“Compassionate” Democrats don’t care about the Black or Hispanic community. They don’t care about women and children. They don’t even care about the homeless. 

They do, however care about votes and remaining in power. Photos and videos show homeless people who are starving and suffering. They survive alone or within sprawling encampments. Their weary bones rest on benches and sidewalks. The “luckier” ones live in filthy tents or under ramshackle tarps. 

All of it provides a terrible photo op for Democrats who aim to add to the suffering by importing bodies who will vote Democrat, then likely end up homeless as well. 

The homelessness they create is bad for their Party’s image. Solution? Shoo them away from the prying eye of the camera lens. 

If you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

California’s Governor Brown and his cronies are  scrambling to ensure that their Democrat voters never wake up. Keeping their elite voters living in the LA LA Land of denial about the homeless population is essential. 

Instead of fixing the problem of homelessness and securing our borders to preserve resources for Americans who are struggling and destitute, California’s elected officials are digging in their heels as a sanctuary state. 

The Dems choose to squander resources on illegals rather than build mental institutions and rehab facilities to help these people.

Not cruel enough?

Aside from essentially robbing a square meal from the mouth of a lost soul in order to feed the ballot box in their favor, they’ve passed laws to punish people who feed the homeless. California and a host of other cities (reports vary from 33 to 71) have banned and criminalized feeding the needy.

Democrats have enacted other laws against the homeless, such as sleeping outside, pitching a tent outside, loitering, and begging.

Violating those laws could result in the homeless being carted off to jail- an expense that can be stealthily written off under the prison budget.

After a short stint of showers, a bed, a toilet and some hot meals, they’re kicked to the curb again. Once they return to sleeping on the hard ground, they’re booted out of the range of pesky cameras that expose the fruits of Democrat policies. 

Out of sight. Out of mind. 

This is the Party that self righteous celebrities align themselves with. 

Bury the evidence.

Photos and videos circulating  the internet expose endless miles of dumpster loot, hoarded out shopping carts and tents along sidewalks and recreational areas.

Imported votes  for Democrats come at a tragic price for exploited humans and taxpayers alike. Too bad the pictures cannot convey the stench. 

With shocking evidence like that, #Resist elites who live in a blinding shiny bubble just a few miles away from unwashed bodies, ulcerated legs and bloodshot eyes might wake up. It’s a lot closer to home than they realize.

Policies that invite illegal immigration to their state so Democrats can remain in power could create a problem the condescending elites might have to experience first hand.Homelessness could seep into their neighborhoods. Ornate gates won’t keep out the stench of urine and human feces.  And stepping over bodies sleeping on the sidewalk in Louboutins can be a real downer.

But of course there’s always room in the state budget to ensure that wealthy areas remain blissfully free of reality while the rest of the state crumbles. 

The  proposed “Millionaire’s Tax” would tax those who make over a million annually 5%. Supposedly the proceeds would “wipe out homelessness.” People smart enough to make a million are too stupid to understand that homelessness won’t be wiped out through open borders.

Potential backfire.

Some of the Dems’ meal ticket may be wising up.

The Left’s Social Justice Warriors who contribute to Vice, The Daily Beast, Huffpost and others are speaking up against cities whose laws punish the homeless.

Hopefully these young activists will not simply promote more mindless “solutions” to fix the problem-like legalizing  public defection as they did in Denver.

Hopefully they’ll wake up to the filthy disease that is the Democratic Party.

A thousand words don’t cut it.

Even if the Dems shoo their pesky voters out of the range of the camera lens, photos and videos last forever. Some of these videos not only show the result of their policies, but also attempts to bury evidence of their crimes.

San Diego homeless get the boot… 

Can’t sleep in cars anymore…

Santa Ana Riverbed…

This video of the once beautiful Orange County has gone viral…

Even MSM Los Angeles Times made a documentary about LA’s homeless.

This one’s over an hour. Stats were flashed stating that there are over 44,000 people who are homeless in Los Angeles. More recent reports put the figure closer to 47,000. Bear in mind, that’s just Los Angeles. If you were to do a search in any major city in CA, chances are you’d find a video depicting miles and miles of homeless people.

San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, the list goes on. 

Importing votes is the obvious motive. But not the most sinister.

Creating Sanctuary States that offer refuge to illegals, criminals and terrorists are an essential part of the Globalists’ game plan to take America down.

The motive  is twofold:

  • Purposely implode the economy by weaponizing  unsustainable  immigration.
  • Offer refuge for terrorists who can seep through our borders and set up military encampments. (There are currently 22 no-go zones in our country that are military training camps for ISIS) 
The homeless represent the canary in the coal mine.

The American Globalist Party had planned the annihilation of America. Many millions of Americans would have been displaced and financially ruined as causalities of  World War lll by Stealth. 

Thanks to God, the annihilation was stopped in its tracks when Donald Trump crushed Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Despite all odds, God saved us from an American Globalist Party victory.

Burying the bodies.

The Dems have painted themselves into a rat infested corner. Their vote-grubbing policies are criminal and corrupt and cause immeasurable devastation.

When is enough enough? When will the result of their sociopathic refusal to uphold immigration laws be called out as crimes against humanity? 

Elected officials can shoo their victims from one spot to another, but as long as the homeless live and breathe, their rickety unwashed bodies are a testimony to Democrat policies. 

Ahhh but what would these aching, raggedy, heartbroken Democrat voters give for just a few of  Donald Trump’s tax return “crumbs?”

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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