John McCain’s revenge knows no bounds.

His vindictiveness lies in a bottomless pit of bitter bile-filled churning belly acid. McCain is Hell-bent on a mission to destroy a man who put a chink in the crafted armor of his war hero  status and beat him fair and square in the election. McCain’s revenge hurts all Americans. But for traitor McCain that doesn’t mean a thing.

2106 was probably the most historic election in our nation’s history. It was the year that a DC outsider, who has America’s best interests at heart, won the Presidential election in a landslide. Trump crushed the Establishment’s Queen who expected the position to be handed to her on a silver platter because it was her turn.  He won against all odds. Hillary’s homies rigged the primaries, fed her debate questions, committed voter fraud, and let her off the hook for being criminally charged for mishandling classified information or using her position as Sec of State for personal gain. She had the support of the MSM, fake polls and brain dead celebs. Donald Trump’s win was nothing short of a miracle.

2016 was also the year of incredibly sore losers. Hillary, Barrack Obama, the Washington Establishment, celebrities, the media and Hillbots sporting various hats, masks and T-shirts across the country are the sorest and sorriest bunch of losers in the history of America. McCain is one of the worst.

It seems like every day he finds a new way to betray Americans. McCain stabbed Trump in the face repeatedly in 2017-more incidents to add to the long list outlining his career as a traitor. See  “John McCain. Once a Traitor. Always a Traitor.”

McCain’s revenge: Fifteen Back Stabs Since the Election:
  1. He started 2017 off by pushing the Russian narrative. In January during a Meet the Press interview he stated, “…it was obvious the Russian government wanted the outcome to be what it was. …I think you can only draw the conclusion that if they [the Russians] were celebrating that they obviously wanted the outcome to be what it was. And then the question is is what did they do to try to achieve that outcome? And it’s pretty obvious that they were heavily engaged — and we need to come to grips with it and get to the bottom of it and overall, come up with a strategy in this new form of warfare that can basically dismantle — harm our economy, harm our elections and harm our national security.”
  2. In May Breitbart reported that McCain  traveled to Australia where he told a TV host that “Trump makes him nervous from time to time.” A couple of days later he addressed an audience in Sydeny. He claimed that Trump has “unsettled” allies and Americans alike. ” He also stated, “Other American allies have similar doubts these days and this is understandable. … I realize that some of President Trump’s actions and statements have unsettled America’s friends. They have unsettled many Americans as well.”
  3. Last June McCain did not approve of President Trump’s response to a terror attack in London in which he criticized London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan. McCain told a left wing newspaper that Barrack Obama  provided better international leadership than President Trump.
  4. In June McCain joined other never-Trumper members of Congress in signing the “Russia Sanctions Bill” which limits President Trump’s ability to lift sanctions on Russia. It also limits his ability to forge peace between our two nations whose relationship has been strained due to a political hoax.
  5. In July McCain reacted to President Trump’s military trans-ban. He slammed the President’s  approach to  strengthening our military and saving billions of dollars by refusing to allow mentally ill people to serve in the military and pay for their trans-surgery. McCain’s statement, “We should all be guided by the principle that any American who wants to serve our country and is able to meet the standards should have the opportunity to do so—and should be treated as the patriots they are.” He had zero regard for troops who would be forced to share showers and bathrooms with trannies who still have their birth genitalia intact.
  6. New developments reveal that the FBI paid upwards of $100,000 for the dirty and debunked PeePee Dossier designed to take down Donald Trump. Not only did vengeful McCain deliver the dirty dossier to the FBI, new information points to his complicity in creating it. He had a hand in brokering the deal between the FBI and the dossier’s author, former spy Christopher Steele.
  7. Aug-He slammed Trump’s  recent decision to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The hypocrisy is off the charts since McCain was likely pardoned by Nixon for treason. Not all of Nixon’s pardons were made public and McCain’s records are sealed. However, it is a fact that McCain collaborated with the enemy, earning him the nickname “Songbird.”
  8. In August McCain was pushing for a bill that would hurt Americans, benefit foreign workers, support illegals and best bof all-block President Trump’s efforts to MAGA.  As Breitbart reported, “The bill would have given a path to citizenship to most illegal immigrants, greatly increased the number of H-1B visas to allow companies to displace American workers–U.S.-born and legal immigrants–with foreigners who are not more qualified, and greatly increased the number of legal immigrants who would be eligible to enter the country over the next 30 years to put more downward pressure on wages on blue-collar and white-collar workers of all backgrounds already in the United States.“I think you have to consider that we do want high-tech people, but we also need low-skilled people who will do work that Americans won’t do,” McCain reportedly said.
  9. August-McCain’s feigned outrage about President Trump’s reaction to the Charlottesville Setup is not only a backstab, it’s disingenuous given his dealings with actual Nazis. McCain, Soros, Obama, and Hillary collaborated with real Nazis.  Oleh Tyahnybok  is  the Leader of a powerful Nazi Party called Svoboda in the Ukraine. Together they all schemed and plotted the Ukrainian Coup in 2014. See”That Time Soros, Obama, Hillary and McCain Collaborated With Nazis”
  10. In August McCain went after Conservative Trump-supporting media. In response to attacks from right-wing media outlets that McMasters is purging Conservatives from the Trump administration, “McCain took aim at what he described as “alt-right” news outlets using “smear tactics” against McMaster.” He likened them to the racist protesters that gathered in Virginia, calling the right-wing media outlets the “same purveyors of hatred and ignorance who precipitated the recent violence in Charlottesville.”
  11. September-In a scathing op-ed that he penned for the Left’s PR rag, The  Washington Post, he said that President Trump is “poorly informed” and “impulsive.” He used the op-ed platform to rally  members of Congress to join the “GOP Resistance.” He stated, “…we are not his subordinates. We don’t answer to him, we answer to the American people. We must be diligent in discharging our responsibilty to serve as a check on his power.And we should value our identity as members of Congress more than our partisan affiliation.”
  12. In early September McCain visited Italy, attending the Ambrisotti Forum. He utilized his time on stage by disrespecting our President, and by default, our country. He said,” I realize that I come to Italy at a time when many are questioning whether America is still committed to remaining engaged in the world, to upholding our traditional alliances and standing up for the values we share,” he said. “I also realize—and there is no point in avoiding a little straight talk here—that this doubt has much to do with some of the actions and statements of our President.” He also wedged in a sly dig regarding  President Trump’s use of Twitter.
  13. In September McCain cosponsored a bill  that would block President Trump from issuing a ban of transgenders serving in the military, or from removing trans from service or preventing them from re-enlisting. He extended his sentiment to include the President’s stance on DACA. “it’s just not fair” to include “Dreamers” that are serving in the military.
  14. September-McCain railed against President Trump’s proposal to end DACA. He prefers to side with illegals and lawlessness. In his statement, he said that it’s “unconscionable” to take illegal immigrant “dreamers” and boot them back to their home countries.”
  15. Using his last breath to hold Americans hostage he will once again block the repeal and replace of Obamacare. One of his campaign promises was to repeal Obamacare.  His 2016 campaign ad promised,” John McCain is leading the fight to STOP Obamacare.”

As a member of Congress, had he not been exempt from the Obamacare forced on the rest of Americans, he probably wouldn’t be alive to cast his latest NO vote.

Here’s a shortlist of things we should stop pretending:
  • That he was a hero.
  • That he is not a traitor.
  • That he is a Republican.
  • That he’s not a Democrat plant.
  • That he is not a Globalist.
  • That he’s not abusing his position to be vindictive.
  • That he puts AZs and Americans’ interests above his own.
  • That we shouldn’t say anything mean  because he has brain cancer.
  • That it’s OK for anyone running for the highest office in the nation should be allowed to have their records sealed.
  • That it’s OK for people with brain cancer to make decisions that affect the lives of all Americans.
A “Maverick” for Globalist interests.

Most people who are facing death use that time to spend quality time with their family. They become repentant and give some thought to their legacy. They’d want to be known as someone who cared about others and will be sorely missed.

The fury of McCain’s revenge against Trump for questioning his hero status and winning the election will be his legacy. And as more Americans learn the truth about his career, John McCain’s legacy will be summed up in one simple word.


The only people McCain cares about are his fellow Washington insiders, Big Pharma interests and his Globalist masters.

As with the rest of his Luciferian Elite cronies he likely sold his soul a long time ago. The idea that he will soon face his Creator doesn’t seem to phase him at all.

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