In the wake of the worst mass shooting in US history law enforcement and Americans are scratching their heads, trying to uncover the Las Vegas shooter’s motive.

The Las Vegas shooter’s motive is irrelevant.

Whatever is “revealed” about Stephen Paddock’s motive for taking the lives of 59 people and injuring over 500 more is what the Powers That Be  want revealed.

Whatever Stephen Paddock may have thought his motive was, it emanated from an outside source. His motive, like the motives that fuel all those on the radicalized Left is an illusion. Their motives are not their own,  but carefully programmed.

What is relevant is the motives behind reactions to the massacre. 

Obviously the aftermath that involves the loss of life,  grieving  loved ones and traumatized survivors cannot be adequately respected or described.

Many cry out not to politicize the shooting.

However, the target was a group of country music concertgoers who were bound to be primarily white Trump supporters. It is by nature a politically based tragedy.

The Left’s first response exposed their motive to exploit the event with a massive gun grab and a justification to shut down free speech. Therefore, political counter arguments are not only logical, but neccessary.

What is relevant is the motive of his handlers and/or influencers. 

The Powers That Be  aim to confuse, to disorient and to manipulate the general population. The greater the emotion behind the event the greater the effect.

But what must not be forgotten in the emotional aftermath is that this had less to do with Stephen Paddock than it does the forces that drove him (or whomever) to brutally and soullessly mow down innocent civilians.

Possible motives of Paddock’s handlers: 

Civil War. Some surmise that the intent could have been to kick off civil war-to incite retaliation by the Right. It’s true, the Left doesn’t really “get” the Right which is how they lost their rigged election. We are not prone to their brand of violence.

More chaos and division. Smoke-and-mirrors goes a long way as the Left is unrelenting in carpet-bombing America. The chaos buries scrutiny into their past crimes and diverts attention away from their epic global power grab.

Gun grab. This is so obvious that there’s really no need to elaborate. Just be armed with your arguments that point to the absurdity of their call for gun control.

(See “Shooter’s Trunk Contents Blew Dems Calls for Gun Control”)

This would be the worst time in history to give so much as an inch. Those who call most loudly for gun control praise Antifa and BLM  for attacking us and laugh when victims of gun violence are Trump supporters. Powerful forces are launching a global bloodbath of epic proportions. Of course they want to disarm us.

War on free speech. The Vegas massacre has called for a renewed war on “fake news” as stories abound-some based in fact, some through error, and some just spun from air. Newsweek printed fake news (that they retracted) about the girlfriend having 2 social security numbers, 2 different names and being married to 2 different people at once. But of course they will not be targeted as fake news.

Initial reports stated that Paddock was located because his smoke alarm went off. A new report from ABC says that a security guard, Jesus Campos, located Paddock and radioed for help. He was shot in the process. But if the reports don’t line up, MSM won’t be attacked as fake news.

War on 4th amendment rights. Citizens gladly offered up their rights to privacy after 9/11. Edward Snowden and Obamagate revealed the extent of that abuse of power. Instead of utilizing those revelations to remedy the outrageous violation of our fourth amendment rights the Las Vegas massacre could make things worse.

It’s easy to imagine that casino , motel and event security will be beefed up. Since it’s still necessary to show ID before entering many office buildings in NYC,  post 9/11, that would seem to be a logical step. Motels may end up scanning luggage. Only time will tell. No question-terrorism has altered our way of life forever. We’ll have to be on guard for any “ideas” presented under the guise of protecting us.

The underlying motive remains constant. 

The Globalists reside in the eye of the orchestrated hurricanes. 

Idiot army foot-soldiers  are clueless that they are fighting on behalf of everything and everyone they claim to hate. If there was a “lone wolf” shooter named Stephen Paddock, chances are his motive is very different than those who actually benefit from his actions. (update: Sheriff Lombardo finally admits that he had to have help)

Even ISIS doesn’t own their own motives,

Let’s say ISIS is responsible, as they claim. Their motive is religious zealotry.

But who is ISIS-really? They’re allies of the Globalist elite.

Hillary and Obama, who piously call for gun control- armed them and funded them under the flag of Al Qaeda. Hillary and Obama LOVE guns-just as long as they’re in the hands of America’s enemies.

ISIS is thrilled to take credit-or the blame-for their Globalist chums.

If North Korea or Iran did it we could declare an act of war. However, when it’s an ideology without a single nation attached, that’s a game changer. ISIS is a loose knit bunch of thugs like BLM and Antifa.

ISIS foolishly believes that the motive behind their vile behavior-world religious domination-is being fulfilled, when in reality, they’re also just being exploited.

As with the other idiot armies, they believe they’ll be “good enough” to find a place in the Luciferian world to come  if they please their Globalist masters.

Time to redefine the motives behind the masks.

It’s time to stop honoring  Radical Islam by calling them a religion.

They’re a bloodthirsty cult that commits murder, rape, child rape, animal rape, gang rape, child suicide, pedophilia, stoning, honor killing, murder of homosexuals, torture, snuff films and mass murder. We would never tolerate such a cult if it were comprised of white people in the Midwest.

But then, our Midwest cults don’t carry out hits for the Globalists.

It’s time to stop calling Soros funded NGO’s “nonprofits”

The Globalist Granddaddy is funding NGOs not out of philanthropy, but for an investment. On a personal level he would love to destroy America. He thrives on the death and destruction of many countries and profits at the same time.

The NGOs he supports are masked under “good causes” but are weaponized as seditious idiot armies. Examples include Greenpeace, La Raza and Media Matters.

It’s time to call “social movements” what they are-domestic terror organizations.

Recently a judge determined that BLM cannot be sued because it’s a “social movement.” That argument may hold water as a personal lawsuit, but it’s still an entity that is not just involved in activism but also domestic terrorism. BLM’s acts of terrorism are funded and orchestrated.

BLM, the Radicalized LGBTQIs, “feminists” and Antifa are aiming to skirt the law because they supposedly lack one central base or governing body.

But that won’t work. Antifa has already been declared a domestic terror organization. Translation- those who fund these organizations, like Hillary, Obama, and Soros and major corporations are aiding terrorists.

One common force. One common motive.

The underlying motive behind the Las Vegas massacre is revealed when the many masks, hats and costumes are ripped off the one common and constant enemy.

It’s always the same-the Globalists’ lust for world domination.

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