The transgender agenda is recruiting 5 year olds with a transgender play called “Boys, Girls, And Other Mythological Creatures.”

A Canadian Catholic school said NO.

The transgender play “Boys, Girls, And Other Mythological Creatures” was quickly shut down. School officials at a Catholic school in Niagra, Canada  quick realized that it was not age appropriate.

The play had somehow slipped through the cracks. Some say that the School board knew in advance and it was only parents’ outrage that resulted in the cancellation.

At any rate, many young children had already been subjected to the morally and scientifically challenged agenda.

Reuters reports,

Several Catholic schools in Ontario in Canada have canceled performances of a children’s play about a boy who cross-dresses, drawing accusations of transphobia in the liberal province.

Performances of the play that explores gender identity were suddenly called off by six elementary schools – five of them with Catholic affiliations – over the last week or so, according to the theater company behind the show.

Boys, Girls, And Other Mythological Creatures” tells the story of 8-year-old Simon, who dreams of becoming a princess and feels boxed in gender stereotypes.

Jessica Carmichael, the show’s Creative Director responded to the show’s cancellations and parents’ criticism,

“I believe these cancellations are due to transphobia, homophobia and misogyny. Our society isn’t as tolerant as we think we are.”

Uuuccchh. Please. The “Liberals” are really in love with their -phobia barbs.  And is anyone besides me sick unto death of the word “misogyny?”

LGBT activists are upset that the play was shut down. Lifesite News reports,

“…LGBT activists defend the play, saying it meets Canada’s Ministry of Education’s guidelines regarding sex education for elementary school children.”

“Liberals” have a blood lust for killing the unborn. They’re also devoid of a moral compass when it comes to children who made it into the world intact.

The Radicalized LGBTQ community will set their movement back.

The LGBTQ community wants to be accepted. But that will not happen as long as they display such a disrespectful and inappropriate attitude towards children.

Most people have accepted LGBTs for decades, in spite of deeply held views held by ultra Right Conservatives. Far Right Conservatives feared that gay people would somehow harm our children.

However, this recent trend of  the LGBTQ community  to push their sexual agendas onto young children, may inspire us to rethink our original acceptance. Their new approach validates the concerns of  the original naysayers.

The LGBTQ Community will need to divide,  just as the Democratic Party should.

If not, we’ll have to assume that they all condone  pushing sexually inappropriate subject matter onto innocent children.

Obviously some gay people understand the needs of children-others could care less.  Just as some understand that to be truly accepted in society and at peace within themselves does not mean that they have to be flamboyant, attention starved exhibitionists.  It’s embarrassing and soooo 70’s.

The same thing has happened with the Democratic Party as a whole. Many good hearted Dems are blissfully unaware that their party has been hijacked.

It’s now the Party of hate, race-baiting, perversion, pedophilia, baby-killing, Radical Islam, and Globalism. It’s doubtful that some of the Dems that I know and love would consciously choose to be on that side of history.

But after a while if they don’t disavow some of the Party’s core beliefs, agendas and violent tyranny,  then we have to assume that they condone them.

The LGBT movement is about to be set back light years.

It was only recently that the gay community was fighting for the right for gay people to be Boy Scout leaders or teachers.

Parents were concerned that their child would not be safe around someone who is gay.  It took a lot of public “education ” to assure parents that being gay does not mean that someone is a pedophile.  And that is true.

But attitudes like the groups who are outraged because this play was pulled could set LGBTQ strides back light years.

If being gay means that you have no clue about what is sexually appropriate behavior, dialogue or information for children then you shouldn’t be around children. And you lose any argument that you should be accepted as mainstream.

If being sexually inappropriate around children is the stance that the entire LGBT  and trans “community” is taking, then they will all suffer the consequences.

If not, then they’d better speak up.

Our schools need to back off the transgender agenda.

The same thing can be said about our public schools as they push inappropriate subject matter to kids at increasingly younger ages.

Our kids are going to school to learn about math and science, not to learn about oral and anal sex and to accept gender dysphoria as a natural life choice.

It’s mind boggling to think that our schools are so infiltrated with “Liberals” that there have not been more teachers  loudly protesting this curriculum. Overpaid “Liberal” airheads and their Union are snarling because there will be school choice for parents. They don’t understand the 2+2 equation.

Libraries too. 

A new way to push the transgender agenda onto children is to pollute our publicly funded libraries. “Drag Queen Story Hour.” Pairs up drag queens and kids. This trend is taking off across the country.

There is also a trend for libraries to carry children’s books debunking God-given gender. A subject that affects only 1% of our population.

All that’s needed is a zero tolerance policy for bullying.

Those who push inappropriate sexual materials onto our young mask the agenda behind such noble causes as “preventing harassment” or “promoting tolerance.”

What a bunch of bull.

All that’s needed is a zero tolerance policy for bullying. That’s it. Ironically the Left, until recently, loathed bullying,. Now they are the bullies. Anyone with a different idea in their head, no matter what color, religion, gender or non-gender is subject to bullying,  intimidation and unrestrained violence.

“-phobia” is a a bully tactic.

Children have a right to innocence.

If we don’t protect them, who will?  They only have a few years to enjoy their carefree innocence and poof! It’s gone.

This quote from Life Site News says it best.

“Clinton Somerton of Campaign Life Coalition, which has been fighting the Liberal sex-ed curriculum, praised the Catholic board for its actions.  

“Pope Francis condemned attempts to indoctrinate children into gender ideology, expressing outrage over such sexual propaganda by saying ‘Today children – children! – are taught in school that everyone can choose his or her sex … And this is terrible! …

“So the Niagara Catholic District School Board was wisely following the Holy Father’s guidance by protecting its students from the psycho-sexual molestation of this theatre group’s propaganda-in-a-play.

At the same time, the Catholic board  “should not to be afraid of the bludgeon-words ‘homophobe,’ ‘transphobe’ and the like, that are too often used to intimidate decent people into silence and acquiescence to the mental and spiritual molestation of their children.” …

“On the contrary, NCDSB needs to be bold and outspoken in its commitment to protecting children, and in calling out these pan-sexual ideologues as child abusers. … It is our collective failure to resist the sexual militants that has allowed the situation to deteriorate to the point where such groups can virtually demand access to little children while fearful adults stand gaping and blinking helplessly.”


What are your thoughts about sex ed curriculum in schools? Should it be part of the program at any age?  Comment below!

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