Trump supporters understand the need for a wall to keep Americans physically safe. Kathy Griffin proved the need for spiritual barriers as well-holy fences.

In a truly vile display of Luciferian narcissism, Kathy Griffin dealt a death blow to this country.  Her horrific photo shoot holding the “bloody severed head” of our beloved and fairly elected President outraged all Americans who still possess a mind, a heart and a soul.

It’s at times like these that we have to turn to God for guidance and strength. It is our job to take the coal and turn it into diamonds.

Many Americans did just that. They were not about to bury their heads in the sand or to shoot the messenger. They confronted the evil head on and fought like Patriots. They made calls to the Secret Service and the FBI. They’re signing petitions. They’re  flooding her social media accounts with backlash.

Americans joined hands and in their collective outrage took effective action.

As of this moment she has been fired from her New Year’s gig with CNN. Dem. Senator Al Franken is being pressured to  cancel a July 7th event that he planned to attend with the “comedienne.” It’s  no surprise that there are calls to boycott her comedy tour. According to her website she is still scheduled to appear in Napa on June 17th. But it’s hard to imagine how that will work out. It’ll probably be hard enough for her to run to the corner store for a jug of milk in peace.

The message is loud and clear. The line was crossed.

It’s good to know that we have a line left at all. It should never have gone this far.

A “holy fence” would have protected us from Kathy Griffin.

In Judaism, there is a concept known as “rabbinical fences.”That means that although a certain law was not written in the immutable Torah, the Rabbis are allowed to build fences around certain laws in order to ensure that the mitzvot, the commandments, are observed.

These fences are  generally added  in response to spiritually challenging times.

An example provided by Chabad states, “Women are being sexually harassed? Forbid any man to be alone with a woman to whom he is not directly related.” This is just one of many examples.

Clearly the Left is the Party that embraces atheism and spits in the face of all that is good and holy.  Plus we do have citizens whose religion is outside of the three main world religions that are founded on the Torah, or Old Testament.

OK then let’s call it a “constitutional fence.”

We’ve already let the toothpaste out of the tube.  It all begins with a single opening and morphs into the floodgates of cultural degradation and lawlessness.

First we have to figure out how it all reached this point and secondly, what can be done to remedy the blunders.

How did this happen? 

Looking the other way.

Don’t rock the boat. Don’t take me out of my comfort zone. I was attacked by a small handful of readers for getting the message about Kathy Griffin out there yesterday. I just noticed that I was kicked out of a “Pro-Trump” group. Ironically it was one of the Drain the Swamp groups. But you can’t drain a swamp if you’re not willing to throw on the hip boots and get dirty.

It’s understandable that people don’t  want to be upset. I’m often guilty of that myself. In a recent article about Jared Kushner I confessed that it took me 3 days to read about it. I couldn’t bear another attack on our President. And I was afraid it was true. Fortunately I quickly saw the BS for what it was and could pass that good news along. Readers shared it, and helped to counter Leftist propaganda.

Avoiding sickening truths allows evil to grow and fester.

Another article that drew an attack, again from just a tiny handful of readers, featured the disgusting image of a trans-man  breastfeeding an infant.

The vast majority understood that it was to spread awareness and to create a call to action to fight back against this trans-disease and to protect our children.

To be honest I don’t think I fully realized how out of hand it had all  gotten until I saw that image. It was a jarring wake up call. But I’m being a hypocrite. Even after seeing that image I haven’t called “Dove” to complain about their Mother’s Day ad featuring a  trans-mom. How much worse will it have to get before we crash the Dove website?

Comfort is no longer a luxury that we can afford.

Time, desensitization, numbness.

Bit by bit we’ve swallowed violence and cultural degradation. The immunity envelope is pushed, we calm down, then we’re programmed to accept more. It’s the ol’ frogs in boiling water routine.

The boiling frogs technique is killing Europe. The Globalist elite  “leaders” who run their own countries into the ground send that message loud and clear to the citizens in their charge.

Terrorism is something you’ll have to get used to. Manchester is the price we must pay for “cultural diversity.” The naughty boys can’t help but want to rape you. Just don’t dress provocatively or out after dark. And for God’s sake don’t smile at them! 

War on religion.

It could easily be argued that the Globalist elite are Luciferians because there is ample proof.  The war on religion has been a slow process, but it’s reached a critical point, not by coincidence, during Obama’s 8 years.

Pop culture and scientists convinced our youth and many ego-driven members of society that it’s not “cool” or “smart” to believe in God. Churchgoers are ridiculed. Jews are despised. Even moderate Muslims are threatened due to the Left’s embrace of the bloodthirsty cult of Radical Islam.

The mass genocide of Christians in the Middle East has been going unchecked and under reported. Christians-and that includes children- are beheaded, crucified and set on fire. Yet America largely accepts the atrocity with the same puzzling apathy that the world presented to Hitler’s genocide of Jews and others.

The economic crisis.

When people are struggling to put food on the table they’re  hardly a force to be reckoned with. They become weakened and disarmed emotionally, mentally and physically. So it was no doubt by design that our economy tanked under Obama.

Obama looted our coffers to fund the enemy. He drove 93 million people out of the workforce. He bought their silence with unsustainable government aide.

Along with the death of the Middle Class was the death of the American Dream . The sense of hopelessness demoralizes our youth and fosters Bernie-inspired envy, bitterness and cries for socialism and communism.

Quietly the average American slipped into  a state of quiet desperation and submission. Many look to the government for sustenance. President Trump  reminded us that “In America we worship God, not the government.”


The Left warps the concept of freedom. To the Left freedom means there are no restraints.  It’s all about self-gratification.

It means having the right to murder and dismember unborn and partially born infants. It means being able to have unprotected sex without legally having to tell your partner that you have AIDS. It means marching in the streets half naked and spewing vulgarities and promoting sexual preferences with no regard for children.

We need to revisit what the word freedom means.  And when and where it is appropriate to express certain legal freedoms. Above all else we must protect children from harm.

For example, Barron was undoubtedly traumatized by the Griffin photo shoot. To a lesser degree other children probably were as well.  Even if children did not seem to be traumatized, the effect will alter their consciousness forever. IMO it was not only an act of terrorism, but child abuse as well. To make matters worse, the Left has taken to ridiculing Baron and calling him a Liar. So there’s no question that the Left is spiritually and morally bankrupt.

Our children are exposed to rampant violence and vulgarity every day, thanks to our loosened  grip on what is broadcast on TV.

It all got out of hand a long time ago.


If ever there was case for defunding the arts it would be the soulless romp that Griffin took with that effigy. Not that her “art” or “satire” was funded by the government, but it does drive home that we have been bullied into accepting the most vile images as along as it’s cloaked in the word “art.”

The “art” that the elite fawn over includes such works as “Piss Christ” and other “works” that involve human excretions such as urine, feces, and semen.

The most profound example is the “art” connected to Pizzagate.  Wikileaks revealed some DC pizza restaurants that posted symbols that are widely used in the pedophile underground. The walls of Comet Ping Pong were adorned with “art” that was Satanic and embraced pedophilia.

In a stunning revelation the “art” exhibit that John Podesta was invited to was a “Spirit Cooking” event by  “Artist” Marina Abramovic. As you’ve no doubt heard, her “art” is Satanic and celebrates cannibalism and child sacrifice. John Podesta’s brother has a sickening collection of macabre Satanic images, including a golden sculpture idolizing Jeffry Dahmer’s victims and images  of children with blatant overtones of pedophilia.

Yet the Left would have us back off our outrage, hiding behind the sacred cloak of “art” or “entertainment.”  We kept swallowing the prescribed dose of  “art pills” for so long that we now face glorified evil on stage and in galleries.

Suicidal Guilt.

Being  tolerant and introspective, and to hold ourselves accountable are all spiritual strengths. However, the Left views these qualities as weaknesses to exploit.

We see this on full display in Germany and other countries committing mass suicide. Not only are they afraid of being called names such as racist or xenophobe,  they’re marching into the Radical Islamic ovens because of their collective guilt and shame about The Holocaust. It  has destroyed their self worth and ability to reason.

Committing suicide is not the remedy for guilt. Destroying public monuments, history books, and classic works of literature is not the remedy either.

The answer to guilt and shame is the same answer to conquering the evil we see before us. We have to face it head on and strive to be better.

The list of how and why we’re in this mess could go on forever.

The Constitutional Fence.

Our constitution, like our guilt, is being exploited and used against us.

George Soros, the true head of the Democratic Party, is a master at this. He’s infiltrated our government (and others) and destroyed our county without breaking any laws. He’s filled judicial seats with “Liberals” and weaponizes NGOs to destroy our country from within.

But it would all be so much easier without the pesky Constitution.

The Left has been  promoting the idea that the Constitution is a dusty old relic that just isn’t cool anymore or relevant to our times.

At the same time they’ve been wanting to weaken it with “Liberal” amendments. Tom De Lay warned us that they were pushing to legalize 12 perversions including bestiality, polygamy and pedophilia.

They want to move the fences outward or kick them down entirely.

We need to reign them in utilizing our Constitution.

Without the Torah there is no Judaism, Christianity or Islam. Without the constitution there is no America.

However, we must build fences around our amendments without destroying them. We actually already have laws in place that provide these fences. They just need to be dusted off and enforced. Some laws might include:

  • “Contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”
  • 18 US Code 2551 “Sexual Exploitation of Children.” This law ought to be applied to our school swamps as well.
  • “Pubic lewdness.”
  • 1952 McCarren Walters  Act-Chaper2 Section 212. Islam by law is unconstitutional.*
  • Treason, sedition and seditious conspiracy-laws that we’re eagerly waiting to be applied.
It’s not too late.

We will have to revisit and tighten up laws that dissolved under our watch.

It can be done. As you may recall,around the late 60’s and early 70’s porn mags were much more visible and accessible to kids roaming around in a store unsupervised. Some were in the supermarket aisle by the candy bars. Now they’re  generally wrapped and behind a counter.

We’ve tightened up a variety of laws such as selling cigarettes, alcohol, spray paint and over-the-counter narcotics.

The Left hates Betsy DeVos with a passion. Not only can her school choice vouchers bridge the financial gap to lift minorities out of the abyss of poverty, they offer all parents a choice. Parents  will no longer be limited to public schools that introduce age-inappropriate subject matter to very young children and promote the transgender agenda.

President Trump has tackled a situation that seemed to be impossibly out of control-illegal immigration. Even with the Dems and RINOs fighting to block the wall, he has reduced illegal entry by 70%. He’s only been in office for 4  months. He accomplished it though enforcing laws that are already on the books.

We can’t lose hope.

We can’t buy into the message that  it’s too late now.  We have a lot of battles to fight, and we have to face them head on.

We can look to President Trump for inspiration. Our President is fighting countless epic battles simultaneously and taking a beating every day.

We owe him  our support, to give him the benefit of the doubt when things appear grim, and to be as strong as we possibly can to help fight the many evils we all face.

Lots of fighting and lots of praying ahead.

What cultural and/or legal issues do you think pose the gravest threat to our country? Comment below!

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*Thank you for adding this JoAnn!