Patriot. CEO. Nationally recognized tax reform expert. Entrepreneur. Tax Reform adviser to President Trump. Guest on Fox News. Supports the American Dream for all of us.


The land line rings abruptly in #ResistTheWall, gun-grabbng Nancy Pelosi’s luxurious home in her Napa Valley estate surrounded by fences, walls, gates and armed guards. Her head housekeeper picks up. “Permisso, Miss Nancy, perro a Julio Gonzalez wants to speak with you?”

Poll: What would Nancy’s reaction be? Would she….

a) Be excited that he’s finally coming over to trim the roses and blow the leaves off her driveway?

b) Instruct her. “Listen Lupe, tell him not to contact me-ever again for that matter. Just give him the number for Illegal Immigrant Welfare Resources. It’s right there on the kitchen wall. And where’s my iced tea? Or was it lemonade?”

c) Or might Nancy convey the message, “Tell Mr. Gonzalez not to worry. We’re never going to build that Wall. You can take it to the bank. “

If you guessed any or all of the above, you may be right.

Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat pals appeal to their voter base by #Resisting The Wall and calling to #AbolishIce. Their platform calls for defending sanctuary cities, drug smugglers, human traffickers, terrorists, child sex traffickers, and MS-13.

Democrats call anyone who disagrees with them a racist, yet they assume that Hispanic Americans would embrace policies that threaten their families and their future. Their racism is exposed in their appeal to what they truly believe comprises the Hispanic voter base-criminals and illegals. 

Julio Gonzalez busts through Democrat’s cringeworthy stereotypes. 

Sorry Hillary, but Mr. Gonzalez is not a tool to “mop up” the DNC’s “Taco Bowl engagement.” He’s a proud, educated American who has realized the American Dream though hard work and determination. He built his business and his wealth from the ground up and gained national recognition. As a Tax Reform Adviser to President Trump, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Julio Gonzalezis a Real Great American who cares about America’s future. 

As described on his Twitter page…

“Americas Most Renowned Tax Reform Expert. Chairman & CEO of Engineered Tax Services. Julio Gonzalez Family Office & Engineered Venture Services. Son of a Marine.”

Ouch. That last one had to leave a mark on flag-burning Democrats. 

But who will pick our strawberries? 

This shout-out to Julio Gonzalez is not meant to imply that people of Hispanic origin are less than in any way if they are currently working in low paying jobs in the agricultural or domestic industries. Millions of Americans of all ethnicities do. It could easily be argued that there is more grace, nobility and dignity in performing a low paying job with integrity than in building a 6+ figure career that involves compromising the soul or betraying our country. 

Instead, the intent is to expose the stereotypes that racist Democrats and their pampered celebrity friends perpetuate as a means to destroy this country.

Minorities who buy into those messages suffer the unseen wounds of a crushed soul and squashed potential. When successful Americans like Julio Gonzalez are ignored, it robs young people and those who may be struggling of the hope and inspiration that positive role models and their success stories offer. 

Julio Gonzalez-the Presidential Pick

As the founder and CEO of Engineered Tax Services, Julio impressed President Trump enough to be chosen as his Tax Reform Adviser. His expertise is now being utilized to build our country’s financial well being for generations to come. Through advising and constructing Tax Reform 2.0, Julio will ensure that the reforms will be permanent. Other impacts on our country include incentives that support the American Dream for entrepreneurs. 

Cision PRWeb lays it out,

“Tax Reform 2.0 is the President’s plan to expand the tax breaks created in the current tax bill by reducing rates further and making them permanent. The next phase also includes more business credits and incentives designed to stimulate entrepreneurship. Additionally, it promotes individual retirement savings and corrects some technical errors that naturally occur during any sweeping changes to the tax code.

According to Gonzalez, the most important aspect of Tax Reform 2.0 is making the tax breaks permanent. “The president wants to make the tax cuts permanent…Sun-setting tax laws make it more difficult to maximize your benefits because you don’t know how the tax rates will change in five or ten years. Making the tax cuts permanent helps individuals and companies make decisions now that will have long-term effects on their wealth.”

Not exactly a guy supplementing his EBC card-crumbs by selling bags of oranges by the freeway.

He’s an official member of the Forbes Finance Counsel. The company that he’s built from the ground up boasts the following:

  • Education Partner to American Institute of Architects
  • NASBA Certified
  • National Minority Business Council
  • United States Green Building Commissioned and Education Provider
  • Energy Star Partner. 

Having been tapped by President Trump as an adviser on tax reform, he has become nationally recognized and has since appeared on Fox News. 

The American Dream

Things weren’t always easy for Julio. But he faced his challenges and worked hard to overcome his obstacles. In an online interview with VoyageMIA, he explained.

“As a first-generation entrepreneur who did not have partners, peer relationships, or resources, it was a struggle. Those struggles ranged from capital resources, understanding legal agreements, and dealing with employment and political constraints.

So, over the last decade, I have been learning and moving forward from the hard knocks at the beginning. With hard work, I have grown a successful company and have become a nationally recognized tax reform expert.”

Julio works hard to ensure the American Dream is there for others.

Julio’s mission involves keeping Americans employed through the use of tax engineering and utilizing tax credits.

He states, “These credits are really important to keep the jobs in the US, and we are one of the few firms in the country that quantifies those tax credits, which companies can then use to generate refunds on their labor and supplies. That ultimately keeps jobs here, in the United States.”

Evolution and growth.

Engineered Tax Services laid the foundation for Julio Gonzalez’s wealth.

Benzinga.com reported,

“ETS was “then used to create Calle Gato Ocho,a real-estate holding company that manages primarily multi-family office investments in student housing. 

“We ultimately set up our family office [the Gonzalez Family Office] a few years ago so that we could become more passive in investing in real estate and not have to manage it on a day-to-day basis, and continue to focus on what we do well, which is the engineering tax practice,” Gonzalez said.

“Ultimately, the family office has allowed us to invest as a limited partner in different real estate transactions. We also now use the family office to allocate to venture capital and private equity, to run our charitable projects, and also look at opportunities investing in social impact. They all kind of come together now, but it’s been evolution over the last decade,” he concluded.”

A nice guy who finishes first. 

For all his success, Julio is a very down to earth guy.  In his interviews we see a quiet, kind and humble man. His tweets offer additional insight into his patriotism, judgement and sense of humor.

Here’s 10 gems:

 The Democrats want to turn the USA into London. Didn’t we fight a war to prevent that?

 The Democrats plan to win the midterms? Run Nancy Pelosi, the least popular politician in America, as Speaker.

 The Democrats plan to abolish ICE is a gift to Republicans.

 So, Democrats want us to put the party in charge of our national security that used p@ssword as their password? That’s d@mb.

 I think crazy #Pelosi must be running the #DNC. Nothing they are doing makes sense!

 Are the Democrats really going to present legislation to abolish #ICE? Really? #ICE has 84% voter approval!

 No matter what the polls say now, come November, Americans will vote their wallets. They always do.

 When #PeterStrzock described himself as an angel, I don’t think he meant the good kind.

 Is Hillary Clinton really thinking of running again in 2020? And we thought #SpeakerPelosi was a gift!

 Nothing succeeds quite like success. When you’re winning, double down and work even harder to capitalize on your positive momentum!


The “Liberal, tolerant” Left wages war on all Conservatives who are Black, Hispanic, female or gay. Anyone who supports President Trump is vilified, stalked, harassed and of course- boycotted.

Yet Julio openly supports President Trump and the MAGA agenda. He’s not afraid. He’s centered in his beliefs and he has the intelligence, common sense and understanding of how business and the economy works to back up his views.

So as an open supporter of the MAGA agenda, how is it that Julio’s business hasn’t suffered the typical repercussions from the Left? 

Is it because if they were to target him they’d call attention to the fact that many Americans-who also happen to be Hispanic-don’t fit their degrading stereotypes and their policies that are rooted in them? Is it because it would call attention to the rise of support for President Trump within the Hispanic community? 

Julio has a strong history of building wealth for himself and other companies.

He also builds wealth for millions of Americans who, as a result of his tax engineering expertise, get to keep their jobs.

Various industries such as real estate, hotels, restaurants, breweries, and shopping centers utilize his expertise to increase their bottom line, strengthening our economy.  

As someone who’s worked hard to build the highly successful Engineered Tax Services from the ground up,  Julio personifies the American Dream. 

Does this not fly in the face of the Democrat’s condescending definition of a “Dreamer?” That it’s not enough to dream, but one must also do? 

Julio loves this country and the MAGA agenda. Please give Real Great American Julio Gonzalez your shout out below-not just on Facebook where he’ll never see it!  

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