The Mueller witch hunt has yet to find evidence of Trump/Russia collusion. However, there’s always been plenty of evidence of Hillary/Russia collusion.

Hillary didn’t cough up all her emails, in spite of what she testified under oath. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has filed FOIA requests and has been met with resistance. At one point the Justice Department said they wouldn’t turn any more over due to “lack of public interest.”

To steal a phrase from Chelsea’s plagiarized book, “He Persisted.” 

See “She Plagiarized. Writer Sues Chelsea for Ripping Off  His  Book”

Fitton was able to pry more emails out of the hands of Obama’s corrupt holdovers at the DOJ. More hanky panky from the Queen of Corruption  was revealed.

The e-mail dump was chock full of more instances where Hills and Huma grossly mishandled classified information. Additionally it looks like Huma’s Mom- a radical Sharia Law advocate-had a hand in drafting one of Hillary’s speeches to appease some radical Muslims.

Perhaps this new group of emails will answer dazed and “often confused” Hillary ‘s question-“What Happened?”

Hillary’s Payski to Playski with the Russians.

We already knew that she utilized her position to hand over one fifth of our rare Uranium reserves to Russia. Within the 3 years that it took to complete the deal, 2.3 million dollars flowed into the Clinton Foundation. from Russia. In addition, hubby Bill received a half a million dollars to give a speech at a Russian Bank with ties to the Kremlin. The bank was promoting the company involved-Uranium One.

In 2009, shortly after Hillary hijacked the US State Department and set up shop in her basement, she invited President Vladimir Putin and other top Russian officials to a dazzling Clinton Foundation Gala.

The “reset button” could have been pushed anywhere. Hillary chose the Clinton Foundation Gala.

Within 2  years of the Gala Hillary struck the uranium and speech deal. 

All told, Hillary’s Foundation pocketed over $145 Million dollars from Russian interests. Peter Schwiezer, author of  “Clinton Cash,”  lists the donors:

  • Viktor Vekselberg, a Putin confidant, gave through his company, Renova Group.
  •  Andrey Vavilov, a former Russian government official who was Chairman of SuperOx, a research company that was part of the “nuclear Cluster” at the Russian government’s Skolkovo research facility.
  •  Elena Baturina, the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow, who apparently gave them money through JSC Inteco, an entity that she controls.
  • Then there is the glaring fact that the Clinton Foundation also scored $145 million in donations from nine shareholders in a Canadian uranium company called Uranium One that was sold to the Russian government in 2010.
Mueller/Russia collusion

Wikileaks revealed that when Robert Mueller  headed the FBI he helped Hillary to deliver highly enriched, stolen uranium to Russia in 2009. It took place on a tarmac in a secret meeting where he handed over highly enriched, stolen uranium


Our elected officials stand idly by watching an aggressive coup while mountains of evidence of Hillary/Russia collusion. Podesta/Russia collusion  and Mueller/Russia collusion  is ignored.

Hillary is walking free, promoting her sales-bomb-blame book, flanked between lofty pillars of jumbo toilet paper at Costco.

At least we’re watching a little bit of justice being served. Thank you God.

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