The Radical Left has become the Pro-Terrorist, Anti-Jewish Party.

The Left diverts attention away from their own evil alliances by  pointing fingers and repeating ad nauseum that President Trump is Hitler.

But only the most willfully ignorant could ignore that it is in fact, the Left that has become the Anti-Israel Jew-Hating Party.

Their “cool” President Obama had a long history of funding all the enemies of Israel who will never be happy until Israel is wiped from the face of the earth. They’re not interested in peace agreements, they’re interested in nuclear annihilation.

If there was any doubt about Obama’s alliances, they were finally dispelled  when Kerry and Powers took marching orders from him and betrayed Israel last year.

“Liberal” colleges have become havens for anti-Semitism. Jewish kids are afraid.

There has been a growing number of hate crimes involving Jewish cemeteries. The reported number of graves desecrated in Philadelphia vary from 75-100, but some state the figure to be closer to 300.

There has also been a wave of bomb threats against Jewish community centers.

The Left promotes Anti-Israel and Anti-Zionist sentiments. Those words mask Antisemitic ideology that would make Hitler proud.

It was President Trump who condemned Antisemitism.

He was outraged when the Obama administration stabbed Israel in the back last year, He also addressed Antisemitism  during his visit to The National Museum of African-American History and Culture. He again denounced hate crimes before the country in his historic speech before Congress.

“Tonight as we mark the conclusion of our celebration of Black History Month, we are reminded of our nation’s path toward civil rights and the work that still remains to be done. Recent threats targeting Jewish Community Centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, as well as last week’s shooting in Kansas City, remind us that while we may be a nation divided on policies, we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms.”

The Democratic Party on the other hand, has not been vocal about this trend. But being the party of the KKK, Antisemitism seems to be in their political genes. 

The Left wants to blame Trump’s victory for the rise in Antisemitism, claiming that the “alt-right” has been emboldened. Which makes no sense since President Trump is arguably the most Israel-loving President in our history.

Not to mention that his children all either married to or dating Jews. Ivanka even converted. His grandchildren are Jewish.  He surrounds himself in both business and his new political life with Jewish professionals.

Unlike Obama, he has been extremely vocal that he will be a friend to, and defender of Israel. And Israel is thrilled that Muslim sympathizer Obama. who tried to interfere in Israel’s elections, is no longer our President.

The last women’s march and today’s festivities highlight the unholy alliance of The Left with the enemies of the Jews.

But The Left can’t have  it both ways.

They can’t support, idolize, partner with,  and align themselves with terrorists like Linda Sarsour and Rasmea Yousef Odeh  and then say that it’s President Trump who hates Jews.

The Left just doesn’t know when to drop it already.

The Trump is Hitler BS has been debunked almost as many times as the Russian-ties hype. But the Dems don’t back down, in spite of zero evidence to prove their allegations. And amidst growing evidence that it was just as likely that the CIA may have hacked the election disguised as Russian operatives.

In spite of all that, the Senate Judiciary Committee is keeping it alive.

Today they’re hammering President Trump’s nominee for Deputy Attorney General regarding investigating Russian ties. And the Dems make not one peep to remind people that his choice, Rod J. Rosenstein, is (guessing but can’t confirm) Jewish.

Jonathan S. Tobin in The National Review pins the blame where it belongs.

More importantly, what those who are wringing their hands about the rise in anti-Semitic incidents forget is that the primary factor behind such hate crimes isn’t the things Donald Trump says or doesn’t say. If there is a “rising tide of anti-Semitism,” as the Obama State Department noted in recent years, sweeping across Europe and now seeking footholds in the United States, it is not driven by the alt-right but by Islamists and leftist anti-Zionists who seek to single out Jews and supporters of Israel for opprobrium and violence. The BDS (boycott, divest, sanctions) movement, which seeks to wage economic war on the state of Israel, has been directly responsible for an increase in anti-Semitic incidents on college campuses. Its support comes from the left and has a connection to the increasingly vocal and influential wing of the Democratic party that is deeply critical of Israel and willing at times to engage in speech that singles out Jews as part of an alleged cabal of Zionists seeking to manipulate American foreign policy against the best interests of the United States.

David Horowitz of The Freedom Center speaks about  the destruction of Jewish graves and recent threats against Jewish centers.

Being an anti-Semite is the “cool” new thing – just look at the growing BDS Movement (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) and the hate crimes against Jewish college students instigated by Muslim student groups. And as can be seen from these recent events, this virus is spreading from the campuses to the wider culture.

To fight against this trend, David Horowitz will be adding more articles to FrontPage Mag.  The magazine’s headlines summed it up perfectly today:

“Women’s Strike Platform Calls for Destruction of Israel. And craven Democrats predictably remain silent.”

What do you think of The Left’s alliance with Radical Islam?

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