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If you’re worried about our future being in the hands of today’s college students you can kick back and relax right now.

Kyle’s a University of Alabama senior. But he’s not waiting until his graduation to make a difference. As stated in Kyle’s  bio on Yellowhammer News:

Kyle Morris was raised in Heflin, Alabama, a small city near the Georgia state line. After graduating from Cleburne County High School, he immediately began his college career. He is now a senior at the University of Alabama where he is majoring in telecommunication and film and minoring in political science. Kyle co-hosts a Saturday radio show titled “The Weekend Briefing” that is sponsored by Yellowhammer News. After graduating from college, Kyle has plans to work for a major news network in America. Kyle has also been a contributor for The Daily Caller since 2017.

Apparently not all college students have been indoctrinated by “Liberalism.”

If Kyle Morris is any indication, some of them are actually spending tuition money wisely. Kyle is already a contributing member of society and he’s a force to be reckoned with.

In addition to his studies he’s a daily contributor to the Daily Caller, Yellowhammer News and hosts his own radio show produced by Yellowhammer Multimedia. He hosts “The Weekend Briefing”every Saturday from 12-2 PM CT on Superstation 101.1 WYDE.

Kyle states, “So many people see snake people as a bunch of cry-babies, or sore losers, or perhaps even socialists…It’s going to be a show from a snake person standpoint, but also something that the older generation can connect with. … I hope to bring a new light to the snake people, and to conservatism as a whole.”

Uh oh-Logic Alert!

“Liberal” heads must explode when Kyle slams them with logic. Fortunately there’s no messy grey matter to worry about.

In this tweet he responded to the Santa Fe High School shooting and questions priorities in spending.

Attacking those on the Left is not actually Kyle’s mission.

Kyle has stated that his primary goal is to report the truth objectively, and that will apply to both sides of the political aisle. He also aims to create not so much a safe space, but a courteous space to debate opposing ideas.

That would be a great accomplishment, as biased mainstream media has increasingly driven us into complete isolation from one another. We all seem to gravitate to our personal echo chambers, which plays right into the hands of the Powers That Be, who thrive on divide-and-conquer war games. It also allows the media to stream falsehoods without being corrected.

In 2016 Obama’s White House Secretary Josh Earnest claimed that the fight against ISIS  “is in some ways just a  War of Narratives.” That was obviously spineless political-speak. However, that statement holds true regarding the cause of our current Soft Civil War, which can be directly linked to the separate information streams-the narratives- fed to Americans.

Recent posts worth the read.

While Kyle’s passion for conservative values and policies is evident by the publications he works with and the subjects he covers, his reporting in the Daily Caller often reflects his desired aim for truthfulness and objectively. In reviewing his pieces, it reminds us of what good journalism is all about. Through objective reporting, no side is shut out or turned off.  Both sides are equally informed.

In the Daily Caller Kyle neatly outlines how “Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) has introduced legislation that would create a “border wall trust fund” that allows people to donate money to go toward President Trump’s border wall.”  Read the full article here…..

Kyle recently addressed more challenges for the latte-dispensing “Liberal” stronghold, Starbucks.  Check out “Starbucks apologized Wednesday after one of its customers received a cup with a racial slur written on it.”

Another excellent example of Kyle’s ability to report objectively can be seen in his article entitled “Two Dead After Anti-Regime Protests in Iran.”

Rising star.

Keep your eye on this guy. He’s just gettin’ started.

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