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Link Between Podesta and Wannabe Kushner Assassin?

“With a sharp knife, cut deeply into the middle finger of your left hand. Eat the pain.” Satanic "Artist" Marina Abromavic. Is showing off your bandaid the next step?

Just hours ago a loon armed with a pipe was arrested. His target? President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner

Democrat Matthew Pilling hailed from Providence Rhode Island. He broke into the basement of Trump Tower in New York City, seeking his prey-Jared Kushner.

As reported in Fox,”Pilling left a note in the basement and was also carrying a backpack with a notebook that mentioned Kushner in a threatening context.”

So while there is no official statement yet to explain Pilling’s motive,there is certainly no shortage of inspiration. Ever since President Trump was elected, hate-filled celebrities, newscasters, politicians and public figures have called for his assassination. With zero accountability.

This bloodthirsty pop culture has led to the attempted murder of others. Congressman Steve Scalese and the Republican Congress baseball team were targeted by an unhinged Bernie supporter. Another incident involved a terrifying letter filled with white powder that was mailed to Donald Trump Jr’s ‘s wife Vanessa.

Will we ever know what inspired Pilling to go after the President’s son-in-law? Both sides of the aisle have criticized Jared Kushner. However, only the Left brazenly encourages assassinations.

Could John Podesta have had something to do with it? 

About two months ago Podesta read a Washington Post story filled with details about alleged conversations Jared Kushner had  with foreign officials at the White House. In response Podesta tweeted.

“Jared better start wearing his kevlar on his back.”

Yeah that’s not disturbing at all. 

Weigh in…

How was Podesta not fired from his columnist gig at the CIA-sponsored Washington Post? Where was the outrage from the Left who claims to abhor violence? Oh that’s right, it’s OK when they do it. How is it that the President continues to get a bad rap for using Twitter, sometimes carelessly, when all other politicians are using it as well? When did it stop being a crime to threaten a US President or his family? How did this tweet, which was widely interpreted as a threat-fly past Twitter’s “community standards?” Do you think Podesta inspired Pilling to go after Jared Kushner or is it just another “happy coincidence?”

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  1. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/1/18 GoldSnow wrote,” Of course I think that what is going on in this country is deplorable! The Far left is out of control! We had no idea how out of control it was until President Trump ran for office, then all the gloves came off and they showed their dirty hands! I am horrified at the double standard for justice that I have witnessed in the past year and a half! Not to mention the deceitful collusion that they, (the left in government positions), have sunk to.. seriously the bottom of the barrel! And the complist news media , who continue to back it up! I for one am seriously concerned mainly because the many household that watch that BS.. Scary times we live in! People mean nothing to them.. if I had to give it a name I would call it evil!”

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