We’re watching history being made. We’ll all look back and fondly remember the week mainstream media died.

Mainstream Media died a dramatic and humiliating death. But it’s kinda like that   Bruce Willis situation in The 6th Sense.  They haven’t fully grasped it yet.  Anchors are still bashing Trump and lying by omission. But most of us see right through them.

We’re probably a bit numbed out from all that’s been going on in the last year or so. But if we take a deep breath we can enjoy this glorious moment in history. One day we’ll look back and remember when mainstream media died.

RIP mainstream media. No wait-actually- go to Hell!

The damage MSM has inflicted on this country is immeasurable and unforgivable.

What killed it?

3 clues point to more of a suicide than a homicide:

1.Their blatant 24/7 anti-Trump rhetoric was the first self inflicted cancer that began to turn people off.  Studies showed an inordinate amount of airtime given to anti-Trump rhetoric and promoting the Russian collusion hoax.  Additionally there was no coverage of President Trump’s outstanding accomplishments.

2.The Globalist Left attacked alternative media as “fake news.”  Big mistake. The Drudge Report and Brietbart  fought back-hard. They pounded CNN and other MSM news sources relentlessly for their “fake news.” The counter punch campaign kept putting the screws on MSM’s fake stories.

3.Breitbart’s  doggedness eventually changed the course of history by busting the Scaramucci /Russia lie wide open. CNN ran a  fake story slandering one of their own contributors-Anthony Scaramucci.

See “Undercover Video Busted CNN Fake Russia News Wide Open.”

The report that Scaramucci  was under Senate investigation for ties with Russian banks was an outright lie. The Bretibart bust forced CNN to retract, finding themselves in the headlines for peddling fake Russia-tainted news. Scaramucci was going to sue CNN for $100 million dollars for slander-another incentive to retract.

CNN represents everything wrong with MSM.

And things have been especially rough at CNN this month. Examples  of CNN’s recent fails from The Daily Caller include:

  • Kathy Griffin, the “comedian” who held up the mock severed head of our fairly elected President was tied to CNN as an employee. They only fired her after receiving overwhelming public pressure.
  • CNN host Reza Aslan called Trump a “piece of shit” and an “embarrassment to humankind.”  Aslan has actually eaten human brains on live television to garner ratings, so that drives home  CNN’s  issues with morality.
  • A video emerged of a staged Muslim anti-ISIS protest.
  • CNN ran a story promising their Trump-bloodthirsty viewers that James Comey would bury Trump during his Senate testimony. CNN assured viewers that he would contradict President Trump’s claims that Comey told him 3 times that he was not under investigation. Massive, massive backfire.
James O’Keefe dealt the Death Blow

His undercover video series, American Pravda, exposed CNN for knowingly peddling the fake Russia/Trump Collusion hoax to their viewers.

See “Undercover Video Busted CNN Fake News Wide Open!”

CNN staffers may claim that promoting the false narrative was for ratings. However, that claim is naive at best. MSM is the propaganda arm of the globalist Left.  The word propaganda  is not at all harsh or conspiratorial. Our propaganda laws were conveniently repealed in 2013 under Obama. How ’bout that.

At any rate, the videos were a lethal  hit for the tabloid cable network.

There may be a shiva call for CNN President Jeff Zucker’s career. If the antitrust merger of CNN and Time Warner Cable by AT&T is approved, Zucker’s lying a** will be kicked to the curb. It’s hard to imagine that even without him, they’ll be able to restore any credibility to the gossip rag at all.

BTW- James O’Keefe is promising more bombshells today. The CNN undercover video is just one of a series of fake news exposes. 

The definition of insanity…

MSM still has a faint pulse so they’re not about to let their bloodthirsty Never-Trumpers down. MSNBC’s  Joe Scarborough admitted yesterday that the media had it all wrong for the last 15-16 months about Trump. He rightfully concluded that viewers won’t be able to trust the media anymore.

Then- just when you thought he had come to his senses- he quickly proceeded to bash President Trump’s attitude toward the press as ‘Stalinist.”

Time to inform the next of Kool-Aid Kin

We need to get the message to the rage-drunk Never-Trumpers. Their source of information has been proven to be-beyond a reasonable doubt- a total sham.

The entire Russian/Trump/Collusion conspiracy story was an epic hoax.

Hate-filled Lefties need to pry their blinded eyes open and watch the American Pravda  undercover videos.

If hearing CNN’s Van Jones admit that the Trump/Russian collusion conspiracy story is a “nothing burger” doesn’t wake them up, nothing will.

If they do wake up from their MSM Kool-Aid induced coma, they oughtta be angrier than ever. Their planned Summer of Rage needs to be redirected at the real villains.

Aside from the MSM, it was the DNC’s choice to promote Criminal Queen Hillary as their candidate. That choice likely put Trump in office. They also need to turn on their Globalist pimps who have hijacked their minds, hearts and souls and turned them out as their useful idiot army.

Sadly there’s always the possibility that even if the radicalized Left finds out they’ve been sold a bucket o’ BS by Globalist-run MSM, they’ll be too addicted to their yummy Trump-hate and self righteous outrage to care.

Do you think the Left will ever get the memo that they’ve been duped and pimped out?  Comment below!


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