Joseph Mifsud claimed Moscow had major dirt on Hillary. Now he’s gone missing. The smell of Arkancide is in the air.

According to former Trump aide George Papadopoulos,  Maltese academic Joseph Mifsud bragged to him that that Moscow had thousands of Hillary’s missing emails.

Papadopoulus became ensnared in the Mueller investigation/coup. When he told the FBI about Mifsud’s boast, they took it very seriously. The FBI was hoping that Mifsud would prove to be a link between Russia and the Trump campaign. 

Can’t blame Mueller for jumping on it. That’s not something a person would make up. The FBI then questioned Milfsud but he flatly denied ever making such a claim. 

CNN reports,

“…But more details are emerging of the background and contacts of the man who emerged last week as “the professor” in court filings relating to charges brought against former Trump aide George Papadopoulos.

In the US affidavit, Papadopoulos claims Mifsud — referred to as “Foreign Contact 1” — told him in April 2016 that the Russians had “thousands of emails” relating to Hillary Clinton….

An associate also told CNN that he repeatedly bragged about how Moscow had “compromising material” on the Clinton campaign in spring 2016, contradicting Mifsud’s assertion that he never talked about Russian “dirt” on the Democratic presidential bid.”

Joesph Mifsud

Joseph Mifsud supposedly had many Russian connections, although MSM is painting him as a liar and exaggerator of sorts. Supposedly he bragged about Moscow having Hillary’s missing emails. 

Gee. Just imagine what problems the missing emails might cause for Hillary and a host of others. We now know that Obama, Hillary, the CIA, Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey and McCabe all buried the successful FBI bust of a Russian Uranium racketeering organization involving money laundering, extortion and bribery so that Hillary’s Uranium One deal would pass through Congress.

All that collaboration involving Uranium One and  squashing the FBI sting must have left behind some unsavory tracks in the ol’ Bleach-bitted inbox.

Follow the mənē . . .

It’s important to always bear in mind that Russia stood to have a real  asset with Hillary Clinton in the White House. She was totally willing to sell out her own country for a few million dollarovs to the Clinton Foundation and some big baksys for a Bill speech here and there.

With Hillary in the Oval Office Putin was poised to grow his atomic energy business and military might using our rare uranium resources.

In addition, Obama’s “climate change” policies would have continued and expanded under Hillary’s reign.  As our own coal miners were struggling, she vowed to  put them out of work altogether.  As she threatened to end their livelihood she and Obama were quietly importing coal to the US-from Russia. 

In short, Obama and Hillary’s energy policies were laying the groundwork for Russia to become a dominant global energy superpower, while we would be paralyzed by green shackles and dependent on Russia and others. BTW- how ’bout all the pollution involved with getting those resources here? 

Too early to tell

According to the CNN report Misfud was a man who habitually twisted the truth. Whether or not he was kidding about Hillary’s missing emails is unknown.

But there’s some things you don’t even wanna joke about.

In this case Mifsud stated that someone else-the Russian government-had Hillary’s  missing emails. It’s possible that he actually had access to them or knew someone who did. It’s also possible that if it were revealed that Moscow had the emails, it could invite leaks or hacks-something that could expose  Russia’s complicity in Hillary’s pay-for-play and the incredibly corrupt Obama Administration.

Maybe someone other than the FBI wanted to ask him some more questions. For an extended period of time. 

Given his sketchy background it’s possible that he was used by Hillary’s camp to set up Donald Trump, much like they used Russian-tied Fusion GPS and Fusion-tied  Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. That would be a another Clinton scandal-a good enough reason for him and his loose lips to disappear. 

Any of those scenarios would prove hazardous to his health.

Mifsud was no doubt a bit problematic.  Mueller’s witch hunt must be frustrating.  So far, all that time and money has accomplished is exposing Hillary Clinton and the Dems who, as derailed Maxine Waters likes to say, are “in bed with Putin.” 

Hopefully Mifsud just got lost on his way home and will soon be reunited with his loved ones. Yeah that’s prob’ly what happened.

Funny thing though. It generally doesn’t end so well for those who mess with the Clinton Crime Cartel. The Clinton Body count is up to 56-that we know of. 

2016/2017 has been a most unfortunate time period for people who went up against the  Clintons and/or were snooping around into DNC voter fraud.* 

  1. John Ashe-Found dead June 2016. Barbells to the neck. He was set to testify against a Clinton crony-Chinese real estate developer  Ng Lap Seng. That trial would have proven embarrassing to the Clintons, as it would unearth “Chinagate.” The Chinagate scandal involved Bill Clinton’s former run for President. Money was  funneled to the DNC for Bill Clinton through Arkansas restaurant owner Charlie Trie.
  2. Seth Rich-Found dead July 2016. DNC staffer suspected of leaking emails to Wikileaks. Gunned down. 
  3. Shawn Lucas-Found dead August 2016. Gleefully served the DNC with a subpoena to investigate possibly rigging the primaries to knock Bernie out of the box in favor of Hillary. Found dead in his bathroom. 
  4. Victor Thorne- Found dead August 2016. Bestselling author of Anti-Hillary books. Found on a mountainside near his home. He “killed” himself on his 54th birthday even though he told radio show host Russell Scott that if anything happened to him it would be murder. He would never commit suicide. 
  5. Beranton Whisenant. Found dead May 2017. Lived in DW-S’s district. A prosecutor who was investigating DNC voter fraud. Body washed up on the beach. Police somehow couldn’t tell if he died of 2 gunshots to the head or not. 
  6. Peter Smith-Found dead May 2017. GOP operative Peter Smith was on a mission to obtain Hillary’s famously missing 30,000 emails from Russian hackers. He told the Wall Street Journal about it. Ten days later he was found dead from asphyxiation with a plastic bag. 
  7. Klaus Eberwein-Found dead July 2017. Gunshot to the head.  A former Haitian official. Was preparing to testify the following week against the Clinton Foundation regarding their having ripped off Haiti’s earthquake victims. 
  8. Chester Bennington. Found dead July 2017. MSM would love to file this under “tin hat” but the alleged suicide of this young rock star was timely. He was set to release an album about child sex trafficking. There are ties between his band, Haiti and the Clinton Foundation. He also appears to be the illegitimate son of John Podesta. (see related posts below) 
  9. Kurt Smolek-Found dead August 2017. Lived in D W-S’s district. Federal Agent investigating witness child sex trafficking in Cambodia. Some people cite the Clinton Foundation in Cambodia as having access to children. 
They all have one thing in common-the Clintons. What are the odds?

Once upon a time when a string of murders shared a similar MO, motive or relationship  to an individual or organization, law enforcement became suspicious. They would investigate the string of murders. They may suspect that there’s a dangerous criminal racketeering enterprise operating. Or a serial killer on the loose. Or perhaps a thrill-seeking crime spree. 

Today such pattern recognition is ridiculed as tin foil hat.  Oh well. Hopefully some crazy conspiracy cop will show up and find justice for these victims. 

* Some people might add Justice Scalia to the Clinton body count. He  was found dead with a pillow on his face in February of 2016. “Conspiracy theorists”reference a leaked  Podesta email that mentioned “wet works”-slang for assassination days before his death. Some say Podesta may have been using the term metaphorically regarding Bernie Sanders being murdered at the polls. 

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