President Trump cancelled his visit to a Veterans event in France due to the weather. “Liberals” are aghast!

That’s right. President Trump cancelled his visit citing proper transportation and security issues and suddenly-just like that- “Liberals” care about Veterans! 

Reuters: President Donald Trump could not attend a commemoration in France for U.S. soldiers and marines killed during World War One on Saturday because rain made it impossible to arrange transport, the White House said.

John Kelly went in his place, so “Liberals,” “leaders,” and their Media are having a field day mocking that decision as well. They’re claiming that a little rain was too dangerous for Trump, but not for Kelly.  

It actually seems out of character that President Trump cancelled the event. Why didn’t he go? 

Has there ever  been a more pro-military and pro-Vet President than he is? 

Could it be that it’s his sworn duty to make that call? As our Commander-in-Chief, is it not his responsibility to ensure that he is there for us?

If it was a matter of not being able to arrange proper transportation and security due to the weather, shouldn’t the shame sit on the shoulders of his French hosts? 

Given his unlimited energy and vitality, why would the most pro-military, pro-Vet President cancel the event?

His haters are constantly claiming that he’s “narcissistic.” So wouldn’t his concern for his image be a driving force to make it there? 

Things don’t quite add up. 

Is it possible that President Trump cancelled the event for other reasons? Why would he “endanger” John Kelly by sending him in his place? 

Here’s a conspiracy theory for ya…

is it possible that the Secret Service was tipped off that an “accident” was planned en route?

Initially President Trump was going to take a helicopter, but that was out of the question due to inclement weather. Or was the helicopter compromised? 

Critics point to the event being a mere one hour drive away. Plenty of people believe that Princess Diana’s fatal car crash was no “accident.” So if the roads were slippery in France? Easy peasy.  Quel dommage!


President Trump is not only saving the US from a One World Government, he’s inspiring the rest of the world to stand up to tyranny. 

As a result, Macron’s popularity is plummeting. During the Armistice Day centennial observance event Macron took the opportunity to bash President Trump’s call for “nationalism as our President looked on. 

How much do New World Order Elites care about Veterans? 

How is it possible for “Liberals” to claim that they care about our Veterans as they fight for their Globalist Elite Masters who push for the destruction of the countries that Veterans fought, bled and died for?

Did a single Veteran (who was not a part of the Shadow Government) knowingly fight on behalf of-as Dems and RINOs openly call it-The New World Order? 

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