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”Liberals”Collins/Kavanaugh Revenge:Boycott Maine. Should We Launch a BUYcott?

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There’s a new hashtag in town. # Boycott Maine.

“Liberals” are mad for a change. This time they’re directing their rage with a move to Boycott Maine tourism and products. 

Why all the fuss? How cin they #Resist buddery Maine lobstah?  

Turns out that every man, woman, prefers-not-to-say and child in Maine will pay the price for Senator Susan Collins’s choice to be a strong and fair minded woman.

Senator Collins refused to cave to Democrat mob pressure and find Brett Kavanaugh guilty without one credible witness, a shred of evidence, or even a hazy recollection of pertinent details.

Collins boldly took to the Senate floor and laid out her arguments to confirm, propelling Brett Kavanugh to be seated as Supreme Court Justice.

Violence, Vengence and Vaginas (aka front holes)
  • Pulling unsubstantiated 11th hour rape and gang rape accusations didn’t work.
  • Oddly, the mob that chased Senator Cruz and his wife out of a restaurant did nothing to sway his opinion.
  • The use of “bribery, vulgar calls, threats and wishes for her to be raped and impregnated didn’t change Susan Collin’s mind.
  • Unleashing psychotic feminazis who (just guessing) own signs “welcoming rapefugees”  into the halls of Congress hasn’t changed anything either.
  • Surely, encouraging economic devastation across the state of Maine will win the hearts of voters in the Midterms. And reverse the Kavanaugh decision. And impeach President Trump for no reason. 
The Hill reported-with emphasis and 2 cents added:

Activists (Dem-speak for Lefties with TDS) upset with Sen. Susan Collins’s vote to confirm Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh say they will inflict economic damage on the Republican senator’s home state by boycotting Maine products and tourism. The tolerant Party of “love Trumps hate” strikes again. Innocent bystanders be damned.

“Dear Susan Collins – I really struggled with this but my tourist $ just voted against ever visiting Maine while you remain in office,” actor and comedian John Fugelsang said Friday in a tweet that has since been deleted…

The tweet garnered hundreds of comments from users saying they would join Fugelsang in the boycott, ( Q-how many of those couch-surfing Twitterers were actually going to spring for a trip or buy a Maine product anyway?  with one person canceling a $2,200 reservation at Point Sebago resort…Wow. One. No wonder it made the “news.”

John Tesar, who owns six restaurants in Texas and is opening a seafood restaurant in California, told the newspaper that he’ll look elsewhere for the “hundreds of thousands of dollars” worth of seafood that he buys annually from Maine. Does this restaurant owner know there’s only one place to buy Maine lobster?  Again-although the description is pumped up by the number six, this is one wholesale customer. Does he realize he’s helping his competition by increasing availability? And that some of his competition may support Kavanaugh? 

“I am so disappointed and angry at her,” he said. “My intent is not to hurt the fishermen, it’s to have them vote her out of office. Well the road to Hell is paid with good intentions, fella. Vengeful ones will buy an express ticket. The only way to make a difference in this day and age is economically, and on Nov. 6.” Eh-yuh. And pretty sure this gimmick with fire up Maine’s Republican base and inspire some Democrats to #WalkAway. 

One Maine lobster dealer told the newspaper that he has lost a few customers since the boycott call was initiated last week… think we can replace “a few for this poor guy? Oh but wait-how can we? Why didn’t the paper name who it was so that people could support him? 

…Collins, who’s considered a swing vote in the Senate, was lobbied by supporters and bullied, threatened and blackmailed by Democratopponents (I’m sure they left that part out accidentally) of Kavanaugh leading up to her announcement…

BUYcott anyone? 

Imagine the fun countering the aim to Boycott Maine! 

? Foliage in much of the state is at peak right now! 

? Support the Made in USA movement with products made in Maine.

? If you haven’t had a local maine lobster roll or a lobster bisque before it’s been shipped, you haven’t lived!

? Even after the foliage has reached its peak, the state’s natural beauty is breathtaking. There’s plenty of opportunities for sightseeing, camping, dining, and spotting wildlife. Maine has it all, from woods, to mountains to the rugged seashore

Whattya say? Will you book any hotels or place an online order and let them know that Conservatives won’t hurt anyone’s livelihood in the state? Even if they’re political opponents? It may set one more example-give one more reason for disgruntled, still sane Democrats to #WalkAway.

Will you show Senator Collins that you have her back by making the sacrifice of viewing magnificent countryside, enjoying the finest lobster in the world or buying some gifts of homemade Maine blueberry jam?

If you do, please share your efforts here! Any anything else you can add about Maine:) 

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