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McCain Touts the New World Order. Watch 15 Other Leaders Pitch Our Demise.

McCain Touts the New World Order

In a Meet the Press interview John McCain touts the New World Order. Oops! Did he just say that out loud?

Seems that McCain’s pre-op brain tumor was singing like a canary in this interview with Meet the Press. Not only did he tout the New World Order agenda, he blurted out a truth bomb that validates Trump supporters’ suspicions.

McCain  accidentally let it leak that the two biggest enemies of the NWO are President Trump and President Vladimir Putin.

Obviously this is why the Globalists hate Trump and Putin so much and want to keep the superpowers separate. They have no qualms about nuking Russia to accomplish their goals. Unlike Radical Islam, Russia  has not attacked us once. Nor has he threatened to attack us, unlike Kim Jong-un.

McCain also let the cat out of the bag that the New World Order has  been in the works for 70 years…..

15 other world leaders promoted the New World Order in public. They must have left their tin foil hat at home.

Yet those who actually heard  them are accused of being “conspiracy theorists.”

The Globalists are thrilled that skeptics and the mindless masses fell for the “conspiracy theory” ploy. It offers Globalists the precious gift of time and subterfuge that they need to create a single world government, a one world government, a global governance, or as it’s commonly known-a New World Order.

Videos of 15 other political leaders prove that the NWO is no conspiracy theory, but is in fact, an actual conspiracy.

1) George H.W. Bush

Possibly the most famous NWO speech was  George Bush Sr’s address  before before a Joint Session of the Congress during his 1991 State of the Union Address. His remarks were in response to the current Persian Gulf Crisis.

It is also telling that he pitched the idea in 1990-on September 11. In an address before Congress entitled Toward a New World Order,  President Bush calls the Gulf War an opportunity for the New World Order.

He stated, “…Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective—a New World Order—can emerge: a new era..” “that is struggling to be born.” He also mentioned that he and Russian President Gorbachev were in agreement on this.

Listening to him pitch the idea that we should turn our backs on all Veterans who fought, bled and died for America and instead, be swallowed up into the United Nations is both chilling and foreboding.

2) Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger has been  promoting a New World Order for decades. This clip is interesting  in that it implicates Barrack Hussein Obama in the master plan.

When asked by a reporter what the main objective would be for the Obama Administration Kissinger boldly asserts that “his task will be to develop an overall strategy for America…when really a New World Order can be created. It’s a great opportunity.”

Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America” should not have fallen on deaf ears. But at times Globalists work behind masks and cloaks.  At other times they taunt us by operating in plain sight.

 3) President Richard Nixon

During his historic visit to China he addressed the people of Beijing. He stated that we have common interests and common hopes to build a New World Order.

4)Joe Biden

Joe Biden is another one who on multiple occasions has sold American zombies on the NWO. In the video below he is speaking at the Export Import Bank Conference in Washington on April 5th, 2013.

His pitch seems a bit tainted with guilt. uh. uh. uh.

“The affirmative task we have now is, uh, is to actually um, create, uh a, a, a New World Order.”

5-6-7)  4 in 1 Combo-Hillary Clinton, Walter Cronkite, Strobe Talbot and Time Magazine

The World Federalist Association (WFA) is an organization that openly advocates the NWO. CBS Anchorman Walter Cronkite was the recipient of their “Global Governance Award” as he shared the same goals. As he accepted his award he callled for “Federal structures on a global level, ” a “system of enforceable world law,” and  a “Democratic World Government.”  Hillary Clinton congratulated him remotely and said “…tonight we honor you for fighting for the way it could be.”

Strobe Talbot also received an award from the Globalist organization, the WFA.  Talbot was the author who penned “The Birth of a Global Nation” for Time Magazine. He warned, ” Nationhood as we know it will be obsolete. All states will recognize a single, global authority.”  He later became the Secretary of State in the Clinton Administration.

8) President Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton said very clearly, “…after 1989 President Bush kept, said, and it’s a phrase I often use myself, that we needed a New World Order. and instead, it looks like we got a lotta disorder.”

9-10) 2 for 1-Soviet Union President Michael Gorbachev and Pope John Paul II

During an address at the Allan P. Kirby Sports Center, Gorbachev said the following (NWO capitalized for emphasis)

“…we saw that the entire world situation did not develop positively. We saw deterioration where there should have been positive movement toward a New World Order. Pope John Paul II, whom I regarded as my friend – we were very close – once said, “We need a New World Order, one that is more stable, more humane, and more just.” He said it best; no one has been able to improve on that characterization of a New World Order. But we still are facing the problem of building such a World Order. We have crises…All of these problems are because we do not have a system of global governance. We are living in a global world. The political prerequisites for a global world do exist, they have been created. But we were not ready and we still have to learn to live in a global world.”

In this May 6th C-SPAN broadcast below Mikhail Gorbachev  says that “the world has turned so much toward a New World Order and a new kind of civilization.”

11) Barack Obama

Barrack Hussein Obama has not been shy about touting the NWO. Granted, it’s not that he uses that term exactly.  But his messages point to Globalism. You’d think the way his followers hang on his every word that they’d listen to what he’s saying. But much like they refuse to listen to terrorists telling us that they want to kill us all, they drool in a hypnotic stupor as their country is being raped and pillaged.

During his speech in Belgium he mentioned “..the international order that we have worked for generations to build…

The clip below is interesting. The SKY News anchor distinctly relays his speech as a tool to lay out America’s place in the New World Order.

Obama’s speech in Berlin focused on instilling terror about Climate Change. At one point he ironically referred  to impending drought on “farms from Kansas to Kenya.”  He brought up fears of terrorism and told adoring crowds that we cannot fight these things alone, but must tear down walls and work together as part of the “global community.”

12) John Kerry

During his Secretary of State confirmation hearing, John Kerry was not shy about using the New World Order phrase.

In part he quoted Kissinger. “He [Kissinger] said, ” None of the most important countries which must build a New World Order have had any experience with the multi-state system that is emerging. Never before has a New World Order had to be assembled from so many different perceptions or on so global a scale…””

Kerry then had the nerve to say “That was written in 1994 and may be even more relevant today.”

13) Pope Francis

Pope Francis is called the “Anti Christ” by many Catholics as he’s gone off the rails to promote the globalist agenda. He has openly called for a One World Government.

In his propaganda video below he ditches Catholicism and Christianity. Instead, he advocates a One World Religion.  Of course the Islamists, whose feet he has washed, will be fine with that.

14) Angela Merkel

It’s no surprise that the evil Godmother of Globalism who has destroyed her own country is working for the NWO.  She coldly stuffs millions of innocent Germans into the incendiary jaws of the “refugee” crisis.

15) Tony Blair

In this video Globalist Tony Blair embraces the TPP that President Trump halted immediately after taking office. The MSM never refers to that as an accomplishment because for them it was a crushing blow.

The TPP was crafted by over 600 banks and corporations, including Monsanto. It was so secret that only certain members of Congress had permission to view it.

That was the short list.

Others who’ve publicly spoken about the NWO include:

  • Dillon Rattigan on CNBC (2008?) video Says they’ll cover the “New World Order Effect” on Wall Street
  • Gordon Brown video Says “The New World Order is a Fact”
  • George Soros video-Promotes New World Order to help deal with  Global Warming
  • Geroge Soros video  Says in 2009 that Obama’s most important task is creating the New World Order and China has to be a part of it. He also spills the beans that DC is part of it already.
  • Al Gore  video In 2009 at 1:12 Gore promotes the idea that “Global Governance” is needed to combat Climate Change.

The list  of major power players  major figures who want sovereign countries to be annihilated and swallowed up into the UN  goes on and on.

These “leaders” seduce admirers by instilling fears about climate change or overpopulation. They promise the solution. They make lofty promises of wealth re-distribution to people who have been wounded by the economic disasters that they’ve created by design. But those at the top of the NWO food chain are no saints. They’re ruthless psychopaths.

The Luciferian elite scum  have announced the NWO  to the masses on multiple occasions. They’ve pitched the concept in subliminal drips for years.

They’ve flown under the radar because the messages are scattered and sandwiched between all the noise and chaos.

Today’s Globalist “Leaders” are leading citizens into ze showers.

They’re not Democrats or Republicans. They’re not Presidents or Prime Ministers, Congressmen or Mayors. They are cold blooded traitors to their own countries, working  on behalf of their Globalist masters and peers.

The “Democrats” in the US are openly aggressive in their desire to destroy America.

The goal would be accomplished through their bold platform; open borders, the TPP, unlimited immigration, importing  an invading army of “refugees,” weakening of our male population, destroying our history, ripping up our constitution, infecting our culture, weakening  our military, infiltrating courts and local governments, disarming Americans and weaponizing NGOs.

Globalists masquerading as the GOP are one and the same.

President Trump pulled back the NWO covers, forcing Globalists out of the darkness. So they’re taking a new approach-boldly selling it to the gullible  public and ridiculing ‘nationalism.”

We are embroiled in World War III.

It’s a silent, insidious war. We have suffered invisible but devastating  wounds, such as the war on our culture and economy. The divide and conquer war of identity politics have separated  many people from their friends and family.

It’s the epic money and power grab that aims to fuse all nations into one. It will not be run by benevolent beings who have our best interests at heart.

This is the war that President Trump is fighting, with enemies and turncoats on all sides. His heroism is unlike anything we’ve witnessed in the history of the world.

In this video of a campaign speech, President Trump strikes straight to the belly of the Beast as he calls out the New World Order agenda.

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” The Luciferian Globalist elite mastered that illusion.

Share this with skeptics. Pictures-and videos-are worth a thousand words and millions of lost hours beating back facebook trolls.

On a scale of 1-10 how well versed do you feel you are with the Globalist agenda? How about your family or friends? Comment below!


11 Alive-NBCS Atlanta Video-John McCain on Meet the Press-President Trump upsetting NWO

presidency.ucsb–Sept 11, 1990 George Bush NWO pitch Library 9/11/90 Speech-video

Vimeo-Bush New World Order speech 9/1/91 of Michael Gorbechev speech

You Tube-Pope John PaulII NWO speech



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