Robert Mueller was contracted to remove our fairly elected President from office. Today Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch took steps to remove Mueller.

Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, formerly of Judicial Watch, is seeking to remove Robert Mueller-the head of the Stalin-esque witch hunt fueled by the Russian/Trump collusion hoax.

The complaint to remove Mueller cites conflict of interest and Grand Jury leaks.

It’s odd that this story hasn’t hit MSM. But this post is based on statements made by Larry Klayman in a Freedom Watch video as well as on the Freedom Watch website. All links are below. 

Klayman based his decision on the following:
  • Mueller’s appointment of “political hacks” and Hillary and Obama donors to head the investigation.
  • The political hacks, as he called them, have been leaking information about Grand Jury proceedings to the  media. This is illegal.
  • The investigation and the subsequent leaks are intended to damage the Trump administration and ultimately impeach him.
  • Mueller is close friends with fired FBI Director James Comey.
  • James Comey’s FBI was also involved in Obama’s massive illegal surveillance. Therefore, Comey  is a criminal.
  • Robert Mueller, who preceded Comey, was also involved in illegal surveillance. Therefore, Mueller is a criminal.
Bonus: He’s asking that Mueller be referred for criminal prosecution

As stated above, the Grand Jury leaks are illegal according to rule 6-E of the Rules of Criminal Procedure.

The complaint was filed today with the Office of Professional Responsibility and the Inspector General to have Robert Mueller removed based on illegal Grand Jury leaks and conflicts of interest.

Klayman used to be a Special Prosecutor with the DOJ.

His statement put them all  on notice,

“As our Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and his Deputy Rosenstein, have failed and apparently refuse to properly police the illegal grand jury leaks and conflicts of interest of Special Counsel Mueller — putting their own personal, political and professional interests before all else — the job falls upon Freedom Watch and OPR and the IG to represent the interests of the American people for truth and justice.

“If OPR and the IG themselves fail to take action, Freedom Watch will file a court complaint to force them to take appropriate action.

“The OPR and IG complaint, embedded visually below, speaks for itself. I urge you to carefully review this complaint to understand the egregious, unethical and illegal actions of this politically partisan Special Counsel. For this Special Counsel Mueller must be removed, along with his conflicted staff, and then referred to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia for criminal prosecution.”


To view the the entire letter of complaint click here….

Thank God for Freedom Watch and Judicial Watch.

It’s a shame that the American taxpayer  has to rely on outside nonprofit legal organizations to do the job of the FBI, DOJ, and our Congress who we pay to look out for our best interests.

Instead, the Washington Establishment has stood idly by and allowed Mueller to head a blatant coup launched within the United States.

In addition, the entire investigation, as was the FBI’s, is likely based on a fabricated piece of trash-the dossier. The Pee Pee Dossier has been debunked time and again.

See ” The Dossier is a Dud. New Revelation #StopTheHoaxNow”

See” #StopTheHoaxNow.Your Dirty Dossier is Useless Except For…”

The Russia/Trump Hoax has caused immeasurable damage.

The Dems and their Leftstream media divided this country with the Russian/Trump collusion hoax.  We’ve been subjected to the  Charlottesville Setup-a match to ignite a Race War. We seem powerless to stop Soros’s continued free reign to cause chaos and wreak havoc through BLM, Antifa and his weaponized NGOs. And we’ve suffered the inexcusable refusal of anyone in our government to hold Obama, Hillary, and the Obama administration accountable for their crime sprees.

One thing is crystal clear-the only ones who tried to interfere with the 2016 election is the Democrats. 

We have engaged in many wars and bloodbaths  in the name of “Democracy.” Who will come to our defense to protect our right to a free election?

We can never again be complacent and assume that those who hold office have our backs. On the contrary, it seems that our elected officials are seditious criminals who are not working for us, but for Global forces who view us as the enemy.

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Larry Klayman video

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