrassment to the new administration. This part of the story will be updated as it unfolds with more credible sources.

As it stands today (8/09/17) there are rumbles that Obama ally, H.R. McMasters may be the leaker.

The Pee-Pee Dossier

Thirsting for President Trump’s blood, McCain delivered the  dirty “dossier.”

Turned out John McCain was the slimeball who privately handed over a so-called “dossier” to the FBI that alleged that Trump had deep ties with Russia and that Russia had compromising information about him.

Buzzfeed took the ball and ran with it, much to their discredit. So kids across America learned the meaning of “Golden Showers” and associated our President with deviant sex acts with prostitutes.

In spite of the dossier containing “unverified allegations,” spelling errors, and allegedly floating around for months available for use by the Hillary campaign, CNN picked up the Buzzfeed blab.

CNN reported,

The raw memos on which the synopsis is based were prepared by the former MI6 agent, who was posted in Russia in the 1990s and now runs a private intelligence gathering firm. His investigations related to Mr. Trump were initially funded by groups and donors supporting Republican opponents of Mr. Trump during the GOP primaries…Those sources also said that once Mr. Trump became the nominee, further investigation was funded by groups and donors supporting Hillary Clinton

So although that tidbit was buried in the article, CNN was forced to report that this dirt was bought and paid for by enemies on both sides of the aisle.

One problem from the get-go was that the dossier stated that Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen met secretly with Kremlin officials in Prague in August 2016 to exchange information. Cohen quickly tweeted “I have never been to Prague in my life and included a photo of his passport as proof.

The dossier has since been discredited. More importantly, the manufacture of the dossier has been traced to the DNC and the Russians.

The dossier story pretty much fizzled after that. So did the guy who helped the “investigator” compile the “dossier.

The Sun reported,

Oleg Erovinkin, suspected of being a key source in the compiling discredited dossier, has been found dead.

A guy in that line of business is sure to have plenty of enemies, so it could have been anyone. But of course the implication is that his death is tied to V.  It’s easy to plant that seed in  the tiny minds of Trump haters because smear campaigns  are “the new normal” and replace the truth.

On the other hand, it’s the Hillary camp that is linked to the infamous body count. It is equally likely that Erovinkin was “eliminated” because he could dispute having been a part of the so-called investigation.  But the Left keeps pointing at Russia.

The dirty dossier set the Russian/Trump collusion conspiracy on fire.

Long after it was debunked, it formed the “road map” of the Special Counsel that has been investigating President Trump, his family and associates. They cling to it to this day, using it as the basis for the Trump/Russia collusion witch hunt.

Travelling for treason.

In classic Obama style McCain  traveled abroad to humiliate Americans shortly after President Trump was elected.

Beyond that he committed treason by asking foreign leaders to unseat our fairly elected President.

A traitor and a punk’d moron

Shortly after President Trump’s election McCain joined Maxine Waters in being punk’d by Russian pranksters. In the following video McCain not only outs himself as a gullible idiot but also a traitor. He divulged classified information and urged President Putin to press against our fairly elected President.

If this video becomes unavailable just type “McCain Russian Prank” in You Tube…

Yemen betrayal.

Only a traitor would immediately denounce, without full knowledge, that  the Yemen Raid was unsuccessful.

He betrayed our new President, our armed forces, a fallen Navy Seal, Chief Petty Officer Ryan Owens and his grieving widow when he claimed that  the Yemen raid was  not a success.

Wonder what was going through his skeevy mind when President Trump declared the mission a huge success and the his widow, Mrs. Carryn Owens, was given a record breaking standing ovation when she was addressed during the President’s First Joint Address to Congress.

Sleezeballs Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Keith Ellison stubbornly remained seated, refusing to honor her loss or his life that he gave to our country. But as a former veteran and “war hero,” McCain’s disrespect for the widow was a vicious cut to the core.

Disgrace the nation.

Recently RINO McCain appeared on Face the Nation and during the interview he made a cringey-face-ridiculing Americans who voted for Trump. He also said that he sometimes regrets having voted for Rex Tillerson.

See “Traitor John McCain Badmouths Rex Tillerson and Pres. Trump”

Dirty money-The McCain Group.

The Daily Caller reported on the Clinton-esque charitable foundation, “The McCain Group.” Funny how MSM didn’t cover any of this.  It would have been a great way to hit back on all the stories attacking their Hillary about her pay-to-play foundation.

  • Soros donated as much as $100,000  to his foundation
  • Teneo  donated at least $100,00. Teneo is a  company co-founded by Doug Band, former President Bill Clinton’s “bag man.” Teneo has long helped enrich Clinton through lucrative speaking and business deals.
  • The Saudis donated one million. McCain refused to explain.
  • $100,000  or more from the Pivotal Foundation, which was created by Francis Najafi .The Pivotal Foundation has in the last three years given $205,000 to the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), which has been a vocal advocate for the Iranian nuclear deal the Obama administration negotiated. The group is alleged to be lobbying for Iran to put an end to questioning Obama’s nuclear deal. They have not registered as foreign agents or lobbyists.
  • More than $100,000 from OCP, S.A., a Moroccan state-owned phosphate company operating in the Western Sahara, territory which Morocco seized in 1975. They’ve been accused of human rights violations. The King of Morocco was a major donor to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary accepted $12 million from the King in return for holding a CGI regional meeting in the country. OCP also was a major sponsor of the CGI meeting, and Bill Clinton was the featured speaker. McCain has lavished effusive praise on the King of Morocco, saying …that the country was a “positive example to governments across the Middle East and North Africa.”

The AZ Senator has stated that even though the McCain Foundation bears his name he doesn’t have anything to do with it. Yet he becomes defensive and refuses to answer questions about Saudi donations. Also, as The Daily Caller reported,

“When this Republican allows his name to be prominently promoted while at the same time flying around the world, interacting with foreign governments who contribute to his causes, this raises serious questions,” said Charles Ortel, a Wall Street analyst who is a frequent critic of the Clinton Foundation.”

It’s odd that he wouldn’t want to look into the allegations more, since the institution does  bear his name and is under that type of scrutiny.

Traitorous hypocrite.

Prior to the election he loudly voiced his disdain for then-candidate Trump due to  the 11 year old locker room tape that fellow RINO Billy Bush secretly recorded. Our establishment politicians sure love blackmail!  Anyway McCain’s Blue panties were in a bunch because then-candidate Trump used the P-word and boasted about conquests, mano a mano.

McCain  sanctimoniously stated, “When Mr. Trump attacks women and demeans the women in our nation and in our society, that is a point where I just have to part company.”

The LA Times also quoted him,  There are no excuses for Donald Trump’s offensive and demeaning comments. No woman should ever be victimized by this kind of inappropriate behavior.  He alone bears the burden of his conduct and alone should suffer the consequences.”

As with so many other hypocrites in DC and Hollywood who were in an uproar,  he had no business throwing stones about bad language or treatment of women.

He called his wife the C-word and a trollup.  In public.

Huffpost reported,

John McCain’s temper is well documented. He’s called opponents and colleagues “shitheads,” “assholes” and in at least one case “a fucking jerk.”…

Three reporters from Arizona, on the condition of anonymity, also let me in on another incident involving McCain’s intemperateness. In his 1992 Senate bid, McCain was joined on the campaign trail by his wife, Cindy, as well as campaign aide Doug Cole and consultant Wes Gullett. At one point, Cindy playfully twirled McCain’s hair and said, “You’re getting a little thin up there.” McCain’s face reddened, and he responded, “At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt.” McCain’s excuse was that it had been a long day. If elected president of the United States, McCain would have many long days.

Not obnoxious and hypocritical enough?

He was himself a womanizer who cheated on his first wife to marry the much younger Cindy might bring his sanctimonious reaction  down a notch.

But it gets even worse…

Turns out that cheating on his wife Carol before he dumped her was not the only rotten part of the picture. While McCain was in Vietnam, Carol had gotten into a horrible accident, leaving her sick, disfigured and to him, unattractive due to an understandable weight gain.

Daily Mall. UK reported on the whole dirty affair. Well worth the read. Here’s a quote that sums up how McCain treats women,

Ted Sampley, who fought with US Special Forces in Vietnam and is now a leading campaigner for veterans’ rights, said: ‘I have been following John McCain’s career for nearly 20 years. I know him personally. There is something wrong with this guy and let me tell you what it is – deceit.

‘When he came home and saw that Carol was not the beauty he left behind, he started running around on her almost right away. Everybody around him knew it.

‘Eventually he met Cindy and she was young and beautiful and very wealthy. At that point McCain just dumped Carol for something he thought was better.

‘This is a guy who makes such a big deal about his character. He has no character. He is a fake. If there was any character in that first marriage, it all belonged to Carol.’

He not only cheated on his wife when she was terribly ill, he abandoned her for a younger catch. Nice.

But McCain  feigned outrage because he was after then-candidate Trump’s blood. He was furious that  Donald Trump belittled his status as a “war hero” when he said “I like people who weren’t captured.”

He should have been grateful that Trump went so easy on him.

When President Trump won the election in a landslide, his jealousy and thirst for revenge is a Hell-fire that will not be extinguished.

Globalist Agent and orchestrator.

The “Refugee Crisis”

John McCain, Hillary and Obama had Qaddafi killed and destabilized the region, setting the “refugee crisis” in motion. But that was all part of the Globalist plan.

To reach their goals of destroying sovereign nations to be swept up into a One World Government, part of the game plan involves canoodling with terrorists to get them to do the “dirty work” of overthrowing other countries.

American hating terrorist  can commit unspeakable acts while not being bound under the rules of the Geneva Convention.

Along the same vein, the terrorists that are being imported into the US, Canada and other sovereign nations under the “refugee” mask are considered  among the rescued  by Geneva Convention rules. And they’re “not really” an army or a nation, so again, those rules don’t apply. They are free to enjoy a highly paid gig to rape, bomb, behead and overwhelm host countries into oblivion.

ISIS Collaborator-Illegal trip to Syria 2013

McCain worked with Obama and Sec of State Hillary Clinton to fund and arm Al Qaeda that morphed into ISIS. One goal was to get ISIS to overthrow Assad.

McCain’s chumminess with ISIS terrorists is something that should give every American the jitters (see photos below)

Voltaire explains,

“In May 2013, Senator John McCain made his way illegally to near Idleb in Syria via Turkey to meet with leaders of the “armed opposition”. His trip was not made public until his return to Washington….

This movement was organized by the Syrian Emergency Task Force, which, contrary to its title, is a Zionist Organization led by a Palestinian employee of AIPAC …

In photographs released at that time, one noticed the presence of Mohammad Nour, a spokesman for the Northern Storm Brigade (of the Al-Nosra Front, that is to say, al-Qaeda in Syria), who kidnapped and held 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims in Azaz. Asked about his proximity to al-Qaeda kidnappers, the Senator claimed not to know Mohammad Nour who would have invited himself into this photo….

John McCain claimed that all those responsible for the Free Syrian Army were “moderates who can be trusted”

However, since October 4, 2011, Ibrahim al-Badri (also known as Abu Du’a) was on the list of the five terrorists most wanted by the United States (Rewards for Justice). A premium of up to $ 10 million was offered to anyone who would assist in his capture. The next day, October 5, 2011, Ibrahim al-Badri was included in the list of the Sanctions Committee of the UN as a member of Al Qaeda. …

Yet neither Senator McCain nor his companions of the Syrian Emergency Task Force provided the information in their possession on Ibrahim al-Badri to the State Department, nor have they asked for the reward. Nor have they informed the anti-terrorism Committee of the UN.”

This last paragraph deserves emphasis.

“In no country in the world, regardless of their political system, would one accept that the opposition leader be in direct contact, and publicly friendly, with a very dangerous wanted terrorist.”

ISIS collaborator and warmonger

McCain enjoys a reputation as an ISIS collaborator and warmonger as well.

Recently he was calling for Russian planes to  be shot down and also to overthrow the Syrian government, all of which would protect his ISIS pals.

Rand Paul recently made a bold statement when he said we’re very lucky that John McCain is not in charge. While he was referring to McCain advocating for war everywhere, it is by no means the only reason that we’re lucky that he’s not in charge. It would be better still if we didn’t have to hear from him at all.

The Arab Spring and Globalism

The Arab Spring is John McCain’s war-child.

John McCain carries out the Globalists plan by slipping under the radar, posing as BHO’s opponent. In fact, he is an agent.

Voltaire explains,

“..And an agent that has the best coverage imaginable: he is the official opponent of Barack Obama. As such, he can travel anywhere in the world (he is the most traveled US senator) and meet whoever he wants without fear. …

“John McCain is known as the leader of the Republicans and unhappy 2008 US presidential candidate….which serves as a cover to conduct covert actions on behalf of his government.

On February 4, 2011 in Cairo, NATO organized a meeting to launch the “Arab Spring” in Libya and Syria. According to this document, the meeting was chaired by John McCain.

The report detailed the list of Libyan participants, whose delegation was led by the No. 2 man of the government of the day, Mahmoud Jibril, who abruptly switched sides at the entrance of the meeting to become the opposition leader in exile.”

Democrats howl about Russia interfering in our election.  But it has become clear that it was the Democrats who colluded to interfere in our election.

This is nothing new.

The US should be the last country to cry foul about interfering in elections. Obama tried to interfere in the elections of Macedonia, France, Israel and Lybia.  And as reported in Voltaire, “the list of interventions by John McCain on behalf of the State Department is impressive. He participated in all the color revolutions of the last twenty years.”

McCain, Obama and Hillary worked collaboratively in the following interventions:

  • Failed coup against constitutional President Hugo Chávez in Venezuela.
  • Overthrow of constitutionally elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti.
  • Attempt to overthrow the constitutional President Mwai Kibaki in Kenya.
  • The ousting of the constitutional President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.

In the  :42 second video below McCain shows his colors as someone with a deep hatred of Russia, a tawdry love affair with war and a lustful passion for Globalism.

He threatens both Russia and China. “It’s a new world we’re living in.”

In this video-starting at 2:00- he expresses similar sentiments that include Iran and more…

The Arab Spring began when nations rose up against their dictators and monarchies.  

Rather than simply lead by example, the US intervened by toppling leaders in an attempt to re-shape  and control other countries under the guise of “promoting Democracy.” They also funded and armed some “rebel groups” that we also like to call terrorist organizations.

The parallels to the current attempted coup in our own country are chilling.

Discontent was sowed due to a global recession. Push-back was largely from a younger generation as well as Labor Unions.

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is a nonprofit funded by our own Congress to inspire these groups to rebel against their government. The NED smacks of the same NGO’s that George Soros uses in his attempt to overthrow countries, including our own.

It became clear to President Putin that the NGOs operating in his country were plotting to destabilize his government. Putin didn’t want his country to be overthrown so he kicked them out and was branded a “dictator.”

Ron Paul explains,

“The NGOs being, as their name suggests, “non-governmental” can take political initiatives that ambassadors could not assume without violating the sovereignty of the States that receive them. “

Ron Paul states that the NED/NGOs are tools of the CIA to  overthrow and control other countries  under the guise of bringing them “Democracy.”

We’ve witnessed the deadly impact of Soros’s NGOs. Radicalized “feminists,” BLM, the ACLU and weaponized environmental organizations morph into splintered armies to create riots, mayhem and to shut down free speech.

As the Globalists have risen to power in our government through the Democrats and RINOs, their pretense  about promoting “democracy” is  exposed.

The Globalists, through their infected political parties, NGOs and their Shadow Government are attempting to  overthrow our fair and democratic election They’ve launched  a Stalin-esque “investigation” based on a phony dossier. They’ve waged a war on free speech, assassinated political opponents, disseminated political propaganda, and seek to destroy our borders and weaken our military.

Those at the helm of the NWO are everything their armies claim to hate. They are traitors to America. Who will come to our aid and restore our Democracy?


Then- candidate Trump was practicing more restraint with his remark than his critics will ever give him credit for.

President Trump is extremely savvy in world affairs and knows the backstories. It’s knowledge of the backstories that decided the election and keeps our nation divided today.

John McCain’s has a shady backstory of his own.

  • His records are sealed. This, IMO, lends more credibility to Veterans’ first hand accounts.
  • John McCain graduated at nearly the bottom of his class in Annapolis.
  • In 2008 he asked the Russians to donate to his Presidential campaign. They said no. (Wikileaks)
  • In 2013 he stood onstage and was repeatedly photographed with Ukrainian leader Oleh Tyahnybok who has been accused of being a Neo-Nazi. Considering all the howls of “racism and “Hitler” bandied about during the last election cycle, it’s interesting that MSM didn’t dig that dirt up on a “Republican” candidate. (photo below)
  • By showing off on the USS Forrestral, he cost 134 sailors their lives and severely wounded 161 others. McCain’s Daddy and Grand-Daddy were 4  Star Navy Admirals, so he got a slap on the wrist and the incident was buried.
  • He’s called “Songbird” because he collaborated with the enemy in Viet- nam. The propaganda tapes that he made for the enemy in Nam resurfaced last year and they can now be heard in his unmistakable voice. Again, MSM didn’t cover the story, but shielded a “Republican” proving which side of the aisle he really stands on. (audio below)
  • Pardoned for treason-If not for Nixon’s pardon, John McCain would have been a rotten stain on the underpants of American history a long time ago.
  • His rise to power has been attributed to his ties to the Mob. His second wife Cindy’s father was a made man  in the Mafia. Presidential contender and Author of “Guilt by Association, Jeff Gates states, “Don Bolles was the last person to write about the criminal syndicate that recruited McCain to replace Goldwater. Bolles was rewarded for his research with six sticks of dynamite under his car. He lost both legs and an arm.” Again-interesting that most of us haven’t heard much about it.
  • Although a “war hero” and POW, McCain has fought viciously against any law or initiative that would bring POWs and MIAs (witnesses?)back home. He even fought to seal their records to ensure they’d never be found.
  • “The Keating Five.”John McCain was one of five U.S. senators who were accused of pressuring Federal regulators to go easy on their financial contributor. Charles Keating’s Lincoln Savings & Loan would collapse during the savings-and-loan crisis of the late 1980s. The failure cost taxpayers $3.4 billion. McCain was the only political figure to survive the Senate Ethics Committee hearings.

The sources below  provide more information on John McCain’s backstory.


“Songbird.” Propaganda tapes for the enemy.

There was no solid proof for years. Finally the  propaganda recording that earned him the nickname “Songbird” recently resurfaced. It had been misfiled by the CIA. It’s interesting that when this resurfaced last year the mainstream media refused to give it any attention. The fact that the MSM would shield any “Republican” proves  which aisle McCain really stands on.

McCain is celebrated as a war hero.

But that’s not the story that those who served alongside him tell.

Sgt. Major John Holland wrote a letter to McCain demanding that he drop out of the presidential race. It starts at 2:20 on this video…

John McCain’s “hero” legacy has terminal cancer.

He’s going for the jugular of our fairly elected President. 

Not one to give up so easily, McCain has been on a bitter rampage trying to discredit and destroy our fairly elected President at every opportunity.

In the process he has waged war on the American people and collaborated with the enemy. His latest stunt with the repeal Obamacare sabotage allows us the luxury to cast aside sympathy for his diagnoses and speak the truth about who this corrupt career politician really is.

Since his opposition to President Trump  adds fuel to  MSM fires, his toxic words are quoted in various media outlets everywhere, while they bury his misdeeds.

For example-why does the media trash our President for using Twitter but “Republican” John McCain gets a pass?

Here’s one from 2011 when McCain made a direct threat to President V. Putin…

It’s hard to remember when the last time that there was such a Republican darling in the mainstream media spotlight. Oh yeah-never.

McCain has been allowed to rise to power in spite of a history of being a traitor and a criminal. He is being allowed to wage war on the office of the President and the American people due to a personal vendetta.

But if questioning his bogus war hero badge enrages him, he has only himself to blame. He can also blame himself for being a 2 time loser like Hillary was. McCain’s white male privilege hasn’t  provided a way to blame his 2 failed Presidential campaigns. There was no Hillary gender card in his wallet.

But at the end of the day he and Hillary both lost because informed Americans don’t  like career criminals and traitors who sell our country out to the highest bidder.

Article III, Section 3 of the United States Constitution notes: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

A thousand words: Photo Gallery

What do you think of John McCain? If you have more information to add, please comment at the bottom of this blogpost so it doesn’t get lost in the facebook feed.


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The Oathkeepers (includes audio of his propaganda tapes)

You Tube-propaganda recording (starts at :17)

DC Clothesline-well sourced account of his votes against POWs/MIAs/ISIS ties

Veteran’s Today-Trump right about Hanoi John McCain

Veterans Today-Very credible  first hand narrative-history of McCain and the Mob

WND-McCain fortune traced to Organized crime

History News Network-Mary Hershberger-Historian-The Forrestral Incident

Ron Paul Institute-warmonger-wants to shoot down Russian planes

Daily Mail UK-The wife John McCain left callously behind

Face the Nation video-Ridicules Trump voters &regret voting for Tillerson

HuffPost (C-word)

Video with statements from Vets

Previous posts in IMOwired

See “Traitor John McCain Badmouths Rex Tillerson and Pres. Trump”

“Post DX:McCain Attacked President Trump instead of saying Thank you.”





  1. Grant Fisk

    I am a Vietnam ERA Veteran and I had a Brother (Not Blood) on the USS Forrestal when this TRAITOR “Wet Started his Jet, causing one of it’s missile to launch across the deck and Kill MANY USN Sailors.

    • sarah D

      This is a lie

    • Isn’t it sad how some people will accuse your brother and many other eyewitnesses who served our country of lying simply because they hate Trump? “Liberals” hated McCain until he turned on President Trump. Even if we take the Forrestral incident out of the picture, is there not ample evidence to prove that McCain was no “hero?” Thank you for your service.

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