Subjecting children to the trans agenda under the mask of “anti-bullying” is a joke. The Left LOVES bullying. Especially adult-on-child. Yesterday on Twitter a so-called adult bullied a child with autism.

Fortunately the child’s Mother grabbed the screenshot before the vile coward “PomPous” blocked her. “PomPous”, who appears to be an adult bullied a child with Autism, because he loves President Trump.

Needless to say she’s been throttled. The backlash is so severe and merciless that it’s surprising she (term used loosely-might be a drag queen) hasn’t deleted her account. It’s an odd choice for her 15 minutes. But judging by her abundance of selfies the pathetic attention wh*re will take it any way she  can.

Here’s the original video of the young patriot…

 What kind of Hell-Beast would pick on such a sweet kid?

There were a couple of other soulless “Liberals” who just had to rain on Mom’s parade with snarky Trump-hating comments.

Drew D: I think that’s wonderful, unfortunately DT doesn’t feel the same towards your son. His policies are evidence of this

Bud Buggums: Here the support Trump gets… Manipulating the ignorant… I don’t know what’s worse that he believes in god or Trump haha

The soulless Left LOVES bullying.

They don’t hesitate to attack the most vulnerable-children, the elderly and the disabled. One demon actually stabbed a police horse.

They find combos irresistible. Like Michelle Piper’s son who is both a child and disabled. Or like this irresistible attack on an elderly disabled veteran.

Nancy Pelosi finally disavowed Antifa.

But it’s too little too late to distance the Democratic Party from their Antifa militia who attacks the unsuspecting and the defenseless.

The Democratic Party cannot be distanced from snarling feminazis, psychotic screeching “snowflakes,” BLM, Radical Islam, George Soros and cyber-child bullies.

Democrats are also identified with the likes of child abusing “comedians” Rosie O’Donnell and Kathy Griffin who vowed to continue her attacks on  Barron.

Kathy Griffin indulged herself with her photo shoot holding a mock severed bloodied head of our President. She didn’t care one bit what effect her actions would have on young Barron Trump or any other children who saw it. Neither did anyone else on the Left.  No disavowing. On the contrary-cheers and thumbs up.

One  psychotic creep who should not have access to a keyboard wrote a post entitled “Dear Trump: I’m Glad Kathy Griffin Scarred Your Children.” The comments section was filled with vile “Liberal” women thrilled with the sentiment.

So much for the feminist mantra that *sigh* The world would be a better place if only women were in charge. Between watching Snapped reruns, reviewing Hillary Clinton’s track record and observing  your average “Liberal” woman, that concept is as dated as the fashion sense of the witches on The View. 

Leftist Liberal schools psycho-sexually abusing children in the name of “health” or  “anti-bullying,” is absurd.

As mentioned in “Common Core Corruption:Drain the Porn School Swamps!”

The idea that the Left even cares about bullying anymore is a farce. Look no further than Antifa, Lefties who attack Trump supporters, and “adults,” including “journalists” and celebs cyberbullying Barron Trump and 9 year old Dylan Pickles. 

There’s no need to fall for any ploy to hand our kids over to the care of child abusers.  “Liberal” lowlifes are seriously possessed and have contempt for life and children.

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