Vietnam Vet James McCoughan from South Haven, Michigan  will be the first Veteran to receive a Medal of Honor from President Trump.

James McCoughan will be receiving long overdue  honor for his outstanding service during the Vietnam War. He will be the first veteran to receive a Medal of Honor from President Trump. The medal of Honor is the nation’s highest military honor.

The Detroit Free Press reported,

“The White House noted that in order to receive the award, “the meritorious conduct must involve great personal bravery or self-sacrifice so conspicuous as to clearly distinguish the individual above his or her comrades and must have involved risk of life.”

James McCoughan of Michigan served as a medic in Vietnam.

Breitbart  reported that the man his fellow soldiers called “Doc” had  “repeatedly entered the “kill zone” to rescue wounded comrades, despite being pelted with shrapnel from a rocket propelled grenade.”

” McCloughan has already earned a slew of other awards, including the Combat Medical Badge, two Bronze Stars, the U. S. Army Valorous Unit Citation and the National Defense Medal. He also earned two Purple Hearts, having been shot in the arm in addition to taking the RPG shrapnel.”

The Medal of Honor will be awarded for his outstanding service during the dayslong Battle of Nui Yon Hill in 1969.

The Detroit Free Press reports,

“Speaking to the Free Press last year, McCloughan vividly remembered the battle, which he said his own commander considered ill-advised because they did not know the enemy’s strength, which turned out to be far greater than their own. Of the 89 soldiers flown in by helicopter to try to block a North Vietnamese advance, 32 returned — with 12 killed and the rest wounded or missing in action.

McCloughan said despite grenade wounds, he refused to leave the battle in which platoons he served with ran into multiple ambushes. As a medic, he dashed back and forth to treat and try to rescue the wounded as machine gunners tried to spray protective fire to keep him from getting killed.”

McCoughan is an American hero  who has shown courage and selflessness that few of us can imagine.

His Valor is described in this video from the US Army.

We are all grateful to McCoughan for his service.

Michigan Senator, Debbie Stabenow said,

“We are forever grateful for then-Private First Class James McCloughan’s service to our country. Today, we are proud to announce that he is finally getting the recognition he deserves.”

He will receive the Medal of Honor at a ceremony at the White House on July 31st. It will be the first time in office that President Trump will bestow the Medal of Honor. That occasion was not missed on the 71 year old Vietnam vet.

McCoughan noted, “President Donald Trump will be putting that on me for the first time in his experience of doing such a thing. That’s pretty special.”

Another reason that it’s special is because President Trump is an American patriot. Our Vets have been abandoned for too many years. Our President deeply appreciates our veterans, and is fighting on their behalf  every day.

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