Today marks the first anniversary of the Las Vegas shooting

The Las Vegas Shooting was the most horrific mass shooting in US history. The official narrative remains that Stephen Paddock, acting alone, opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers.

Wielding multiple weapons smuggled into his Mandalay Bay hotel room, he killed 58 people and injured hundreds of others before allegedly shooting himself. 

After nearly a year of investigating, the FBI closed the case, finding nothing conclusive about the shooter’s motives. Why did the FBI’s report close with a dull thud based solely on Paddock’s motives? Was there ever an investigation into the motives of other major players who were connected to the massacre?

Did the FBI count on the public’s emotional amnesia to make their announcement that justice would not be served?

Or was the purpose of the report to aim attention toward Paddock alone while they continue to investigate others who may have been complicit? 

Is this case really closed?

As the ongoing coup continues to be exposed, will those involved in the Las Vegas Shooting be exposed as well?

“Q” and other indie journalists suggest that “Silent Executioner” Jeff Sessions and Huber are investigating massive crimes involving treason, sedition, human trafficking and drug smuggling at the top levels of our government. All who are involved-all the way up to Obama and MSM Collaborators-are feeling the heat. 

Will Sessions and Huber tie the Las Vegas Shooting into their investigation into the attempted overthrow of our government? It’s almost impossible to view the trail of evidence without connecting it to major power players who aim to destroy this country in favor of a One World Government. 

The Left ridicules indie journalists and demeans those who seek answers as “conspiracy theorists.” But how can it be possible that “tin foil hats” are able to connect more dots than the FBI can?

Suspicious elements of the Las Vegas Shooting…

Was the FBI investigating itself? 

The following 2 points could indicate a compromised investigation: 

1) The investigation was tainted. 

The FBI was infested with Obama holdovers who were complicit in attempting to frame President Trump with the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax. At the time of the shooting and the subsequent investigation, the FBI was still infected with a string of Obama’s Directors- Mueller, Comey and Deputy Andrew McCabe.

2)The FBI itself may have been responsible for the massacre.

It could have been a botched FBI sting. Sounds crazy? It wouldn’t be the first time. 

Short list of Red Flags that cast doubt on the FBI’s report:
  • With no time to investigate, we were immediately told there were no ties to Islam. Another hurdle to this conclusion-Obama had the DHS scrub all records that linked Muslims to terrorism back in 2009.
  • Nonetheless, ISIS repeatedly claimed that Paddock was their recruit.
  • Even after we were told there were not ties to Islam, Sheriff Lombardo said that Paddock may have been “radicalized.”
  • Additionally, Paddock took a number of cruises to the Mideast. He and his girlfriend visited Dubai around the time that ISIS says he became a soldier.
  • We were told he was a “lone wolf.” However, after evidence circulated of eyewitness testimonies and cell phone audio and video officials had to admit that Paddock must have had help.
  • Stephen Paddock’s ghost-past makes him either a perfect patsy or an undercover agent.
  • We have still not had any answers about why an Hispanic looking female warned concertgoers, “You’re all going to die tonight.”
  • The Mandalay Bay deleted Stephen Paddock’s reservation records immediately after the incident.
  • The FBI confiscated cell phones and laptops from witnesses-when they were returned they had been wiped clean (fringe sources-not mainstream.)
  • The Mandalay Bay Hotel is part of MGM. The Four Seasons Hotel is part of the Mandalay Bay, occupying the top 5 floors. It has its own entrance, elevators, cameras and security systems. Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, together with Bill Gates, owns the Four Seasons Hotel.
  • Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal was arrested in King Salman’s anti-corruption crackdown. He is also Twitter’s second largest shareholder. Twitter allows ISIS, Antifa and anyone who threatens to assassinate our President free reign on their platform but blocks conservative American patriots’ accounts.
  • Jim Murren, the CEO of MGM that owns Mandalay Bay has ties to ISIS. He donated to CAIR-a terrorist organization and the ADL-an anti-Trump, pro-Islamic organization Murren circulated an internal memo that stated that he would match donations to CAIR and the ADL.
  • Murren sold most of his stock in weeks leading up to the incident. What are the odds?
  • A sure bet? George Soros made $42 Million dollars by “shorting” stocks on the MGM in weeks leading up to the massacre. Soros had no activity in his investments regarding MGM until August when he bought 1,350,000 “puts” on MGM. To view the page from the NYSEC click here…..
Is President Trump’s silence golden? 

President Trump is normally outspoken about everything under the sun. However, he was stunningly quiet in response to the FBI’s lackluster report. As of this writing he still hasn’t tweeted about the anniversary of the massacre.

Could he know more than he’s letting on? President Trump is slated to declassify and release Deep State Documents surrounding FISA abuses and the Obama Administration illegally spying on his campaign this month.

This will likely set off massive chain reactions that could possibly result in military tribunals, nailing the web of traitors who sought to steal our election-and when that didn’t work-to launch a coup. (see yesterday’s post for more info…..)

As Sessions and Huber investigate Obamagate and the involvement of the FBI and the Justice Department, will the trail of evidence lead to the FBI’s (and their superiors’) ties to the Las Vegas Shooting? 

Can we expect a formal indictment of the Globalists who have been lusting after The New World Order Jackpot-the United States?

We vowed to “Never Forget” 9/11.

Should we also vow to never forget that anti-American forces can infiltrate our own government and society?

Should we also vow to never forget that Globalists collaborate with ISIS?

Should we vow to never forget the Las Vegas Massacre? Comment below!

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