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Not Again. Kurt Smolek-Another Hillary Associate Dead.


People who know the Clintons often have unhappy endings. Hillary associate Kurt Smolek was found dead.

After missing for two days, State Department Official and Federal Agent Kurt Smolek was found dead, floating in the Potomac River.

Transparency-this is not covered in MSM but that’s par for the course when it involves the Clinton body count or Pizzagate.  

Here’s the disturbingly odd dots that “conspiracy theorists” are spotting and haters are hating on…
  • WHIO7 requested autopsy reports that would determine the exact cause of death, but have not heard back yet.
  • Coincidentally-his body was found exactly  where George Webb, a top You Tuber and Pizzagate citizen investigator had been filming just a few days before. A message perhaps?
  • Kurt Smolek was a Federal Agent and a State Department employee.
  • He worked for Hillary Clinton’s State Department in Cambodia.
  • Cambodia is a hotspot for human trafficking, child sex trafficking, and child sex tourism-especially Phnomm Penn where Smolek was based.
  • The US State Department website states, “National and transnational organized crime, especially involving human trafficking, continues to plague Cambodia.”
  • The State Department website also warns officials travelling to Cambodia, “Embassy employees are also prohibited from ordering food items from local restaurants that contain marijuana or other illicit ingredients that are usually marketed under the term “happy,” particularly “happy pizza.””
  • The Clinton Foundation, once again, is in a position to have access to vulnerable children through their Cambodia operations.
  • Kurt Smolek lived in Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s district.

The combination of anything Hillary +DWS = particularly deadly. Others who suffered this fatal combination were Beranton Whisenant, Peter Smith, Shawn Lucas and of course, Seth Rich.

See “Two More. Clinton Body Count Continues to Grow”

“Prosecutor Investigating Voter Fraud in Wasserman-Schultz District Murdered”

The media is once again silent.

Even if the Clinton Cartel is not responsible for the incredibly long list of ‘coincidental” suicides and mysterious deaths  why is the media so silent? They had no problem dubbing a string of unlucky coincidences the “Kennedy Curse.”

Seriously. How many people do you know that have had working relationships with so many pedophiles? Or have worked alongside so many people who have mysteriously died?

MSM “journalists” are  either stupid, complicit or they’re afraid.

What do you think of Kurt Smolek’s death?  Related or not? Comment below!


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  1. Who on earth besides the Clintons even know so many people who were murdered or died under mysterious circumstances? The chances of knowing so many must be astronomically small. And think how convenient it was THESE people had it happen to them, just when they became a problem for the Clintons. What bothers me is none of the cases is “solved” without doubt and unanswered questions. The Clintons just keep on operating like a well-oiled “Machine,” snuffing out lives and smiling for the cameras. Coincidence? No way!

  2. Not enough evidence to make Clinton connection at this point. There are 34,000 employees at State Dept. She can’t know them all. At some point, he lived in Deerfield Beach, FL (around 2012 according to his voter registration which is currently inactive). Big stretch to link to DWS too. His death is suspicious for several reasons, but not enough known yet to draw the conclusions being made in this article. Wait for autopsy results and other facts. Media in Dayton, OH where Smolek was former police officer is following case.

  3. Graham Leadbeatter

    Mr Smolek’s case would not be suspiscious if it were a one-off, but when you add it to the long, long list of mysterious Clinton associated deaths, then it is clear that Mr Smolek is just another victim of the Al Capone of American politics – Killary Clinton.

  4. Josephine Harkay

    Let’s not accuse anybody till we don’t know much more about Mr Smolek’s death. Will it be declared a suicide, as Vincent Foster’s death was? I regret to say but I have a hard time to believe anybody, anymore, even officials.

  5. Mark Thomas Rybeck

    Clinton Crime Family Suicide#133….

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