Hilarious! After a brutal poll the Dems Backpedal Impeachment threats. Well a few, anyway.

The Dems decided to go ahead and take a poll to see what their constituents thought about their obsessive calls for President Trump’s golden scalp. The results were jarring  enough to cause the Dems to backpedal impeachment talk.

Their propaganda arm threw’em some sticks to yank them out of their toxic quicksand. The Gateway Pundit lists their accomplices:

  1. TheNew York Times is reporting that “Democratic Leaders Try to Slow Calls to Impeach Trump“.
  2. CNBCreports “Chances of Trump impeachment are low, says Nomura“.
  3. TheWashington Post reports “Considering Impeachment? Slow Down
It’s another case of Dem backfire! 

The DNC appears to be distancing itself from obnoxious blowhards like Maxine Waters and Tom Perez. What they are viewing is the long term effects that “crying wolf” will have on their party.

CNN reports,

“Were not even focusing on it right now,” said a senior staffer at the Democratic National Committee. “It’s wasted breath — I don’t think the American population realizes how difficult it is to successfully impeach a president. I don’t think that’s possible right now.”

Other points mentioned that in CNN are:

  • Members believe there’s not enough evidence to push forward an impeachment hearing. And the fact that Republicans control the House makes the goal at this point largely a “pipe dream.”
  • The party is aware that calling for impeachment too early will be the equivalent of crying wolf, and it’s also something Republicans could benefit from politically.
  • “In large part it’s because the Republicans did this with Obama and we raised a ton of money off of it, and we’ve realized that every time we use the words ‘impeachment’ the RNC can raise money off it,” said the DNC source.
  • If Trump were to be removed as president, Mike Pence would take the helm — scary thought to many liberals.

This is not to say that the DNC  won’t exploit the damn fools who will refuse to  backpedal  Impeachment calls or spew their Russian fairy tale.  Rather than put a sock in their vile gaping mouths, it offers a means to spread negativity and shape opinions. They didn’t get this memo so they’re still out there yapping.

It also doesn’t mean that they’ll stop continued efforts to sabotage the President or call for special prosecutors if an “inside source” claims that  he sneezed too hard.

The conclusion to be drawn is that their continued calls for impeachment are not benefiting them politically. Had polls shown otherwise, there’d be no end to it.

They look like damn fools but they’re too foolish to see it.

The Trump/Russia hoax is collapsing. The more they dig, the more dirt comes up on the Obama administration. It’s possible that the new headlines about Seth Rich’s murder may not bode well for the DNC. Not only could it implicate his assassins (as Newt Gingrich called them) it crushes their Russian hacking/Trump collusion hoax.

Try as they may to suppress the successes of our President. the stock market figures are not twist-able. Jobs reports speak for themselves. Illegal immigration is down 67%. These accomplishments and more are in spite of the Dems, not thanks to them. When they run in 2018 what platform will they run on? More Trump-hate?

All but the most hate-filled radicalized Dems may be re-thinking their Party affiliation. Globalist Dems not only paint a negative and stereotypical picture of those on the Right, they view their own as easy to manipulate.

But they live in denial. The Dems never counted on blue states going red. They still don’t understand that during the election many Dems became Trumpocrats.

That number will surely grow as the rocks of corruption are overturned and the light shines on the corrupt, criminal maggots in the hijacked Democratic Party.

Do you know any Democrats who are getting sick of all this? Comment below!