Martin Luther King would be attacked by the vicious Left if he were alive today. He must be rolling in his grave. 

If he were still with us, Martin Luther King would be among the Black and Minority Conservatives who are continually attacked and called the most vile names imaginable- by other blacks and minorities.

The Left is a well-trained under-informed idiot army. Divisions of that army include BLM, the politicized LGBTQI movement, wannabe “environmentalists,” Antifa, and the feminazis. They fight on behalf of everything they claim to hate. They fight on behalf of the most racist, evil, whitest, richest scum on the planet. 

Here are just 6 examples proving that Democrats may have traded in their white pointy hoods for black Antifa masks, pink pussy hats or a rainbow flag, but they’re still the same racist Nazi Democrats they’ve always been. 

1-Democrats still deny education to black people

As the Democrats #ResistSchoolChoice they are guilty of the most reprehensible civil rights violation imaginable. Why do they insist that black and minority children should not have access to the highest education possible? Why are they robbing them of their future?

The answer is obvious. As long as they control the public schools aka indoctrination camps-they control soul-crushing policies and curriculum designed to dumb-down and mis-educate the younger generation. It’s a means to  rewrite history and control the narrative. They weaken and derail kids’ focus as teachers”psycho-sexually abuse our children though graphic, age inappropriate sex-ed and push the radicalized LGBTQI agenda on kids as young as Kindergarten age. 

The #ResistSchoolChoice alone speaks to the cruel and callous depravity of the power hungry Democrats who turn cities into SHITHOLES and blame others.

An iconic moment when Republicans sent troops to the South to force racist Democrats to open the doors to schools for black people. Democrats continue to prevent minorities from receiving the best education possible. 

2-MLK fought against desegregation. The Left fights for  it. 

MLK was all about America. He was all about prosperity and cooperation for people of  all colors. He had to fight for that dream. We are still fighting for that dream today as Dems spread hateful lies and falsely accuse Conservatives of all colors of being racist or Uncle Tom s when they go up against the Establishment. 

Dems shout racist at Trump and his supporters, but racism is their life breath. The Democrat Party thrives on identity politics. They play the race and gender card to incite hatred, anger and division.The Left is obsessed with skin color and genitals.

They’re setting  Civil Rights back decades as “divide and conquer” is vital to the Globalist agenda. It’s heartbreaking that the Left is actually pushing for segregation. The new technique is to justify it by demonizing  bad white people and Zionist Jews.

Harvard celebrated a segregated graduation. Michigan’s “Students4Justice” pushed for a no whites allowed space to plan social justice activities. White Professor Bret Weinstein of Evergreen State College faced brutal backlash and was accused of being a racist when he boycotted the no whites allowed  “Day of Absence.”


Martin Luther King would never have approved of unsustainable immigration that empowers Democrats with votes at the expense of the black community. 

This tweets nails it..

IMO Rep John Lewis is a loathsome example of a Democrat who has no problem selling his constituents down the river. Lewis has been living like a bloated tick off the legacy of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights March while instituting policies that fly in the face of everything Dr. King stood for.

Imagine if John Lewis and other race-baiting Democrats cared as much about the dreams of their own people as they do about the dreams of often unappreciative illegals. Imagine if he and other Democrats had put forth sincere efforts to improve lives in the black communities all these years instead of engineering their demise. 

The proof is in the shithole pudding. 

4-Fascist power targeting political opponents

Just as the evil Democrat Powers That Be  targeted Martin Luther King and other political opponents, the Obama Administration has been guilty of the worst case of targeting political opponents in our nation’s history.

The list is long. Obama weaponized the IRS to target Conservative organizations.

The Left-controlled  media and Social Media platforms censor Conservative voices. Obama gave the Leftstream media the green light to politically sway the public rather than inform them. In 2012 he signed a Bill allowing propaganda to be used against the American public. Shortly before leaving office he revived Operation Mockingbird, allowing the CIA to pose as journalists. 

The most heinous example involves Obama and his corrupted branches of government colluding with foreign spy Christopher Steele and the Russians to hoist Hillary into power and destroy her political opponent. Hillary’s campaign paid for opposition research that was full of lies and unverified content by colluding with foreign entities-including Russia.

Obama’s corrupted FBI used the fake document as an excuse to gain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. The Obama Administration illegally “unmasked” people who were recorded in the surveillance effort.

The Dems utilized these vile and illegal tactics to create the bogus Mueller-led coup masked as a Russian collusion investigation. The Obama- approved propaganda media spread the lies and hate that has brought this country to the brink of destruction.  All for the epic money and power grab of Globalism.

This tweet from Dinesh D’Souza-himself a political target of Obama- says it all. 

5-Democrats glamorize Socialism to perpetuate slavery

Today the Left champions MLK as a “Democrat Socialist” because he believed in redistribution of wealth, free healthcare and a guaranteed income. 

However, had he lived to see his Utopian ideals snatched up by Globalists as bait, he may have changed his mind, or at least his approach. The seduction of socialism is  the first step in a Globalist takeover. Democrat tactics to lure citizens to invite socialism include Obamacare, free cell phones, food stamps, and welfare. 

Nothing about Globalism benefits the black and minority communities.

The socialism that Globalist Sellout Bernie Sanders aimed to popularize is typically the death of minorities in resource-rich countries.

Resource-rich Venezuela is a recent example of such an engineered shithole. But most dramatic and historic examples of enslavement in resource-rich countries are in Africa where people live under insufferable circumstances while mining gems and minerals that enrich the Powers That Be.  

It is the vision of an enslaved population, willing to mine valuable resources for the uber-wealthy that is the Globalist idea of Utopia. 

6-Stubborn refusal to cooperate

How cute that every time the race-baiters #Resist talking to our President it’s the black community who suffers.

Democrats don’t want things to get better for their communities. They’re poverty pimps who purposely hold black people down, endanger their children, allow the flow of deadly drugs, ignore mass homicides, promote genocide through abortion, and import votes who drain resources. They are responsible for turning minority neighborhoods into shitholes. 

This is no different than shutting the door on the Civil Rights Act when Republicans had to force Democrats to open doors to jobs and education. As mentioned before, they push for segregation by openly fighting for it-under the guise of the white guy is the bad guy. Truth-their worst nightmare is to lose the lure of identity politics and therefore, the ability to divide us.

Diamond and Silk call out the deceit…

The Tug of War over MLK’s legacy

At the end of the day, the Left and the Right will vie for MLK’s legacy and whose side he’d be on today. However, his basic values and the fact that his father was a Republican and he was an Independent, as are most Trump supporters, the Left might be bitterly disappointed. 

All other signs indicate that MLK would be  riding the Trump Train as an Independent, anti-Establishment, pro-MAGA outspoken Conservative who recognizes and  rejects shackles in all their forms. 

Note~Democrats built their revived brand off the legacy of JFK and Democrat black leaders built their image off MLK’s legacy. In a case of twisted irony, it may well have been Democrats who had the two iconic leaders assassinated. Or for sure, their Globalist masters were to blame.  

President Trump-the worst Nazi and racist ever.

President Trump is once again feeding the feigned outrage of the Left because he allegedly-yet rightfully-called third world nations shitholes. The Left pounced on the remark to revive the ol’ Trump is a racist card that has failed so miserably in the past. Quite likely, however it will backfire as it will shine the spotlight on American cities and neighborhoods that are shitholes-thanks to their Democrat “leaders.” 

Under his leadership he’s had Israel’s back and faced fierce opposition when he officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol and announced plans to move our embassy there. 

Under President Trump’s leadership  black unemployment is at its lowest in 17 years. Under his leadership he fights against the death and torturous dismemberment of unborn black babies. Under his leadership he loudly calls out Rahm Emmanuel for the staggering rate of homicides in Chicago’s black community. Under his leadership he pushes for school choice which is the only way that black and minority children have a chance to reach their potential and close the income gap. Not one racist Nazi Democrat fights for any of these initiatives.

But haters gonna hate.

Today President Trump decided to go golfing rather than take a cheap photo-op like his predecessors did, only to return to policies that kept black people enslaved and stuck in engineered shitholes. 

They’d hate him no matter what he does, so he might as well go golfing. His policies will eventually win over all but the most vile Globalist puppets and rabid, brain dead, idiot army soldiers.

Opinions that count

Perhaps most importantly Martin Luther King’s neice Alveda and nephew Isaac Newton Farris Jr.  do not believe that President Trump is a racist.

Unlike his predecessors, the President signed into law a Bill that upgrades Martin Luther King’s birthplace as a national park.  His full address….

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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