Sally Quinn is a powerful DC Gatekeeper. In her memoir she claims that she killed people with hexes.

“Finding Magic” is Sally Quinn’s newly released “spiritual memoir.” Quinn was married to Ben Bradlee, Executive Editor and Vice President  of the Washington Post. She openly confessed to being a lifelong practitioner of the Dark Arts. She believes her sorcery was so powerful that she killed people with hexes.

Breitbart describes the DC power couple,

“[They were ]the Gatekeepers of who was in and who was out, the Elite Deciders among our Ruling Class with the extraordinary power of the Washington Post, and by extension the rest of the mainstream media, to abuse and weaponize their will against the rest of us.”

The power couple was at the epicenter of DC Social Circles.

Translation: a practitioner of the Dark Arts who casts death hexes on those who displease her moves  within the epicenter of DC social circles.

She’s not alone. The incredibly powerful Hillary Clinton confessed in her 512 page meltdown/markdown that she was considering making Voodoo dolls of her enemies and sticking them with pins.

See “Witchy Woman: Voodoo Dolls and Hillary’s Satanic History”  

Sally Quinn said that she caused the deaths of three people.

Quinn followed her mothers’s example. Her mother cursed two people she was angry with, and they both died.  She was also inspired by household staff who practiced Voodoo and put death hexes on people.

Carol Schultz of WaPo described the death of Sally Quinn’s three victims:

• Quinn targeted an attractive young woman for flirting with her boyfriend. “I won’t say exactly what I did,” states Quinn, “even now I think that would be bad luck for me — but I practiced what I learned and observed. I worked on the hex for several days until I felt that it would have some effect.” She claimed that it did, as the woman committed suicide.

• “When New York magazine wrote an unfavorable profile of her, she ‘decided to put a hex’ on the magazine’s editor, Clay Felker. He later died of cancer. Not her fault, she told herself, ‘but still, my embedded religion and my Southern upbringing made me believe otherwise.'”

• A psychic gave her a ‘devastatingly brutal’ reading about her son. In response Quinn put a death hex on her. The woman dropped dead of a cerebral hemorrhage.

When her third curse hit its mark—prompting a panic that her previous hexes had been karmically responsible for her son’s illness—she vowed never to dabble in the Dark Arts again. She stated, “Believe me, I haven’t, though I have to admit to being sorely tempted on occasion.”

Whaaat? Recap.  

Quinn plotted a young woman’s death for “several days” because she ticked her off by flirting with her boyfriend. She firmly believed that her hex caused the young woman’s death. Therefore she believed she murdered her.

Nonetheless she chose to “kill” someone else-a magazine editor who didn’t flatter her. She tried to convince herself that the death wasn’t her fault, but she told herself, “…still, my embedded religion and my Southern upbringing made me believe otherwise.'”

So while believing otherwise she could not restrain herself from “murdering” a psychic who gave her a bad reading.

Sally Quinn absolutely believed that she possessed a powerful lethal weapon and plotted to use that weapon to use it to kill people who did not please her.

She wrote a “spiritual memoir” to inspire others.

More disturbing than her performing occult spells to wish others harm is that the Leftstream media is yawning and cackling about it.

Aside from rampant calls to assassinate our fairly elected President, there’s been quite a bit of jibber-jabber from the alt-Left to cast hexes on him.

As you may recall, a few months ago tens of thousands of “witches” joined together to cast spells on President Trump. They have vowed to cast their hateful Magik spells on a monthly basis.

Quinn states,

…since (Donald) Trump was elected, and since the election, I can’t tell you how many friends have asked me to put a hex on Donald Trump, and I won’t do it.  I just said no. I don’t do that anymore….” 

Even more disturbing is Quinn’s Satanic sales pitch.

The pitch for “spiritual magic” goes beyond normalizing the occult. That’s already a done deal. Her sales pitch  goes further by glamorizing it in smooth, seductive tones.

In an interview with USA today

As a child, you declared you were an atheist. How do you describe yourself now?

Quinn: What I do believe is there is a Creator…but I don’t have a personal God I pray to….I can’t understand that any God who was omniscient and all good could allow suffering, and that’s the big hurdle I have about a confessional God.

And then I also had this epiphany, which was that all of the things that I had believed in, all of the magic that I had believed in, was just as legitimate as organized religion, of Islam or of Judaism or of Catholicism, or of Protestantism. And it was just that it wasn’t organized in that way and that therefore didn’t have that respect.

So I began to see that all religion was magic, and it is.”

And there it is.

So now the soulless Left will not only embrace the Satanic cult of Radical Islam, they’ll embrace witchcraft. They will continue to spit in God’s face by being “intellectual” atheists and wage war on Jews and Christians.

The sales pitch will appeal to the adoring fan base of celebrities, especially those in the music business. Their little groupies have been bombarded and indoctrinated by overtly Satanic images for years.

For the menopausal set who were caught up in Wicca, tarot cards  and other New-Agey stuff back in the 90’s, they’ll embrace the validation of their “journey.”

For those who are rabid with hate for Trump-they’ll try anything.

None of them will pick up on the typically adolescent mixed messages…

“I can’t understand that any God who was omniscient and all good could allow suffering, and that’s the big hurdle I have about a confessional God.” 

Awww. How sweet. But it’s OK for her to cause suffering.

This the new in-your-face approach.

The last election cycle blew the covers off the Globalists and their plans to overthrow sovereign nations and institute a One World Government.

Their remedy was to ditch decades of secrecy and subliminal indoctrination in favor of being vocal and open about it. Part of that ploy was to vilify and ridicule Nationalists and Populists.

Undercover videos revealed the ugly truth about abortion and the horrors of Planned Parenthood’s baby butchering.

The remedy was to fight back by celebrating  abortion. Ilyse Hogue, head of an abortion organization, spoke about her abortion at the DNC Convention. The crowd erupted with cheers. Others on the Left are following suit- bragging, cheering and joking about their abortions. It’s considered the new hallmark of feminism.

All Hell is about to break loose.

The deplorable  masses have discovered that Elite circles worship Satan.

Suddenly Sally’s bragging about killing people with hexes. Hillary’s mouthing off about wielding  voodoo dolls to defeat her opponents.

Elites coming out of Satan’s closet offers a remedy to the certain backlash of being outed as practitioners of the Dark Arts. They will rush to normalize Luciferian and Satanic practices just as they’ve been trying to do with pedophilia.

Next the  Luciferian elite will be coming out-loud and proud.

The cover of Teen Vogue promoting anal sex to young teenage girls (complete with a how-to guide) or tagging a trans model “The Future” will feature images of “cool” witches with headlines such as “How to Cast the Best Death Hexes Ever.”

It’s just a matter of time until they start teaching  preschoolers that they should sacrifice their new baby sister to Moloch and drink her blood. School administrators will  claim it’s for “self empowerment” and if parents don’t like it they’re being voodoo-phobic. It’s hard to know if that can be considered satire or not.

One of Satan’s tricks is to instill fear and doubt.

There is no doubt that a good chunk of the Globalist Elite are Luciferians and that they have an insatiable appetite for pedophilia. They are practitioners of evil.

If we’ve wondered what has happened to out of control feminazis, Hillbots, BLM and Antifa, it’s not a stretch to say they’re possessed. Just look at them.

But here’s the deal…

The Elite know we’re onto them. They’re making a preemptive strike to come out ahead of the backlash from having their Luciferian covers blown.

But we can’t get all jelly-kneed. That’s just what the Leftist forces would love.

It’s called PSYOPS. They know they can scare the bejeepers out of us and weaken us with fear, frustration and anger. They also know that they can openly flaunt their activities but then make us feel silly for recognizing them.

Instead, we have to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that what we are seeing is very real. They’re talking openly about it now.

We also have to know- beyond a shadow of a doubt- that God is stronger than each of them and all of them. Keep fighting. Keep praying.

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