Founder and Host of America First Media Group & Matt Couch Show Podcast. Christian. Patriot. Married. Father of three.

“Facts over Feelings.”

A down to earth Husband and Dad from Arkansas, patriot Matt Couch took action against the corrupt Establishment by founding and hosting America First Media Group. As stated on his website:

“Matt has been in Radio and Media for over two decades covering the World of Mixed Martial Arts, including the UFC and Bellator, as well as Pro Wrestling including the WWE. Matt has interviewed everyone from Hulk Hogan and The Rock to Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell. 

​Matt in 2012, joined ESPN Radio and hosted The In the Zone Morning Show, a 3 hour daily LIVE broadcast on 17 FM Stations across the State of Arkansas. Matt loves the Razorbacks, and everything about College Football and Basketball! 

​In early 2015, Matt who has always followed Politics with a very conservative arm, joined the fight for Donald Trump working to help get the 45th President of the United States Elected. America First Media came about when some very passionate individuals came together to do the right thing, not always the easy thing!”

Matt Couch is not afraid to tackle the tough issues. 

For example, anyone who is haunted by the assassination of Seth Rich will appreciate the resources that Matt has put into investigating his murder. (America First Media Group has its own licensed Private Investigator, Bill Pierce.) Sean Hannity backed off and Ben Swann was shut down, but Matt won’t let it rest.

Matt has plenty of reason to back down like the others have, but he doesn’t. 

CNN reported that Matt Couch is currently facing a lawsuit filed by Seth Rich’s brother, Aaron. The irony is deep on this one.

As CNN reported that Aaron Rich is suing Matt Couch for “reckless disregard for the truth,”  they had no problem using the opportunity to label Matt a “right wing fringe activist” whose stories are basically nothing more than “conspiracy theories”without real evidence. Yet CNN and other MSM outlets quickly “debunked” Seth Rich theories without any real evidence because they didn’t even bother to investigate it.  CNN then interjected that these stories simply provide a means to provide “allegations Russia hacked the DNC, something President Trump had raised doubts about.”  So essentially CNN is still OK with recklessly peddling the Russian/Trump Collusion Conspiracy Theory that set the country on fire-and was based on no real evidence.

Matt Couch provides a powerful voice for Conservatives and those who seek justice for Seth Rich. We’ve all gotten spoiled with so much available on the internet for free, but it’s vital that we support alternative media.

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